Written by Richard Kaufman

Work of Gary Kurtz

102 pages (Hardcover), published by Kaufman and Greenberg
Illustrated with drawings by Richard Kaufman.
Language: English

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Roger Klause Foreword 7
Gary Kurtz Preface 9
Gary Kurtz Hypothetical Possibilities ambitious card, signature vanishes and reappears, walletVariations 11
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo K.M. Move 12
Gary Kurtz One-Handed Get-Ready 13
Gary Kurtz Rub-A-Dub-Dub 14
Gary Kurtz Inside/Outside two stapled cards turn inside outRelated to 16
Gary Kurtz Unidirectional Turnover 19
Gary Kurtz Constant Return with "mine"/"yours" written on coins 20
Gary Kurtz Attraction mysterious sliding on stick 23
Gary Kurtz Wishful Thinking effect combination 25
Gary Kurtz Slip Force Handling Variations 26
Gary Kurtz Top to Bottom Pivot Palm 27
Gary Kurtz Bottom Palm Replacement 28
Gary Kurtz Fingertip Longitudinal Steal from the center 28
Gary Kurtz Split Disclosure Half the Card travels in Wallet, half in anything 30
Gary Kurtz Body Heat using Scotch and Soda GimmickRelated to 32
Gary Kurtz Four-Fisted Copper/Silver - Transformation ComboRelated to 35
Gary Kurtz Special Delivery Related to 39
Gary Kurtz Orange lemon and tomato change into fruit in cardboardRelated to 43
Gary Kurtz Name It! at the end spectator's name appears on back of cardRelated to 46
Gary Kurtz The Anticipator performer removes same coin as spectator from pocket 49
Gary Kurtz The Empty Hand Inside Jacket PocketVariations 51
Gary Kurtz Interchange 54
Arturo de Ascanio Las Vegas Ascanio Spread 55
Gary Kurtz Inside Jacket back on pack 56
Gary Kurtz Zarrow's Triple Buckle 58
Gary Kurtz Multiple Palm small packet 59
Gary Kurtz Coming out Ahead mental lead in, using bag, multiple coins 61
Gary Kurtz Artistic License modern art theme, yellow and blue sections on a card morph to greenVariations 65
Gary Kurtz Erdnase's First Transformation 65
Gary Kurtz Trio long combinationRelated to 67
David Roth Curl Palm 67
Gary Kurtz Transfer thumb to finger 71
Derek Dingle The Silent Steal 71
Geoffrey Latta One-Hand Vanish third finger curl palm, "Nowhere Palm" 76
Gary Kurtz All Together Four of a kind in Spectators palms 79
Gary Kurtz Swing Cut Palm 81
Gary Kurtz Cigar 83
Gary Kurtz Mirror Image topological thingRelated to 88
Gary Kurtz Flurious using Jumbo CoinsRelated to 91
Gary Kurtz Jumbo Coin Change Overs 91
Gary Kurtz Jumbo Coin silk cover 91
Gary Kurtz Jumbo Coin Vanishes two methods 94
Gary Kurtz Jumbo Coin Vanish Sleeve or Breast Pocket 99
Gary Kurtz Jumbo Coin Transformation using silk 99