Written by Lewis Ganson
Work of Dai Vernon
72 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Ken Brooke Foreword
Dai Vernon The Four Blue Backed Aces
Variations 5
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition
Dai Vernon Blindfold Poker Deal
Related to 9
Dai Vernon Cards of Coincidence two cards from two decks put in envelope match, three phases
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 11
Theodore Annemann Alignment Move
Dai Vernon Three Card Monte routine, including bent corner
Related to 15
Dai Vernon The Throw
Dai Vernon The Use of a Short Card
Dai Vernon The Optical Move
Related to 21
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Larry Grey's "Cards Across" the travelled card are found in the spectator's pocket
Variations 23
Dai Vernon To Shuffle a Certain Number of Cards Above a Selected Card cards are added singly, order otherwise retained
Dai Vernon Overhand Shuffle Finesse bottom to top with break for throw
Dai Vernon Plunger Location card above inserted card ends up in-jogged
Variations 27
Dai Vernon Card from Pocket Inside Jacket Pocket
Related toAlso published here 28
Dai Vernon Switching a Card in an Envelope
Related toVariations 29
Dai Vernon Double Lift From Fan claimed by Marlo in his comments (see references)
Related toVariations 31
Dai Vernon, Paul Rosini Staring Him in the Face nerve trick with cased deck
Related toVariations 33
Dai Vernon Top Palm single card, Topping the Deck
Also published here 35
Dai Vernon Tips for Palming
Dai Vernon Right Hand Palm Replacement two methods
Dai Vernon Other Methods of Palming Gambler's palm and unconventional clip palm with third, fourth and fifth finger
Dai Vernon To Palm a Card from the Pack with the Gambler's Palm
Variations 40
Dai Vernon One Handed Palm unusual right clip position, multiple or single
Variations 41
Dai Vernon Second Gambler's Palm described for single card, with new replacement
Dai Vernon Springing a Card into the Gambler's Palm Position from small packet
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (a) motivation
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (b)
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (e) using Rear Palm
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (g) from small packet, bottom card into right hand
Dai Vernon Some Useful Notes on Palming (c), (f) Rear Palm Replacements (one on top, one in the center)
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Second Deal actually this is the method known as "New Theory Second Deal"
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Second Deal single handed method
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's "New Theory" Second Deal
Related toVariations 52
Dai Vernon A Quick Trick cards spread face up, one is named, extracted, put in, shown face up
Dai Vernon Reverse touched card reverses
Dai Vernon The Card Puzzle picture cards and Aces assemble - kind of, for credit information see Marlo & Higham references
Related to 54
Lawrence "Larry" Grey Another Larry Grey Trick three selected cards are found, the last one penetrates the hank
Dai Vernon The Top Change including several tips and exercise with case
Variations 63
Dai Vernon The Bottom Change
Dai Vernon One-handed Card Change to gambler's palm
Variations 66
Harry Lorayne Change of Four Cards Push-Through Change
Related toVariations 67
Dai Vernon Everywhere and Nowhere ungaffed
Dai Vernon Double Lift Unload for credit information see Marlo reference
Related toAlso published here 70
Dai Vernon Matching Any Number of Cards any number of cards is selected and found from another shuffled deck
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