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Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Unknown, Robert Walker.
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Edward Marlo Marlo Handles the Open Prediction comments and conditions, followed by "10 Variations, 15 Methods"
1 1
Edward Marlo Marlo's Repeat Open Prediction three phases with Stik-Tack
  • Method 1
  • Method 2 (inspired by Parrish reference)
  • Method 3
Inspired by 1 3
Edward Marlo When Stuck Without the Stik-Tack
  • Method 4
  • Method 5
  • Method 6
Related to 1 6
Edward Marlo Spectator's Reversed Card Clean-Up see step 3
1 6
Edward Marlo Second Repeat Version Stik-Tak
  • Method 7
1 7
Edward Marlo Flat Palm Addition Subtlety
1 8
Edward Marlo Marlo Drop Sleight transfer
1 8
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Vernon Transfer
1 9
Edward Marlo Method Eight double facer, Stik-Tak
1 10
Edward Marlo Open Prediction (Automatic Jog) Method 9
Variations 1 10
Edward Marlo The Spectator's Prediction spectator makes prediction
  • Method 10
Related toVariations 1 12
Unknown Top Card Cull getting top card under in-the-hands spread, Greater Magic creditq
1 12
Edward Marlo The Joker's Prediction cards in numerical order, face-down card turns out to be Joker
  • Method 11
Inspired by 1 13
Edward Marlo Open Prediction (Deal Thorough) with five variations
  • Method 12
1 14
Jon Racherbaumer First Variation of Method 12
1 15
Edward Marlo, Slydini Table Edge Switch hung card
1 17
Edward Marlo Open Prediction (Switch Method)
  • Method 13
1 19
Edward Marlo Single Card Cull Handling
1 19
Edward Marlo, Millard Lichter Latest Spectator's Open Prediction memorized deck, psychological force with divination out
  • Method 14
Related to 1 20
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley The Unwritten Prediction card dealt face down is only odd-backed card in deck
  • Method 15
1 21
Edward Marlo Marlo's Original Solution to the Open Prediction psychological force
1 23
Edward Marlo Marlo's Action Lift for the Open Prediction
1 24
Jon Racherbaumer Addition to Marlo's "Matching Miracle" poker hand duplication
Inspired by 1 26
Ernest Heldman Out of this World Clean-up
1 27
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Faro Fantasy by Paul Swinford 1 28
David Bendix, Jon Racherbaumer The Satiricon
  • Cardmanship
  • Footnote to Ferris
  • Mirabile Dictu (joke description)
  • Excerpt from a Dialogue Overheard at a Convention (Racherbaumer)
1 31
Edward Marlo IF Glimpse after incomplete faro peek
Related to 2 38
Edward Marlo FI Glimpse after incomplete faro peek
2 40
Edward Marlo Spring Glimpse after incomplete faro peek
Related to 2 40
Edward Marlo, Jerry Kogan, Bill Simon Neo-Piquant Glimpse
2 41
Edward Marlo Beveled Deck Glimpse
2 42
Edward Marlo Turn Around Center Glimpse all around square up
2 43
Jon Racherbaumer Marlo Stalks the Ultimate Sandwich credit information on sandwich effects
2 45
Edward Marlo Marlo's "Collectors" inspired by Roy Walton
2 47
Edward Marlo Alternatives for the "Collectors" five methods
Variations 2 49
Edward Marlo Signed Card Transposition from tabled sandwich to sandwich in deck
Related to 2 52
Edward Marlo Pre-Peeked Deuce Sandwich deuces placed in deck by spectator come together and trap selection, duplicate deuces, see comment on page 164
2 53
Jon Racherbaumer Notes on the Lie Speller credit information, see also page 162 for comment by Cervon & Jennings
2 57
Edward Marlo Marlo's "Unknown" Speller three methods, stack and almost no stack, see also page 162 for note by Ackerman
2 58
Edward Marlo, Russell "Rusduck" Duck Marlo on Stebbins/Stay-Stack shuffling new deck into Si Stebbins, faros
Related to 2 61
Edward Marlo Four Ace Stop quadruple stop trick, bottom deals
2 62
Edward Marlo "Over Here, Of Course!" face-up/face-down packet, selection vanishes, reappears face up
Inspired by
  • "Where Has It Gone" (Hideo Kato, Genii, Sept. 1969)
Related toVariations
2 63
Edward Marlo Air Mail Prediction featuring finesse for a Henry Christ force beneath table
Related toVariations 2 65
Edward Marlo Lasso-Due-Tre Ace, Two and Three, named value transforms into selection, two methods
Inspired byVariations 2 67
Edward Marlo Added Note short 1958-dated description of the "Les Cartes Diaconis" plot without mentioning Diaconis
Related to 2 69
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Count using partial secret incomplete faro condition to quickly place cards at wanted positions, two methods (faro and table faro)
Related to 2 69
Edward Marlo Marlo's Nomad Aces see comment on page 165
2 70
Edward Marlo One-Cut, Double-Control center slip cut, see notes on page 165
VariationsAlso published here 2 72
David Bendix Ace-Cutting without Double-Cutting alternate way to get into "Cutting The Aces", using faro shuffle
Inspired by 2 74
Jules DeBarros Tibetan Checkers chink-a-chink type routine with different-colored checkers instead of coins, first part
2 74
Jon Racherbaumer Petite La Pilule du Diable comments on the Ball and Vase
2 76
Roland Hurley Notes on the Vase
2 77
Edward Marlo Marlo's "Pitch" Routine
2 78
David Bendix, Jon Racherbaumer The Satiricon
  • Lester Overton: Tragic Hero (Bendix)
  • Excerpt from the Adventures of Harry Inane (Racherbaumer)
2 79
Jon Racherbaumer Estimations
  • Albert Goshman: Boob on the Tube?
