Written by Lewis Ganson
Work of Dai Vernon
242 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Dennis Patten
Language: English
123 entries
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Lewis Ganson Foreword
Lewis Ganson Chapter One: Starting Right on practicing and the material in this book
Section One: Card Effects
Chapter Two
Roger Klause Matched Spellout "Chapter Two"
selection spelled out, four-of-a-kind kicker with packets that made during spelling
Related toVariations 17
Roger Klause Culling Procedure setting up four of a kind for spelling
Dai Vernon The Perfect Circle of Card "Chapter Three", complete circle fan
Variations 23
Dai Vernon "Secrets" "Chapter Four", spectator names a number between five and ten, card of that value produced and selection found at that number
Related toAlso published here 27
Dai Vernon "Do As I Do" "Chapter Five", using pocket
Dai Vernon Black and Red Puzzle "Chapter Six", small packet version (false dealing)
Also published here 37
Dai Vernon Mental Spell "Chapter Seven", one of ten, multiple out
Bruce Cervon Ten Gives Three "Chapter Eight", Ace to Ten are shuffled, reorder themselves, joker appears at chosen number
Related toVariations 45
Gambler's Cop
Lewis Ganson Chapter Nine: The Magic of Larry Jennings intro
Larry Jennings Tell-Tale Aces rather complex handling
Related toVariations 49
Larry Jennings Interlock Steal unloading cards under top cards
Related to 51
Dai Vernon Vernon Push-Off
Related to 54
Larry Jennings Larreverse "Chapter Ten"
Related toVariationsAlso published here 59
Larry Jennings The Jennings False Cut
Related to 60
Larry Jennings Double Reverse featuring Larreverse
Larry Jennings Peeked Card Reverse with Larreverse and Turnover Pass
Larry Jennings Gambler's Triumph "Chapter Eleven", four Ace Revelation by cutting packets, followed by Triumph with the Aces
Variations 67
Dai Vernon Tabled Double Undercut top to bottom
Tabled Slip Cut
Dai Vernon Vernon Break Control picking up a break after tabled cut from jogged packets
Related to 68
Larry Jennings The Changing of the Guard "Chapter Twelve", three cards are changed to match Ace of Spades
Related to 75
Larry Jennings Spread Switch Handling
Larry Jennings Double Lift after Deck Turnover step retained for instant double lift
Larry Jennings Through-the-First Flourish with Double
Larry Jennings Monarch's Quartette "Chapter Thirteen"
Variations 83
Larry Jennings Monarch's Quartette - plus
Larry Jennings Two Card Bold Switch tabled
Persi Diaconis Les Cartes Diaconis "Chapter Fourteen"
Variations 89
Dai Vernon Running the Scale "Chapter Fifteen", seven packets are cut rapidly on the table with one to seven cards
Dai Vernon Pure Mathematics "Chapter Sixteen", two numbers from one to ten, chosen values lie at reversed chosen numbers
Related to 99
Dai Vernon Slow Motion Card Vanish "Chapter Seventeen", thumbnail clip
Related to 103
Chapter Two: Card Sleights and Moves
Dai Vernon Chapter Eighteen: Vernon on the Pass tips and finesses
Related to 111
Fred Black, Dai Vernon The Black Pass
Dai Vernon Location Pass a certain glimpsed Card is shifted to known position
Johnny C. Sprong Sprong's Pass
Related to 117
Walter Baker Fan Pass Transformation actually not visual
Chapter Nineteen: Vernon on Table Passes
Dai Vernon First Method draw shift
Dai Vernon Second Method deck picked up and put in other hand
Mexican Joe Mexican Joe's Table Pass bringing only bottom slug back to bottom
Variations 123
Charlie Miller Charlie Miller's Table Pass
Related to 124
Chapter Twenty: After Peeking
Dai Vernon Peek Handling either spectator peeks, or performer riffles
Dai Vernon Pressure Fan step fan
Related to 128
Dai Vernon Spread Location step in spread by either jogging card or whole upper half
Related toVariations 129
Diagonal Insertion
Dai Vernon To Shuffle the Card to the Top with the Riffle Shuffle after peek control
Dai Vernon Double Peek Control two breaks, two methods to control the cards (cut & overhand shuffle, and cuts in hindu shuffle position)
Dai Vernon Three Break Control
Related toVariations 132
Dai Vernon Transferring the Break to Greek Break
Dai Vernon Multiple Peek Control one after the other
Dai Vernon A Spectator finds his own Card using Greek Break
Related to 135
Dai Vernon Adaption of the Greek Break for Card Stabbing Variation of the Greek Break
Chapter Twenty One: One Handed Shuffles
Alfred Benzon Benzon's Shuffle riffle
Variations 141
Dai Vernon Vernon One-Handed Shuffle riffle on the table
Related to 142
Dai Vernon Card Placement "Chapter Twenty Two", Variation of Kelly Bottom Placement
