Written by Jean Hugard

Work of Various

163 pages (Stapled), published by Max Holden
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

(131 entries)


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Jean Hugard One Hand Top Card Palm
Related toVariations 1 2
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle or Running Cut
1 2
Unknown The Hindu Shuffle as a Substitute for the Pass one or multiple card control
1 3
Unknown And Yet Again - The Rising Cards cards rise, last one floats out, gaff in sleeve for last card
1 4
Unknown An Easy Substitute for the Pass starting like Charlier Pass, overhand shuffle
1 6
Theodore Annemann, Jean Hugard Relativity and Cards signed, from performer's to spectator's pocket
1 7
Unknown Behind Back Stabbing Force
1 8
Unknown The Burglars - A Story Trick
1 10
Unknown Unit Downjog Addition
1 10
Unknown Another Version of "The Burglars", two duplicates and rubber bands
1 13
Unknown The Modern Dovetail Shuffle overhand shuffle shift
1 14
Unknown Just Once More - The Aces one palm
1 16
Unknown Thoughts Anticipated card and its position remembered, is transferred to another named number
Related to 1 17
Unknown A New Force double count
1 19
Unknown The Boomerang Card
1 21
Unknown Throw Vanish & Reproduction during boomerang flourish
1 21
Unknown The Double Lift
2 22
Unknown A Novel Reverse Discovery selection appears reversed where spectator cut
2 24
Unknown Push-In Change
Variations 2 24
Jean Hugard Invisible Transit
Variations 2 25
Prof. Robert Hellis The Hand to Hand Palm Change
2 25
Unknown The Homing Belles four of a kind matching selection turns over, removed, transpose with 4 other reversed cards in deck, four duplicate queens
2 26
Unknown Distribution Shuffle distributing four reversed cards
2 27
Unknown A Baffling Spell card put on table is used to spell to second selection
2 29
Jean Hugard Color Changes
2 31
Unknown The Hinge Change Herrmann/Hofzinser type set-up
Variations 2 31
Unknown The Book Change
2 33
Unknown A Spectator Does It Downs Change
2 33
Unknown In Reverse card vanishes and reappears (color change methodology)
2 34
Unknown Second-from-Top Steal
2 35
Unknown Front to Back Transfer using leg at side of the body
2 35
Jean Hugard Some Patter Suggestions
2 36
Unknown The Best Front Hand Production from an amateur of Wellington
2 37
Unknown Front Hand Production - No. 2
Variations 2 38
Unknown The Arm Spread No. 1 - The Spread and Turn-Over
Variations for Finishing this Sleight
No. 2 - The Glide
No. 3 - The Back Arm Reverse
No. 4 - The Upright Spread
No. 5 - The Elbow Catch
No. 6 - The Turn-Over and Right Hand Catch
No. 7 - The Back Arm Catch
No. 8 - Vanish of Pack
No. 9 - The Half Turn-Over and Catch
No. 10 - The One Hand Catch
No. 11 - The Hat Catch
No. 12 - The Double Spread
A Routine for Arm Spreads
2 39
Unknown The Magical Production of a Pack of Cards from silk
3 46
Cardini The Cardini Snap Color Change
Variations 3 46
Unknown New Palm of Top Card and a Color Change
Related to 3 47
Unknown The Ambitious Card two phases, including card from under shoe back to top
3 48
Sam Leo Horowitz Rising Card - The Horowitz Thumb Method from fan
3 50
Unknown The Broadway Rise - A New Impromptu Rising Card Effect rises at right angle
3 51
Unknown A Rising Card Comedy apparently invisible thread makes card move
3 52
Unknown An Unwitting Wizard card used to stab next to selection becomes selection
Related toVariations 3 53
Unknown The Radio Cards three signed cards
3 54
Unknown The Vor-Ac(e)-ious Magician aces, three cards on each, they vanish an reappear in spectator's pocket
3 57
