Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Various

266 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

(148 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Richard Kaufman Retention Clip Vanish Related to 5
Unknown Palm Change 6
Unknown Fingertip Rest Position 7
Unknown Palm and Grip Transfers - From Classic palm to Fingertip Rest
- From Fingertip Rest to Thumb Palm
- From Classic Palm to Thumb Palm
- From Finger Palm to Thumb Palm
David Roth The Shuttle Pass 10
David Roth Edge Grip Technique 12
David Roth Edge Grip Load 13
Unknown Curl Palm 13
David Roth Curl Palm 13
David Roth Shuttle Pass from Edge Grip 14
Unknown Shuttle Pass Drop Holding out in edge grip in the course of a shuttle pass 14
David Roth Edge Grip Recovery 16
David Roth Scoop Addunder Addon, addition 17
David Roth Frontal Imp Pass 18
David Roth Pop Outs tabled production under finger tipRelated toVariations 20
David Roth To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group 21
David Roth Deep Back Clip Steal 22
Unknown Deep Back Clip 22
David Roth The Karate Coin with variationsRelated toVariations 24
David Roth The Complete Torn and Restored Coin 28
David Roth Oval Purse Holdout 30
David Roth Acentric Purse 32
David Roth Edge to Fingertip Drop Production 33
David Roth High Flying Winged Silver Palms up coing across using edge grip 35
David Roth Getting Into Edge Grip: Method One 37
David Roth Hanging Coins Plus 39
David Roth Feint Like the threefly kickback 39
David Roth Getting into Edge Grip: Method Two 40
David Roth Finger Palm Utility Switch 41
David Roth Flash Production four coin production (recommended to follow hanging coins) 44
David Roth, Fred Kaps Standup Copper/Silver Multi-phase copper silver routine, including second ending by Fred Kaps 46
Fred Kaps Kaps Subtlety 46
David Roth Edge Grip Copper/Silver 50
David Roth Ultra Coin Assembly No-card coin assembly, hands as the only cover 51
Ross Bertram Thumb Base Slide 52
David Roth Wild Coin No. 1 Wild coin with cup 55
J. B. Bobo, David Roth Modified Bobo Switch No. 1 56
David Roth Shuttle Pass Variant 56
Edward Marlo Marlo's Spellbound Change 58
Derek Dingle Sucker Change 59
David Roth Wild Coin No. 2 Wild coin with coin purseVariations 60
J. B. Bobo, David Roth Modified Bobo Switch No. 2 60
Unknown Thumb Palm Steal 62
David Roth The Portable Hole Variations 63
Edward Marlo Marlo's Spider Grip Vanish 64
David Roth The Kick Move Roth does not claim the idea of kicking a coin under an object, but claims the mechanics described here 65
David Roth The Portable Hole - Sitdown Version 66
David Roth The Portable Hole - Standup Handling 76
David Roth Thumb Palm Spider Grip Vanish 76
Wesley James In a Twinkling Spellbound ChangeRelated to 82
Richard Kaufman Touch Change One Spellbound Change 83
Richard Kaufman Touch Change Two Spellbound change 85
Geoffrey Latta Touch Change Three Spellbound change 86
Richard Kaufman Spellmell Bound Continuous Spellbound change 87
Wesley James Twisting With Victor Spellbound changeRelated toAlso published here 89
Tom Gagnon The Inertia Change 90
Tom Gagnon The Tiddlywinks Change Also published here 91
Mark Levy Spin to Win Coin change 92
Bruce Berkowitz Silver Slippage Spellbound change holding out 93
Sol Stone Turnover Vanish 96
Sol Stone, John Ramsay Ramsay Vanish Refined 97
Sol Stone One-Hand Spectator Sleeve Change 98
Sol Stone Tumble Switch/Change Also published here 99
Sol Stone One Hand Thumb Palm Turnover Switch 101
Sol Stone One-Hand Triple Spellbound No. 1 102
Sol Stone One-Hand Triple Spellbound No. 2 104
Sol Stone Hung Coin Coin on string 108
Sol Stone Mirror Change 111
Sol Stone Pulling Silver Silver dollar to two half dollars 112
Sol Stone Double Twist Transposition 115
Sol Stone Half and Half Rollout Flourish with transformation 118
Sol Stone Silver Hole Switcheroo Moving hole on a coin 119
Geoffrey Latta Ultimate Han Ping Chien two handlingsVariations 122
Geoffrey Latta Isolation Placement Coin displacement from a group 126
Geoffrey Latta One-Hand Turnover Switch Related to 127
Geoffrey Latta To Classic Palm Two Coins of a Group 127
Geoffrey Latta Thumb Touch Coins Across Using Geoff's Ultimate Han Ping Chien 128