Variations 145
John McCormick Penetration through Wallet or magazine
Chapter Twenty Three: Handling a Short Card construction of Scallop Short
Dai Vernon The Short Card construction of Scallop Short
Dai Vernon Locating a Short Card method of cutting to Scallop Short
Related to 150
Dai Vernon The Corner Short tapping on table for locating corner short
Related to 150
Dai Vernon Methods of Handling - 1 short card starts on bottom, selection controlled to small position from top
Dai Vernon Methods of Handling - 2 short card starts on bottom, card peeked, overhand shuffle and cut to bring selection next to key
Related to 150
Dai Vernon Methods of Handling - 3 short card starts on top, selection in center brought next to it with overhand shuffle
Related to 151
Dai Vernon Methods of Handling - 4 short card starts on bottom, selection in center brought next to it with overhand shuffle
Dai Vernon Methods of Handling - 5 short card starts on top, selection in center brought next to it with cuts to table
Dai Vernon Methods of Handling - 6 short card starts on bottom, selection in center brought next to it with cuts to table
Chapter Twenty Four: Magic Castle Moves
Larry Jennings All Around Square Up jogs
Larry Jennings Jennings Top Palm
  • On The Table
  • In The Hands
Related toVariations 157
Dai Vernon Key Card Placement running cut
Related toVariations 159
Dai Vernon Small Packet Glide
VariationsAlso published here 159
Maurice Rooklyn The Rooklyn Top Palm
Related to 161
Chapter Twenty Five: More Useful Sleights and Moves
Dai Vernon Spreading Six Card as Five
Faucett Ross Single Shuffle Control top card remains on top, one shuffle
Dai Vernon Key Card Location spread
Variations 166
Dai Vernon Cold Deck Cut
Related toVariations 168
Lewis Ganson Chapter Twenty Six: Two Sleights by Dr. Elliott
Dr. James William Elliott Bottom Deal Straddle Grip
Related to 172
Dr. James William Elliott Dr. Elliot's Favorite Break Control little finger eccentric position, as delay for pass
Section Three: Friends of Dai Vernon
Chapter Twenty Seven: Magic From Britain
Jack Avis Slippery Aces Aces produced, then lost and produced in named order
Jack Avis Spin Cut Production
Edward Marlo Simple Shift and Placement Cut
Alex Elmsley Double Prediction two cards, progressive spelling set-up, one-ahead, sixteenth card principle
Also published here 182
Alex Elmsley Face Your Brothers three selections are placed face-up in deck, face to face with mates
Also published here 183
Francis Haxton Last Word Four Aces spectator chooses Leader Packet
Variations 186
Bottom Placement
Fred Lowe The Innocent Cheat performer stacks the Aces, then a spectator takes one card from a hand and puts it in his sleeve, performer deals again, spectator switches his sleeved card for one from his chosen hand and receives royal flush
Related to 190
Overhand Stack
Peter Warlock Thought of Card Across unprepared, à la Edward G. Brown
Fred Lowe Palm Crimp corner Crimp, inner left
Also published here
  • The Gen, 1966
Packet Switch
Roy Walton Fellow Travellers two cards initialed and put in one half each, one placed below table and then both cards are found in upper half, color changing deck kicker
Chapter Twenty Eight: Magic from Canada
Ross Bertram Pivot Change into Tenkai
Also published here 203
Ross Bertram Bottom Steal and Recovery tabled
VariationsAlso published here 205
Chapter Twenty Nine: Magic from Holland
Fred Kaps The Three Jokers using three glasses
Also published here 209
Bluff Pass
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Ups and Downs
Inspired by 213
Eddie Taytelbaum Find the Ace false indices
Variations 216
Eddie Taytelbaum Infallible Force
Lewis Ganson Chapter Thirty: Magic from Ireland
Dai Vernon Vernon's Variant four cards
Related toVariationsAlso published here 226
Alex Elmsley Elmsley Count
Dai Vernon, Hubert Lambert, Faucett Ross Emerald Isle Aces four times riffle force in which top packet is turned over and spread until first face-down card
Related toVariations 228
Hubert Lambert Swivelleroo
VariationsAlso published here 229
Chapter Thirty One: Magic from U.S.A
Francis Carlyle Card Transposition
Gerald Kosky "You Get It" spectator removes selection from deck, in his pocket
Also published here 235
Jay Ose "Do as I Do" With One Pack each gets one half
Bill Simon Sleight of Mind travelling production combo with red Aces in one and black Aces in another packet
Jump-Out Production packet snapped with right hand and cards jump out
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