  • Last Word on the Fields' Book
  • 13 Ways of Looking at Criticism
  • An Open Letter to Nick Trost
  • Vernon, Gibson, and Sharpe
2 84
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic by Dai Vernon (written by Lewis Ganson) 2 91
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) Expert Card Conjuring by Alton Sharpe 2 91
Jon Racherbaumer (reviewer) The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic by Walter B. Gibson 2 91
Gene Nielsen S S Open Prediction
Inspired by 2 93
Edward Marlo Marlo's Psychedelic two methods "Psychedelic" without stack, see note on page 165
Inspired by 2 94
Roland Hurley, Richard Himber Chinese Enigma dollar and ribbon in spectator's pocket, chinese coin in hand, they change places, reconstructed from an advertisement description of Richard Himber
3 101
Edward Marlo Repeat Signed Card to Case black Aces in case, selection travels in between them, three methods
Inspired by 3 106
Edward Marlo Load to Outside of Case
3 106
Edward Marlo Signature Transposition cards signed on face (!), signatures transpose, three methods
Related toVariations 3 113
Edward Marlo Simplex or Complex three selections turn out to be the same card, two methods
3 116
Unknown Reverse Fan Force
3 116
Edward Marlo No Glide / Easy Glide Switch
3 117
Bert Allerton Allerton Switch
3 117
Bruce Cervon Dealing the Flush Royal Flush for any number of players from 2 to 8, stack & faros
3 120
Allan Ackerman The Fickle Card's Fingered Fate card changes into three selections and vanishes
3 121
Roger Sylwester The professor's incubus
Related toAlso published here 3 122
Roy Walton Friendly Persuasion separating in suits, unusual procedure
3 125
Ken Beale, Russell "Rusduck" Duck, Marvin Johnson 32 Deal Duplicated selection process with square layout, combination of Ken Beale's "Square Deal" (Ibidem #23) and Rusduck
Inspired by 3 126
David Bendix, Jerry Printz The Satiricon
  • La Fleury, Pagan Cardicienne
  • Dove Droppings from all Over
  • Ask the Millwright
3 127
Edward Marlo Convincing Control
Variations 3 133
Edward Marlo Marlo on the Charlier Pass covering the pass, as Color Change
Also published here 3 136
Edward Marlo Second Note idea for covering Turnover/Invisible Pass
3 139
Edward Marlo Note from 1947 note on Turnover Pass
3 139
Edward Marlo Note from February 9, 1970 note on Riffle Pass
3 139
Edward Marlo Variant of Hit Second Deal easy variant
Inspired by 3 139
Edward Marlo The Surprise Packet card in named hand shown indifferent during poker deal, they change into Aces, possible follow-up to Collins Aces
3 140
Edward Marlo, Alex Elmsley signed card in ---- two methods
Related to 3 142
Unknown Overhand Shuffle Key Placement
3 142
Unknown Lift Shuffle brief
3 142
Edward Marlo The L-C-M Control three cards, odd pack, straddle faros
Related to 3 143
Edward Marlo No-turn Triumph two methods
Related toVariations 3 145
Edward Marlo Tilt Collectors
3 147
Edward Marlo all you have to do is watch designed for single spectator
Related to 3 148
Edward Marlo one-handed bottom deal illusion
Related to 3 151
Edward Marlo Another Visit any named card on table, borrowed deck, seven methods
Related to 3 153
Edward Marlo Covered Turnover Switch
3 156
Edward Marlo Reverse Fan Misshow two cards
3 159
Edward Marlo another open prediction
3 160
Martin A. Nash Martin Nash on the Sandwich Effect
3 161
Martin A. Nash Lasso-Due-Tre
Inspired by 3 162
Edward Marlo direct transformation
3 163
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Count second procedure "Marlo's Double Count"
Inspired by 3 164
Edward Marlo, Martin A. Nash One-Cut, Double-Control handling for three selections
Inspired by 3 165
Simon Aronson "Lie Detector" Speller
4 173
Simon Aronson The Lead-In Routine two card location
