Written by William Goodwin

Work of William Goodwin

22 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
William Goodwin Pickpocket Collectors kings in hand, three selections in different pockets, selection appear between kings, kings vanish and travel to pockets 1
William Goodwin, Philip T. Goldstein Propelled Penetration Plus signed card penetrates booklet several times, then appears inside its pages, extension of Goldstein's "Propelled Penetration" (Shattershot) 3
Ray Kosby, William Goodwin Surgical Copper/Silver Inspired by
  • "Copper/Silver Metamorphosis" (John Hostler, Linking Ring July 1987, Vol. 67 No. 7, p. 71)
John Hostler Coin Switch with Band-aid 5
William Goodwin Close Up Cigarette Production involving matchbook 8
William Goodwin Cigarette Switch 14
William Goodwin Bill in Cigarette brief 15
William Goodwin Plunger Sandwich sandwich cards rise out of deck with selection in between, ace production kicker 16
William Goodwin Aces For Idiots aces face up in center, vanish one by one until selected ace remains, reappear in different positions, sucker element 18
William Goodwin Pre-Pre-Figuration starts with four-of-a-kind on bottomInspired by 21
William Goodwin Bottom Deal Upjog Switch touched card is upjogged 21