Written by Al Leech

Work of Al Leech

28 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Leech A Faulty Cut peeked card is found by a one-handed cutAlso published here 3
Unknown Peek Technique 3
Al Leech The Lie Detector 5
Al Leech The Spectator Does a Trick two cards tell value and suit, "Untouchted" with touchingRelated to 6
Al Leech Doubly Ambitious 6
Unknown Double-Deal Force in one packet, then in two packets 6
Al Leech Name Speller 8
Unknown Double Cut 9
Al Leech The Double Count 10
Unknown Pull Down Bridge 10
Al Leech A Sandwich Change 11
Al Leech The Casino Trick Related to 13
Al Leech Ace, Three, Five ace changes in a three and a five, with sucker part 14
Al Leech A Subtle Sucker Effect 15
Unknown Side Glide 16
Al Leech A Triple Discovery first card rises to the top and transforms in the second and third selected card 17
Al Leech Routine Royal Related toVariations 18
Al Leech One Among Four Related to 20
Al Leech A Dishonest Mistake 21
Al Leech, Edward Marlo Again, The Elevator 22
Al Leech No Crimp Ace Cutting with the charlier cut 24
Al Leech Easy Aces Reversed 24
Unknown About the Author on Al Leech 27