4 175
Edward Marlo Those Collectors Again see page 169 (of Tannen's Reprint) for correction
4 176
Jules DeBarros Tibetan Checkers chink-a-chink type routine with different-colored checkers instead of coins, second part
4 178
Edward Marlo Marlo Fakes Out Elmsley vertical handling
4 181
Edward Marlo Setting up a packet exchange... for an assembly
4 183
Edward Marlo the open double deal exchange for an assembly
4 184
Edward Marlo Skinning The Cat loading of case from Tenkai Palm, inspired by Ross Bertram's "The Pay Off" (Gen 21/7), see page 169 (of Tannen's Reprint) for correction
Related toVariations 4 185
Edward Marlo Side Steal to Tenkai Palm
4 186
Roy Walton Gone To Earth card vanishes in packet an reappears
Inspired by
  • Hideo Kato's "Where Has It Gone?" (Genii Sept 1970)
4 187
Paul Swinford Added Thoughts on "Over Here, of Course!"
Inspired by 4 189
Edward Marlo Fly Me To The Moon card vanishes in packet an reappears at chosen position, based on Hideo Kato's "Where Has It Gone?" (Genii Sept 1969), two methods
4 189
Jerry Andrus "Card Miracle Extraordinary" gag description of impossible effect
4 201
Edward Marlo The Original R or B Phantom cut-off packet counted in rest, faro placement, penelope
Related to 4 204
Unknown Leaving a Card Behind
4 204
Edward Marlo Who's Hockley inspired by John Derris' "Hockley's Prediction", two methods (biddle type stop force)
Related toVariations 4 205
Edward Marlo The Wrong Deck deck is shown as double backed, then double faced, then blank, then normal
4 207
Edward Marlo right-hand pressure fan notes reverse fan applications, hiding face-up cards in face-down fan, All Backs, ..., right-handed pressure fan suggested by Frank Shields
VariationsAlso published here 4 210
Jon Racherbaumer Pardon My Backs! with thick double backer
4 210
Jon Racherbaumer Almost Making It four blank cards, four Aces, change place one by one, see page 169 (of Tannen's Reprint) for correction
Variations 4 213
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Break
4 214
Unknown Peel Off Switch
4 214
Roland Hurley Automatic Boston Box with magnets
5-6 221
Larry Austin Coin Concatenation coin penetrates pocket, coin jumps from pocket to handkerchief several times, vanish
5-6 223
Roy Walton Ambush odd-backed collectors cards
5-6 226
Edward Marlo An Easy Ambush odd-backed collectors cards
5-6 227
Edward Marlo A Clean Ambush odd-backed collectors cards
5-6 229
Edward Marlo Let's Ambush and Kill "The Collectors" odd-backed collectors cards, rough-smooth, three-way forcing deck
5-6 230
Derek Dingle Dingle's "Collectors"
Variations 5-6 232
Dai Vernon, Edward Marlo Vernon/Marlo Transfer brief
5-6 233
Edward Marlo All You Had To Do Was Watch And Still You're Not Happy three methods
Related to 5-6 234
Edward Marlo "Collect Double" two phases, three stranger Aces or ungaffed
5-6 237
Edward Marlo FuFu Switch
5-6 237
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change
  • Technique of the Visual Retention Change
  • The Visual Change
  • The Multiple Visual Retention Change
Related toVariations 5-6 239
Edward Marlo A Logical Approach any named card on table
Related to 5-6 241
Edward Marlo The Spectator's Deal spectator removes ten cards and deals them, performer receives Royal Flush
Related to 5-6 241
Edward Marlo Technical Variation of the Veeser Concept pinch grip
5-6 243
Edward Marlo Almost Like Trick Cards
Inspired by
  • Marlo's "K.B.V. Aces" (MUM, December 1959)
Also published here
5-6 244
Rick Johnsson The "Too Perfect" Theory
Related to 5-6 247
Henry Christ Riffs of Henry Christ comments on
  • The Count of Elmsley
  • An Unsolved Mystery
  • The Lota Bowl Deck Switch
  • The Challenge
5-6 253
David Bendix, Jon Racherbaumer The Satiricon