Geoffrey Latta Standup Spectator Coins Across Variations 129
Geoffrey Latta Half Retention Pass stealing one of two coinsRelated to 130
Geoffrey Latta Cosmic Coins Across 131
Geoffrey Latta Silver Extraction No. 1 Extract the Silver from a coin 133
Geoffrey Latta Silver Extraction No. 2 Extract the SIlver from a coin 134
Geoffrey Latta Wild Coin No. 3 Wild Coin with Coin Purse 135
Geoffrey Latta The Fake Take out False take from a purse 136
Al Baker, Geoffrey Latta Al Baker Purse False Load 139
Geoffrey Latta Multiside Display Sequence To apparently show both sides of coins including a copper/silver 140
Geoffrey Latta Quandra Quicksand Coins Away Four coin vanish sequence 141
Geoffrey Latta Glassed in Attraction three silver coins join three copper coins under a glass 144
Geoffrey Latta Impossible Under Glass CS Switch 147
Geoffrey Latta CopSilBrass Copper-Silver-Brass Routine using a copper-silver gimmickRelated to 148
Dai Vernon Loading Move 151
Edward Marlo Olram's Instant Sympathy 4-card Matrix 154
Edward Marlo Simplex Matrix 4-card Matrix 158
Edward Marlo The Scoop Vanish Coin Vanish using cards 161
Edward Marlo Quick Coinvergence 4-Card Matrix 162
Edward Marlo "They're Here, No - There, No Where?" 4-card gimmicked Matrix with coins glued together 164
Edward Marlo What Happened? 4-coin tabled vanish, follow-up to matrix 168
Slydini Table Tilt Vanish 172
Slydini Palm Tilt Production 174
Slydini Palm Tilt Production - The Standup Handling 176
Slydini Automatic Sleeving Related to 177
Scott Weiser Key to the Orient Chinese coin on padlock 180
Slydini Revolve Vanish 181
Scott Weiser Framed Invisible Purse, color changes 182
Richard Kaufman Visual Drop Switch 185
Richard Kaufman Framed Again Invisible purse routine, color changes 187
Richard Kaufman Getting Into Edge Grip: Method Three Related to 188
Scott Weiser Iron Curtain Coins Tabled Coins Across 189
Scott Weiser The Iron Curtain Move Transfer 190
Richard Kaufman, Scott Weiser Torn Between Two Worlds Torn, changed and then restored coin 193
John Bentz Stick It Needle Through Coin 196
David Roth, Geoffrey Latta, David Arthur Copper/Silver No. 1 Coin change 199
David Arthur Copper/Silver No. 2 Coin change 200
David Arthur Copper/Silver No. 3 Coin change 201
Geoffrey Latta Copper/Silver No. 4 Coin Change 202
Geoffrey Latta Copper/Silver No. 5 Coin Change 203
Herb Zarrow Starfish Copper/Silver Coin Change 204
Ken Krenzel Imperial Ishtar Ungimmicked Coins of Ishtar 206
Fernando Roman C.S.B. on the Fly Hybrid Copper-Silver-Brass and Coins Across 207
Mark Levy Erase a Way Eraser Vanish 209
Mark Levy ESPenny Miracle Date on Coin Prediction 210
Bruce Berkowitz Odd Coin Transit 211
Ross Bertram Bertram Load 212
Richard Kaufman Open Travelers No. 1 Open Travelers with Coins 214
Richard Kaufman Table Slide HPC 214
Richard Kaufman Sliding Concealment Transfer 215
Richard Kaufman, David Arthur Open Travelers with Edge Grip Open Travelers with Coins 216
Richard Kaufman, David Arthur Curl Palm Pop Out coin production, tabled 217
Geoffrey Latta Open Travelers No. 2 Open travelers with coins 218
Joe Safuto Invisible Noise Coins to Glass 220
Richard Kaufman Sleeved Coin Cut Coin penetrates deckRelated to 223
Danny Korem Telling Tails Vanish Vanish 224
Les Shore The Melting Coin with matchbook 226
Bob Friedhoffer Shuttle Pass No. 2 228
David Arthur The Panda's Purse 229
David Arthur Melifluous Meld Two quarters to a half dollar 234
David Arthur Last One Through Coins through table move 235
David Arthur Coin Steal 236
David Arthur SeeSaw 'Sembly Four-card matrix and reverse 237
Al Schneider Pickup Move 240
Geoffrey Latta The C.S.B.Q. Coins Across International Coins Across 246
Sol Stone Shirting the Issue Complete Vanish 249
John Cornelius Glass-Topped Coin Though Table muscle passRelated to 251
Derek Dingle Molecular Coins Through Table Seated coins through table 253
Derek Dingle The Nefarious Nest of Boxes 256
David Roth David Roth on the Retention Pass Also published here 260
David Roth IV Four sequential retention vanishes and reappearances 261
Dai Vernon Chinaman's Chance two coin transposition, gaffed 264