Unknown Bottom Reverse deck turned over on top of card(s)
Variations 3 57
Unknown The Red and the Black colors shown separated, deck shuffled, still separated
3 60
G. W. Hunter Hunter False Shuffle
3 61
Unknown Colors Riffle Shuffle
3 61
Unknown The Cops Get Their Man black kings reverse, they are encircled with rubber band, selection appears between banded kings
3 62
Unknown The Princess Trick Perfected
3 64
Unknown The Three Card Trick as a Trick and not a Gamble
3 66
Unknown The Throw
3 66
Unknown The Push-Out False Cut cards pushed from middle are cut into deck
3 69
Unknown False Cut for Set-up Deck
3 70
Unknown An Aerial Production apparent empty hand display
3 71
Unknown The Flourish Count
3 72
Unknown Weaving the Cards
3 72
Unknown The Giant Fan I. The Formation
II. Fanning Yourself
III. Closing and Opening the Fan
IV. Closing the Fan with One Hand
V. Finish of the Giant Fan Moves
3 73
Unknown Vanish of Deck handkerchief with dummy disk
3 77
Jean Hugard To Palm a Number of Cards from the Top left thumb pushes cards up
Related to 4 83
Unknown The Gambler's Top Palm
4 83
Unknown The Change-Over Palm - A. With Small Packet of Cards Only left classic to right classic
4 84
Unknown The Change-Over Palm - B. With the Pack in Hand left-hand bottom palmed to right hand
4 86
Unknown A New Top Change second card is palmed while top one is displayed, then replaced
4 86
Unknown Replacing Palmed Cards 1. Using a Table
2. Without a Table
3. Replacing Cards on the Bottom of the Deck
4. Adding a Single Card as in the Color Change
5. To Replace a Large Packet of Cards
6. Another Method
7. Placing Cards from Right Palm to the Bottom of the Deck
8. Another Method
Related to 4 87
Jean Hugard Some Notes on the Pass
4 90
John Ramsay, Jean-Nicholas Ponsin Pass Subtlety
4 91
Unknown The Break and Overhand Shuffle No. 1 of "Substitutes for the Pass"
4 91
Unknown The Riffle Return No. 2 of "Substitutes for the Pass"
4 92
Unknown Reversed Cards as Indicator No. 3 of "Substitutes for the Pass", secretly reversed card as key card, oops control
4 93
Jean Hugard To Reverse the Bottom Card against thigh/leg
4 94
Jean Hugard To Transfer the Bottom Card to the Top against thigh/leg
4 95
Unknown A Gambler's Move under cover and using right arm
4 95
Nate Leipzig A Novel Reverse Discovery Leipzig Opener
4 96
Unknown The Rising Pack from case, thread
4 96
Unknown How to Make a Spectator Become a Magician spectator loses and finds the aces, no-touch trick
4 97
Jean Hugard The Torn and Restored Card, Using a Borrowed Deck
4 99
Unknown The New Spell spectator spells behind back, card appears reversed
4 100
Unknown The Automatic Speller no-touch, procedure heavy
4 101
Unknown A Reversal of Form wrong card turns over and back, then selection
4 103
Unknown Royal Marriages
4 104
Unknown An Effective Poker Deal re-deal stacking done by spectator, double duke suggestion
Related toVariations 4 108
Audley Walsh Two Card Control bridged deck
4 109
Dr. Jacob Daley Card in Pocket card and its position remembered, lazy man
4 110
Unknown Everywhere and Nowhere 1. (using two duplicates)
2. Using a Short Card
3. With a Borrowed Deck
4. With an Ordinary Deck without Duplicates
4 112
Adrian Plate Excelsior Change
4 117
Unknown The Expanding and Diminishing Cards in several stages, vanish finale
4 118
Unknown Variation of the Charlier Pass No. I of "One Hand Shuffles"
Also published here 4 123
Unknown Three Cut Shuffle No. II of "One Hand Shuffles"
Also published here 4 124
Unknown The Five Cut Shuffle No. III of "One Hand Shuffles"
Also published here 4 125
