Written by Edward Marlo
Work of Edward Marlo
184 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
30 entries
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Edward Marlo Introductory Remarks
Edward Marlo Ten Hand Stacks - The First Manuscript
  • Ten Hand Stack (as per "Advanced Fingertip Control")
  • 2nd method: 10 Hands in 3 Shuffles
  • 3rd Method: 10 hand Stack - 2 Riffle Shuffles
  • 4th Method - 10 Hands in One Shuffle (three procedures)
  • Fifth Method - One Riffle Shuffle
  • Sixth Method - 10 Hands, To Dealer, In 2 Shuffles
  • Seventh Method - 10 Hands, To Dealer, 2 Shuffles
  • Eighth Method - 10 Hands, One Shuffle, To Dealer
  • A Favorite Procedure
  • The Twelve Hand Stack
  • Ninth Method - 10 Hands, 3 Riffle Shuffles
Edward Marlo Stacking a lot of Information distributed throughout the book
Edward Marlo General Information several handlings are distributed
Edward Marlo Marlo System of Double Blocks stacking for a big number of hands
Edward Marlo, David Solomon Ten Hand Stacks - The Second Manuscript
  • Three Shuffles
  • Three Shuffles
  • to Tenth Hand, by David Solomon (with suggestions by Marlo)
  • Three Riffle Shuffles
  • Two Riffle Shuffles
  • Two Riffle Shuffles, Into First Hand
  • Ten Hands in One Riffle
  • Aces into Tenth Hand
  • Two Shuffles to Stack Four Aces and Four Kings
Edward Marlo Ten Hand Stacks - The Third Manuscript
  • One Riffle Shuffle (Five methods)
  • Ten Hand Stack to 10th Hand (one Riffle Shuffle)
  • Ten Hand Stack to 10th Hand (or 1st, or any one of 10), 2 Riffle Shuffles
  • Eight Hand Stack, with choice of winning hand
  • Ten Hand Stack - Cards to go into 10th Hand
  • Ten Hand Stack to 10th Hand
  • "I came here to stack the Royal Flush"
Variations 55
Edward Marlo A Riffle Shuffle Procedure
  • 5 Hands, Aces to 5th Hand, 2 Riffle Shuffles
Edward Marlo 3 in 1 stacking three Aces in one shuffle for five hands
Edward Marlo Tips on Riffle Stacking
Edward Marlo Marlo Spade Shuffle block shuffle
Edward Marlo Spade Shuffle Variant block shuffle
Edward Marlo Notes on the Spade Shuffle block shuffle
Edward Marlo Spade Think Triumph
Edward Marlo Revolutionary Rightings and Revelations with the Riffle Shuffle chapter intro, several new approaches to the Triumph Effect
Edward Marlo Combination Triumph done two times with no selections, "Strip-less Triumph"
Alex Elmsley, Edward Marlo Faro Fan
  • 1st Discard - In the Hands
  • 2nd Discard - On the Table
  • 1st Technique - in the Hands
  • 2nd Technique
Edward Marlo Clean-Up Triumph done two times with no selections
Edward Marlo Impossible Location Triumph
Edward Marlo Think Triumphant
Edward Marlo The Sure Combination
Edward Marlo Side-Jog Tabled Spread & Effect ribbon spread hide-out
Related to 149
Edward Marlo Double Revealment Triumph done two times with the same selection
Edward Marlo Doubly Triumphant two selections
Edward Marlo The Casual Addition Move Aces flipped face down on pack, cards secretly added on top
Edward Marlo The Convincing Addition Move
Variations 164
Edward Marlo Packet Switch Approaches two approaches
Edward Marlo Bona Fide Practice Method Estimation and Punch Deal
Related to 175
Edward Marlo The Edge Mark Stack
Edward Marlo Commentary
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