Written by Tom Sellers

Work of Tom Sellers

31 pages (Stapled), published by L. Davenport & Co.
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(35 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Tom Sellers Preface 3
Tom Sellers Magnetised Cards cling to hand 5
Tom Sellers Blue Sympathy named card reverses itself in second deck 5
Tom Sellers Dissolving Knots 6
Tom Sellers Cups and Balls Notion water finale for cups and balls 7
Tom Sellers Parasol Exchange Tube 8
Tom Sellers The Egg Bag Again net bag, eggs appear visibly 9
Tom Sellers Diminishing Coins elaborate gaffs 10
Tom Sellers Double Fan for Fan Workers splitting a fan in two 11
Tom Sellers The "T.S." Knife to load an envelope 11
Tom Sellers The Match Jumper jumps from hand into air 12
Tom Sellers The Quickie Handkerchief Tube 12
Tom Sellers Postal Order Restoration 13
Tom Sellers Note in Beer Bottle 14
Tom Sellers A Useful Card Flourish palm transfer while holding cards 15
Tom Sellers Tip for the Miser's Dream using brush 15
Tom Sellers Borrowed Note in Candle gimmicked knife 16
Tom Sellers Productive Goblets silk and liquid produced from goblets 17
Tom Sellers A Useful Thumb Tie 18
Tom Sellers The Change-Over Aces two cards, each sandwiched, they transpose, glideRelated toVariations 18
Tom Sellers Magic Links several small rings link 19
Tom Sellers The Patriotic Vial mini blendo with tissue paper inside small bottle 20
Tom Sellers Two Card Rise 21
Tom Sellers Passe Passe Handkerchief two silks in glasses in hats change places 22
Tom Sellers Cigarette Through Handkerchief 23
Tom Sellers Torn and Restored Strip 24
Tom Sellers You Can't Keep a Good Man Down three cards change on pack, "showing how Hitler and Mussolini tried to jump on Churchill, but Mr. Churchill came out on top" 24
Tom Sellers The Shooting Card from pack 25
Tom Sellers New Slate Writing writing appears on examined slate 26
Tom Sellers Ace, King and a Pocket performer divines whether ace or king is in spectator's pocket 26
Tom Sellers Creepy Creepy 20th Century using change bag 27
Tom Sellers Birds and Cases packet trick with birds and cages on them 28
Tom Sellers Night-Cap candle vanishes, reappears lighted from pocket 29
Tom Sellers Rabbit and Hat rabbit appears on top of cardboard hat 30
Tom Sellers The Mystic Imp packet with word cards, spectator shifts cards corresponding to number of letters, word divined 31