Unknown The Multiple Cut No. IV of "One Hand Shuffles"
Also published here 4 126
Jean Hugard The Hugard Palm
Variations 5 130
L'Homme Masqué One Hand Palm for a Number of Cards "originated by a French magician", spring palm
5 130
Unknown The Spring Palm top card during spring flourish
5 131
Unknown Introducing the Ambitious Card Trick card appears face-up on deck during springing of cards, application of Spring Palm
5 132
Unknown A "Stop" Trick spectator says stop during springing flourish, application of Spring Palm
5 132
Unknown As a Force application of Spring Palm
5 132
Unknown The Shipwreck selection remains in hat, application of Spring Palm
5 133
Unknown A Startling Transformation side-jogged double turns over during spring flourish, Cascade Change
5 134
Unknown A Flesh Grip greek break
5 134
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Jean Hugard The Peek or Glimpse
5 135
Unknown Sighting the Top Card 1. The Palm
2. The Ruffle
3. The Push Down (top buckle)
4. (The Push Down for Near Top)
5. Left Thumb and Lower Index
6. The Double Lift
7. By the Riffle Shuffle
8. Gambler's Method
9. Hindu Shuffle
10. Placing Deck on Table
11. Overhand Shuffle
5 136
Unknown Sighting the Bottom Card 1. Tilting the Pack
2. The Rear Bend
3. Buckling the Card
4. Variation of No. 2
5. Turn over Flourish on Arm
6. Pulling back Sleeve
7. Under Cover of Card Fan
8. Bending the Deck Inwards
5 139
Unknown Reading the Cards with the Fingers using "Bending the Deck Inwards" glimpse
5 141
Unknown Sighting a Card in the Middle of the Deck 1. Ruffling the Pack for Return of Card
2. The Push Through
3. Charlier Pass Move
4. Palming Half the Deck
5. Turning Index Corner in Fan of Cards
6. Index of Card Above Chosen Card
7. Sighting Card After Spectator Peeks at Index
8. Sighting Any Card Called For
5 141
Dr. James William Elliott Sighting Any Card Called For shuffled deck as Open Index
5 143
Unknown The Best Overhand False Shuffle
5 143
Dr. Jacob Daley The Daley Reverse
5 144
Gerald Fulton Color Change
5 145
Jean Hugard The Set-Up
5 146
Frank Lane An Indetectable Stop Trick Ace, Three, Five, Seven, Nine alternating set-up
5 146
Unknown Curious Coincidence
Related to 5 149
Francis Carlyle Francis Carlyle Aces
Related to 5 150
Francis Carlyle The Card that Finds Itself reversed card shows up and is used to count to selection
Variations 5 152
Dai Vernon An Insolvable Mystery deck behind performer's back in handkerchief, spectator names any number, performer the card at this position
Related toVariations 5 152
Dai Vernon Glimpse through Handkerchief
5 152
Unknown The Spectator Becomes a Magician performer's selection reverses
5 153
Unknown Hilarious Finish to an Old Trick card at number with recount, another spectator names it
5 154
Unknown Seeing is Believing card put in envelope turns out to be later selection
5 155
Unknown Under Handkerchief Force
5 155
Audley Walsh Novel Beginning for a Four Ace Trick four chosen card turn out to be aces
5 156
Audley Walsh Strip-Out Addition and Switch precursor
5 156
Unknown The Nines random numbers add up to nine, Nines are selected
Related to 5 156
Unknown Number Addition Force
5 156
Unknown The Five Card Fan five cards pushed through deck until one remains
5 157
Unknown New Half Pack Reverse
5 158
Clement de Lion The Danish Force comedy force with rising card rubber band gimmick or thread
5 159
Jean Hugard Your Card, Sir? cards torn up in four pieces are put in hat, corners of selection found in mess
5 160
Unknown The Palm and Recovery
5 162
Unknown Finale deck thrown in audience becomes shower of colored tissue butterflies
5 163