Written by Warren Wiersbe

Work of Warren Wiersbe

29 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings by Gordon M. Howatt.
Language: English

(26 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Warren Wiersbe Preface 1
Warren Wiersbe Packet Prediction cards cut off top and bottom to show no key cards are in useRelated toVariationsAlso published here 3
Warren Wiersbe Miracle Do As I Do Inspired byRelated toVariations 4
Unknown Cross Cut Force 5
Warren Wiersbe In My Estimation ... performer cuts off same amount of cards as spectatorRelated to 6
Warren Wiersbe Blindfold Poker Deal 7
Warren Wiersbe Stack Shuffle for Blindfold Poker Deal 8
Warren Wiersbe Cardillusion three indifferent cards change into mates 9
Warren Wiersbe Another Tip-Over Switch different than usual procedure 10
Warren Wiersbe, Bob Hummer Double Separation packet shuffled face-up face-down, then statement over condition made and colors separatedInspired by 11
Warren Wiersbe Royal Mentalism a selected court card is divined 12
Warren Wiersbe Superstitious Mentalism four key cards thirteen apart 14
Warren Wiersbe Peek! delayed control with step fanVariations 15
Warren Wiersbe Divination Supreme cards shuffled face-up face-down in process by spectatorInspired by 17
Warren Wiersbe, Martin Gardner Think-A-Card - Wiersbe Version 18
Warren Wiersbe A Change in Number card and its position remembered, is transferred to another named numberRelated to 19
Warren Wiersbe Fantispell card and its position remembered, selection later spelled out 20
Warren Wiersbe Pasteboard Affinity longer routine with Si Stebbins stack 21
Warren Wiersbe Stacking the Deck poker & dealing routine to secretly get into Si Stebbins 22
Warren Wiersbe Tattle-Tale Cards card whispers chosen selection, Si Stebbins 22
Warren Wiersbe Up to Nine card whispers chosen selection, Si Stebbins 23
Warren Wiersbe Super Spread Effect any four cards in spread turned over, then any other card in spread named 24
Warren Wiersbe Dual Decisions spectator's card is divined with 2 other cards (suit & value) 24
Warren Wiersbe Wiersbe Super Countdown top card is used to count down to peeked selection 25
Warren Wiersbe Remote Control spectator makes some piles, face cards of all are divined by performer 26
Warren Wiersbe Miracle Peek spectator cuts anywhere and remembers card, estimation, fishing, stack 27