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Paul Curry First - a Few Apologies
Paul Curry The Problem Of Card 13 spectator selects twelve cards from the the deck, which are all the same suit as a card previously removed, see also Hofzinser's first problem "Choice of Color" (Magic Christian: "Non Plus Ultra - Hofzinsers Kartenkünste Band 2" p. 317) 1
Paul Curry Block Turnover Packet Switch 5
Paul Curry A Swindle Of Sorts see also Bruce Bernstein's "Eat at Joe's"Related toVariations 7
Paul Curry Swindle Switch Variations 8
Paul Curry Mission Incredible spectator shuffles thirteen cards of one suit and arrange them in order without looking, double facer and duplicatesRelated to 11
Paul Curry Houdini's Legacy circle is drawn on a card, deck cut somewhere, the name of the cut to card is now written in the circleVariations 16
Paul Curry Missing Link two rope rings link 20
Paul Curry IOU quarter is wrapped with paper and in a flash the paper vanishes, coin transforms to a nickel. Under the nickel is a little circle of paper "IOU 20ct" 25
Paul Curry Cider! with extra card (double jonah)Related toVariationsAlso published here 28
Paul Curry Kissing Cards King and Queen of same suit travel to the center of the deckVariationsAlso published here 32
Unknown The Push Under spread culling the bottom card of the deck, "Reverse Cull" 32
Paul Curry The Drawback Double Lift Related toVariations 36
Paul Curry Break Transfer from Bottom to Top break over two cards on the bottom, overhand shuffle, transfer to top 38
Paul Curry The Time Change color change with the drawback double lift 39
Paul Curry The Drawback Vanish with the aid of the drawback double lift 41
Paul Curry Turnabout arrows on squares turn so they always end up pointing in the same directionRelated to 42
Paul Curry The Twist Turnover secretly gives a quarter turn in the act of turning over 43
Paul Curry Don't Lie To Me two spectators get half the pack and either lie or say the truth about each card, magician spots all the liesInspired byVariationsAlso published here 47
Paul Curry Spread Shuffle 49
Paul Curry The Red And The Black spectator arrange the deck, cards are in red/black pairs except the aces.Related toVariations 53
Paul Curry Turn of the Century Related toVariationsAlso published here 57
Paul Curry Think Of Twenty-Five mindreading presentation, magician matches the put down cards with the mates. 62
Paul Curry More Power To The Thought one deck 67
Paul Curry The Missing Thought spectator sits on a card, looks at all the other cards, magician checks all the cards he receives on a pad, except the chosen one 71
Paul Curry Alias Sherlock Holmes center tear presentation, revealing the word by analyzing the burnt paper 75
Paul Curry Teleport two thought of cards travel from one half to the other one by one, twenty-four duplicatesRelated to
  • "Telepathy" (Jean Hugard, Sphinx, June 1935, p. 101)
Also published here
Paul Curry Fake Casing half the deck apparently placed in case 80
Paul Curry A Penny For Your Thoughts after some changes (written directions) the order of four coins and a rolled up bill is namedInspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 83
Paul Curry The Tap Pass tapping one half on the other as a cover, also as packet switch (see p. 99)Related to 89
Paul Curry The World Revisted some credit information and the classic routine 91
Paul Curry Best Of Possible Worlds 94
Paul Curry A Show Of Hands cutting the high card with the spectator, the magician has the influence when he wins and loses 96
Paul Curry Mindmaster spectator always gets two cards and decides whether they are mixed or have the same color 100
Paul Curry Odds And Evens spectator always gets two cards and decides whether they have an odd or even total 106
Paul Curry ...and That's It! 108