  • Further Cardmanship - part two
  • Publisher's Postscript: A Riposte Rather than a Rip-off
5-6 260
Edward Marlo Notes on a Miracle Kings are inserted next to Queens by spectator, ten methods (ungaffed, double facers, double backers, roughed)
Related to 5-6 265
Edward Marlo M.S. Loading Move loading multiple cards into spread from underneath, brief
5-6 266
Edward Marlo Spread Bottom Deal as two cards are dropped from in-the-hands-spread on the table
5-6 269
Edward Marlo Have Another Sandwich card in hand transposes with sandwiched card
5-6 270
Edward Marlo Pivot Tenkai Palm
5-6 270
Charles Hudson Variation and Feat cut-off packet counted in rest, faro placement, penelope
Inspired by 5-6 272
Charles Hudson A Horse of a Different Color card changes back in sandwich
5-6 272
Edward Marlo "Shades of the Half and Half Principle" Faro Controlling cards in Stay Stack
5-6 274
Edward Marlo Direct Ace-X-Ace distant sandwich cards come together to trap selection, five methods
Related to 5-6 275
Unknown Center Block Pass brief
5-6 275
Paul Swinford, Roy Walton Thoughts on "Money Power" ten cards eventually match, faros instead of reverse faros, see Roy Walton's "Money Power"
5-6 278
Steve Freeman Black Aces - Red Kings transformation kicker, inspired by Arthur Hastings item, Ibidem #12
5-6 279
Edward Marlo This is a Four King Trick transformation kicker
Variations 5-6 280
Edward Marlo Visible Phantoms fairly selected cards turn over, double facers
Inspired by 5-6 281
Roy Walton Pocket Princess
5-6 282
Edward Marlo, Henry Christ Marlo on the Christ Force as key card placement, five variations
Related to 5-6 283
Jon Racherbaumer Racherbaumer Variation Christ Force as key card placement, red black setup
5-6 285
Joe DeStefano The Wheeling Three twisting routine with three cards, then they turn over in pack, with notes by Ed Marlo
5-6 286
William P. Miesel That Twist Again final card changes front and back
5-6 288
Sid Marshall Super Stab with small dagger in squared deck, using faro placement
5-6 289
Will DeSeive Coin Key
5-6 289
Martin Gardner "Wink Change"
Related toVariationsAlso published here 5-6 290
Edward Marlo Tilt Tip
5-6 291
Edward Marlo Mock Placement gag for magicians
5-6 291
Edward Marlo Si Stebbins Sorcery Incomplete Faro Selection, then selection named or four-of-a-kind found, four effects
Variations 5-6 292
Edward Marlo The Chicago Miracle packet cut off and counted down, three methods (memorized deck, impromptu, Si Stebbins)
5-6 294
Edward Marlo Si Stebbins on the Road packet cut off and counted down to selection, faro
5-6 297
Jon Racherbaumer Liars Fortune
5-6 298
Edward Marlo New Aces To Pockets
Also published here 5-6 299
Edward Marlo Laser Card to Pocket no palm, Bean Shooter type pull
5-6 300
Edward Marlo Logical Challenge Cards to Pocket ungaffed and rough-smooth version, inspired by Larry Jennings' "Challenge Cards to Pocket" (Genii May 1970)
5-6 301
Brother John Hamman The Hamman Twist last card transforms
VariationsAlso published here 7 Resurrection Issue 3
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo, Brother John Hamman Racherbaumer Handling of Marlo Idea
7 Resurrection Issue 5
Ken Krenzel Krenzel's Tunnel-Change two cards pushed
7 Resurrection Issue 6
Derek Dingle Dingle's Tunnel-Change two cards pushed
Related to 7 Resurrection Issue 7
Theodore Annemann, Henry Christ Alignment Move
7 Resurrection Issue 7
Jon Racherbaumer No Force Vanish & Recovery two cards vanish in deck and reappear, roughed deck, see also Fulves' Jumping Gemini
Related to 7 Resurrection Issue 11
Jon Racherbaumer Off-Shoot two sandwich cards separate next to two selections
Related toVariations 7 Resurrection Issue 13
Edward Marlo Jump-Jump Aces Three of Diamonds as pseudo Ace, two more methods
