Written by John Benzais

Work of John Benzais

62 pages (Stapled), published by Haines House of Cards
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(40 entries)


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John Benzais Introduction
John Benzais First Effect - For One Coin single marked coin, part of "Coins Through the Table (A Complete Routine)"Variations 2
John Benzais Second Effect (For Two Coins) with glass, part of "Coins Through the Table (A Complete Routine)"Related to 3
John Benzais Third Effect (For Four Coins) Variations 5
Unknown Friction Pass 7
John Benzais Han Ping 'Benzais' 8
John Benzais With Six Coins Han Ping Chien type 11
John Benzais Something Extra - The Benzais Grip 13
John Benzais Again With Six Coins Han Ping Chien type 14
John Benzais It Doesn't Belong Here five coins from right hand to left hand at once 15
John Benzais One Handed Method four coins at once, see also Slydini's "New Version of the Coins Through the Table" (Magic of Slydini, p. 131) 16
John Benzais 5c for your Thoughts spectator spins coin multiple times, performer knows what side showed up how many times 18
John Benzais The Benzais Concealment showing both hands empty 19
John Benzais Transit Dime dime on card case or cigarette pack penetrates cellophane wrapper from outside 21
John Benzais Follow-Up for Transit dime on card case or cigarette pack penetrates cellophane wrapper from inside 22
John Benzais A Simple Vanish on handkerchief 23
John Benzais Another Simple Vanish with handkerchief on table, inspired by "Mr. Leipzig Entertains at Dinner" (Gen, March 1955) 24
John Benzais Not so Simple covered by handkerchief on right palm 25
John Benzais Sleeving from Back Clip 26
John Benzais Making Double Face Cards 27
John Benzais Sleeving a Card 28
John Benzais How to Lap a Card 29
Unknown Double Lift top cards picked up with right hand 30
John Benzais Card in Wallet two handlings 30
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Lap elongated cards placed on edge 31
John Benzais A Counting Trick card at chosen position predicted 32
John Benzais The Missing Ace triple transposition of sandwiched card with tabled card and selection in deck 33
Gerald Kosky Kosky Switch no credit 33
John Benzais The Crimped Card selection crimped in middle of deck 34
John Benzais Four of a Kind named four-of-a-kind 36
Unknown Simple Cut Multiple Shift 37
Unknown Tabled Slip Cut 37
John Benzais Bewilderment four-of-a-kind shoots out of deck one by one 38
John Benzais Benzais' Spin-Out Variations 39
John Benzais, Harry Lorayne Stabbed in the Pack credit informationRelated toVariations 40
Tony Shiels Poor Man's Stabbed in the Pack 44
Harry Lorayne Will the Real Stabbed in the Pack Please Stand Up! 46
John Benzais The Cut & Restored Rope extra piece 51
John Benzais 4-D Ball Trick three balls vanish one by one, reappearVariations 52
John Benzais The Secret of Gorius Gordius, knot vanishes and reappears while spectator hold both ends 55