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Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico A Future Classic four cards removed from spread by spectators, one changes into an Ace, then the other three as well, card is peeked, three cards dealt on Aces, spectator choses unknown card which is put in pocket, Ace packets lost one by one and selection shown on top and dealt on table four times, the four "duplicates" change back to Aces, selection removed from pocket
Variations 1
Braue Addition and Switch cards added and cards flipped over on deck one by one
Edward Marlo Beveled Edge to hide thickness of packet held in end grip, razor edge
Edward Marlo Back-to-Back Transformation back-to-back double is held upright, both hands come down as seen card is unloaded on deck and other card comes into view, discrepant
Spectator's Peek spectator pushed deck open
Edward Marlo Quadruple Undercut
Edward Marlo Hit Double Lift
Edward Marlo Future Classic Palm
Also published here 12
Edward Marlo Streamlined Classic card is chosen and lost, performer finds selection four times and tables it every time, those four "duplicates" change to Twos, selection removed from pocket
Edward Marlo Drop Out Production deck held in end grip, bottom card drops into waiting left hand
Edward Marlo All Alike Display four cards
Inspired byVariations 19
Edward Marlo Comedy Classic four cards chosen, performer locates them one by one, the first three are all the Eights of Spades which is tabled face down three times, fourth card is Ace of Spades, tabled cards change to other Aces
Edward Marlo Riffle Peek Force from standard peek position, break
Edward Marlo Final Observations
Edward Marlo Alternative All Alike Display also with extra card
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