Inspired by 7 Resurrection Issue 13
Edward Marlo The 999 Miracle cut-off packet counted, digits added, counted down in packet, three handlings
Related to 7 Resurrection Issue 15
Edward Marlo Lessinout Cull brief
7 Resurrection Issue 15
Jon Racherbaumer Racherbaumer Note selection is only odd-backed card
Inspired by 7 Resurrection Issue 16
Bruce Cervon, Dai Vernon Pineapple Twist two cards transform as climax
7 Resurrection Issue 17
Edward Marlo Sober Slop Poker poker deal handling
Inspired by 7 Resurrection Issue 18
Edward Marlo Breakless Curry Change 1 or multiple cards
Related to 7 Resurrection Issue 19
Edward Marlo The Four Ace ... er ... Queen Trick
7 Resurrection Issue 22
Jon Racherbaumer Flash Sandwich double backer, double facer, hung card
7 Resurrection Issue 23
Edward Marlo Fair on All Points bluff
7 Resurrection Issue 24
Edward Marlo, Arthur Finley The Missing Hour twelve cards, selection vanishes, two methods
Variations 7 Resurrection Issue 25
Bruce Cervon, Dai Vernon The Viet Nam Trick Card and number are predicted by two cards
7 Resurrection Issue 27
Edward Marlo A Quickie card vanishes from top and reappears at its previous position
7 Resurrection Issue 28
Edward Marlo Exhibitionism card from certain position selected, cut to performer to its original position
7 Resurrection Issue 29
Hideo Kato, Jon Racherbaumer Hands Off Reverse card inserted by spectator in deck behind his back reverses
Related toVariationsAlso published here 7 Resurrection Issue 29
Larry Jennings King's Triumph four Kings instead selection
Related toVariationsAlso published here 7 Resurrection Issue 31
Larry Jennings All Around Square Up Action
7 Resurrection Issue 32
Reinhard Müller, Alex Elmsley Late-Nite Sandwich black queens put on top, spectator cuts, sandwich in middle
7 Resurrection Issue 33
Edward Marlo The Layman Makes His Own spectator puts two Jacks on top of deck and cuts, sandwiched selection
7 Resurrection Issue 33
Edward Marlo A Sandwich Approach sandwiched card on table turns out to be later selection, seven methods
Related toVariations 7 Resurrection Issue 35
Neal Elias Spectator Cuts to and Turns the Aces
7 Resurrection Issue 39
Edward Marlo Spectator Cuts to and Turns the Aces four methods
7 Resurrection Issue 39
Jon Racherbaumer The Stabbing Myth card is stabbed between two selections by spectator
7 Resurrection Issue 41
Edward Marlo Crack Card Switches with cover card, inspired by stripper deck switch, five methods
7 Resurrection Issue 43
Edward Marlo The By-Pass Switch inspired by stripper deck switch
7 Resurrection Issue 44
Edward Marlo Casual Card Add starting with face-up cards on pack
7 Resurrection Issue 45
Edward Marlo Marlo Double Lift Get-Ready one-handed
7 Resurrection Issue 46
Edward Marlo The Spread and Palm in-the-hands spread, two methods, inspired by Bruce Cervon (Talisman Vol. 1 No. 45)
7 Resurrection Issue 47
Edward Marlo Cased-In Disappearance lapping from case, see also page 10 of 21st Century Card Magic
Variations 7 Resurrection Issue 49
Edward Marlo In Case of a Miss might not work, then location
7 Resurrection Issue 51
Edward Marlo Coated Locator using plastic coated card in standard deck
7 Resurrection Issue 51
Anton York Spring Control extension to control the selection
Inspired by 7 Resurrection Issue 52
Edward Marlo The Delayed Sandwich first nothing between sandwich cards in spread, ribbon spread hide-out
7 Resurrection Issue 53
Lin Searles Tilt Bit
7 Resurrection Issue 53
Tony Griffith, Al Koran The Princess Trick twenty-five duplicates
Inspired by 7 Resurrection Issue 54
Edward Marlo 1835 Prediction card at chosen number is predicted, using 18-35 faro principle, three methods (duplicate card, equivoque, ..)
