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36 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.

Language: English

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Laurie Ireland Silks to Streamers, or A Color Change two silks change into four streamers in hand, pull 3
Laurie Ireland Double Streamer or Silk Production 3
Laurie Ireland Four Thimble Vanish and Reproduction 4
Laurie Ireland The New Multiplying Golf Balls two shells, clinging shell feature 5
Laurie Ireland A Combination Move with Two Balls and a Shell 7
Laurie Ireland The Simultaneous Production of One to Eight Balls no body loads 8
Laurie Ireland They Do It Themselves Card Trick dubious method 8
Laurie Ireland Stretching a Lit Borrowed Cigarette cigarette holder on body 9
Laurie Ireland Come and Go Silk Gimmick metal ball type gimmick 10
Laurie Ireland Improved Giant Match from Purse 12
Laurie Ireland A Sucker Card Trick 13
Laurie Ireland Four Ace Control 14
Laurie Ireland Push-off Count see also page 22 14
Laurie Ireland Stacking the Deck for Ireland's Card Tricks Including Two Poker Deals - The First Poker Deal
- The Second Poker Deal
with Ireland's memorized deck
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Stack 16
Laurie Ireland Instant Card Location getting a named card to top in memorized deck
- The Top 15 cards
- Method of Locating Cards from Number 15 Down to Bottom of Deck
Laurie Ireland Effects and Methods of Producing Cards - Any Card Called Rises from Deck brief, memorized deck 18
Laurie Ireland The Spelling Card Trick with any card called brief, memorized deck 18
Laurie Ireland The Two Card Trick spectator picks any named card, brief, memorized deck 18
Laurie Ireland A Card is Called For spectator cuts at any named card, brief, memorized deck 18
Laurie Ireland Break Cut Force spectator cuts at break 18
Laurie Ireland Thought Reading Extraordinary spectator cuts to any card, performer reads mind from distance, estimation & memorized deck 18
Laurie Ireland Producing Selected Card at Any Number and At The Same Time Cold Packing any card is produced from pocket at named (small) number from shuffled deck, switch for memorized deckVariations 19
Laurie Ireland Quarter and Half Dollar Transposition and half changed to quarter 20
Unknown Simple Switch 20
Laurie Ireland Backclip Recovery 20
Unknown Click Pass 21
Laurie Ireland The Four Jacks four Jacks on table, one covered with three cards, others lost in deck, assembleVariations 22
Unknown Top Palm see also notes on p. 23 22
Unknown Undercount off the top of the deck into right hand 22
Laurie Ireland Wrinkle for a Single Card Vanish 24
Laurie Ireland Another Single Card Vanish 24
Chris Charlton, Laurie Ireland Another Effect with Chris Charlton's Ringing the Ribbon Gimmick ring and ribbon 25
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Traveling Knot knot travels from performer's silk to spectator's (single) silk, using Ideal Color Change dye tube 26
Unknown Fake Knot 27
Laurie Ireland Aeroplane Card to Pocket Variations 28
Laurie Ireland An Indetectable False Shuffle 29
Laurie Ireland Penny Up the Sleeve back thumb palm vanish and reproduction 30
Laurie Ireland A Linking Ring Move 31
Laurie Ireland A Cigarette Sleight pushed in fist and vanishes 32
Laurie Ireland The Card and Mousetrap 32
Laurie Ireland The Cup and Balls including moves
- Pass
- To load the ball under the cup from the finger palm
- To pass the ball into the left hand
- The Palm
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