Written by Allan Ackerman

Work of Allan Ackerman

61 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Allan Ackerman Foreward 3
Allan Ackerman, Dan Harlan Some Thoughts, Moments, and Handling on Dan Harlan's Rising Dough stack of three half dollars and Chinese coin, which rises up in the stack 5
Allan Ackerman Coin Spread Cull 6
Allan Ackerman A Clean Start choreography to have coins examined while holding out shell, magnetic ring 10
Allan Ackerman, Looy Simonoff Some Put-Downs methods to release coin/shell from magnet Harlin ring
- Slide Put-Down
- Roll Over Put-Down
- Looy's Put-Down
Allan Ackerman Some Put-Ons getting shell from magnetic Harlin ring onto another coin
- In-Your-Hands-Put-On
- Tabled-Put-On
Allan Ackerman A Good Pick-Up coin moved on table, simultaneously shell stolen off another coin, magnetic Harlin ring 19
Allan Ackerman The One-Handed AB Bottom Palm Overhand Shuffle Cover (Ackerman - Barnhart), two-handed set-upRelated to 21
Allan Ackerman Rhythm Flushtration Count 24
Allan Ackerman A Quick Three Way Moment display sequence 27
Allan Ackerman In The Hands Freeman Display Related to 31
Allan Ackerman A Multiple Slip Shuffle specific number of cards 36
Allan Ackerman A Combination Cull culling four cards while removing some cardsInspired byVariations 39
Allan Ackerman A Fan Bottom Palm 42
Allan Ackerman, Kosy Phibulphanuvat A Logical Princess 46
Kosy Phibulphanuvat, Allan Ackerman Spectators Shuffle Deck deck is shuffled in pieces by spectators, yet stock retained 49
Allan Ackerman Another Anyone Anywhere thought of card's position predicted, then spectator divines position of performer's card, partial memorized deck and prediction pocket index (twelve items) 53
Allan Ackerman, Debbie Ackerman Consistent Cries and Whispers two queens whisper name of some cards, transpose with first twoRelated to 56
Edward Marlo Here's Hockly Force stopping while biddling 56
Allan Ackerman, Howard Wurst Card Case Unload two cards are apparently placed in case, but one stays outside, then dropped on tabled pileInspired by 58