7 Resurrection Issue 55
Edward Marlo One Fantastic Move reverse card in center during turnover pass, Gombert Pass
Related toVariationsAlso published here The Last Hierophant 3
Edward Marlo Technical Variation of the Gombert Pass
The Last Hierophant 3
Edward Marlo, Paul Curry The Joker Reads Minds spectator thinks of card and reads order of shuffled deck, spectator should misread joker as selection, it is divined, six methods
Also published here The Last Hierophant 5
David Solomon One Thru Four Elevator eight card packet version
Inspired byVariations The Last Hierophant 9
Dai Vernon Wedge Cull
The Last Hierophant 9
Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer You Did It Again! six cards, spectator thinks one, is turned over by spectator himself, repeat
The Last Hierophant 11
Edward Marlo You Did It Again and Again! six cards, spectator thinks one, is turned over by spectator himself, repeats
The Last Hierophant 13
Edward Marlo Black-Hole Card Switcheroo hole punched in selection travels to joker
The Last Hierophant 16
Danny Korem, Tom Bowyer A Way Out three cards chosen from spectator match three cards chosen from performer, risky
The Last Hierophant 18
Chuck Smith Moving Monte Switch two cards moved around on table, one switched
The Last Hierophant 20
Edward Marlo Sleeper Shank Shuffle one shuffle
The Last Hierophant 22
Edward Marlo The Marnase Change and Vanish
  • As a Vanish
  • As a Change
Variations The Last Hierophant 23
Jon Racherbaumer Kicky Variant
The Last Hierophant 25
Jon Racherbaumer The Double Erdnase Change
Related toAlso published here The Last Hierophant 26
Jon Racherbaumer Darting Double some credit information
The Last Hierophant 27
Jon Racherbaumer Center Double
The Last Hierophant 29
Edward Marlo Swivel-Cull
Related to The Last Hierophant 31
Jon Racherbaumer Snap Pass
The Last Hierophant 32
Jon Racherbaumer Covering The Top Card Pass
The Last Hierophant 35
Edward Marlo Control Fake-Outs - Jog Shuffle Fake-Out puzzle magicians that follow the control, two methods
The Last Hierophant 38
Edward Marlo I-F Control Fake-Out puzzle magicians that follow the control
The Last Hierophant 38
Daryl Martinez Convincing Tilt
VariationsAlso published here The Last Hierophant 39
Edward Marlo Rub-a-Dub Gone card actually on table
The Last Hierophant 41
Gene Castillon Capturing MacDonald four jacks appear and capture signed selection, as prelude to assembly, three double facer
The Last Hierophant 43
Edward Marlo The Melding Pot two decks are shuffled together and separate
The Last Hierophant 45
Robert Walker The Tickfaw Twist
Inspired by
  • Larry Jennings's "Overturning Touch Turn"
Related to
The Last Hierophant 48
Edward Marlo Quadruple Fingertip Cards to Pocket four peeked cards to four different pockets, double facer with divided cards on one side
The Last Hierophant 50
Simon Aronson Ad-Jacent advertisement card is used to stab between selections
Variations The Last Hierophant 51
Edward Marlo I Won't Even Look using Ed Brown Wallet (see Kabbala reference), two methods
Related to The Last Hierophant 53
Jon Racherbaumer The Blue Intruder Strikes Again! spectator choses only blue card in red back, using brainwave deck
The Last Hierophant 56
Gene Castillon Castillon's Olram Aces false index cards and 3/4 double facer
Variations The Last Hierophant 58
Edward Marlo Bluff Sandwich bluff pass force, dribble finesse
Related toVariationsAlso published here The Last Hierophant 62
Robert Walker, David Solomon Dunbury Sandwich wrong card captured, sandwich cards transform and find selection
Variations The Last Hierophant 63
Edward Marlo Royal Divers sandwich cards vanish from top and bottom and reappear around selection in center, three methods
The Last Hierophant 65
Edward Marlo Charlier Pass as Color Change
The Last Hierophant 65
Jon Racherbaumer Eyed Jack Sandwich sandwich cards placed on top, then straight cut
The Last Hierophant 68
Edward Marlo Split Sandwiches odd-backed sandwich cards put in deck, they split and are next to two selections, including "One Deck Variation" and suggestion by Danny Korem
Inspired by The Last Hierophant 70
Jon Racherbaumer Clean-Cut Finger Sandwiches cards between 2 sandwiches transpose, two methods
The Last Hierophant 74
Edward Marlo Insertion Subtlety displaying sandwich while hiding the color of one of the cards
The Last Hierophant 76
Edward Marlo Selling a Sandwich from tabled sandwich to sandwich in deck, two methods
Inspired by The Last Hierophant 78