Written by Laurie Ireland, Edward Marlo

Work of Laurie Ireland, Edward Marlo

31 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Eugene Gloye.
Language: English

(29 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jay Marshall Introduction added to later edition 2
Edward Marlo New Back Palm Vanish and Production 3
Edward Marlo Marlo's Front and Back Palm 5
Edward Marlo Passe Passe Coins 6
Edward Marlo Friction Pass 7
Edward Marlo Two Halves and a Dime two half dollars appear, dime placed between them vanishes, wax 7
Edward Marlo Money from Magic dime changes to penny, coin secretly in ear 9
Edward Marlo Marlo's Poor Man's Trick coin through head into glass, then through sleeve (apparently) 11
Edward Marlo Sleeving Technique 11
Edward Marlo Penetration and Audible Arrival two coins in silk, chosen one penetrates, then travels back with a clink 12
Edward Marlo Single Coin Routine vanishes and body penetrations 15
Unknown Thumb Palm Pass 15
Unknown French Drop 16
Unknown Thumb Clip 16
Unknown Pick Up 16
Edward Marlo Two Ideas hooked coin in sleeve, pocket ditch for complete vanish 19
Laurie Ireland The Imaginary Half Dollar half dollar appearsVariations 20
Laurie Ireland, John Ramsay The Toss Up Vanish 22
Laurie Ireland A Close-up Trick for a Bar coin vanishes and reappears in "heads or tails" game 23
Laurie Ireland In and Out of the Fist 24
Laurie Ireland Follow-Up for the Above 26
Paul Studham The Human Slot Machine glass production 27
Laurie Ireland Production of Coins from the Mouth "A pretty sequence for the Miser's Dream" 28
Laurie Ireland Patter for the Miser's Dream 28
Laurie Ireland A Coin Pass "Excellent for sue with a dollar size coin." 29
Laurie Ireland The Thumb Crotch Palm "Information on the pick up of several coins" 29
Laurie Ireland The Five Coin Pass 30
Laurie Ireland Through the Palm 31
Laurie Ireland Why Use Real Money when Palming Coins are so Cheap? 31