Written by Paul Curry

Work of Paul Curry

92 pages (Paperback), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Paul Curry.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Paul Curry First - an excuse..
Paul Curry Half Gone half of the deck vanishes from a handkerchief 1
Paul Curry Bluff Pass done face up 2
Paul Curry Teacher's Pet with sucker presentation 4
Unknown The Pass as a packet switch 6
Paul Curry Out Of Sight eight kings, cards of a suit end up in order after a sequence of shuffling and switching, mind reading presentation 7
Charles T. Jordan, Paul Curry Interlocking Chain Principle with a ruse to make the shuffle more convincing 9
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Force 9
Paul Curry Tops Of The Heaps Ace to Four instead of four aces 13
Paul Curry Circle of Fire chosen card appears on piece of paper between to coins, shellInspired byRelated to 16
Paul Curry Random Harvest spectator finds shuffled face down numbered cards in order and fails at your predicted number 19
Paul Curry Second Deal with cut out half circle 22
Paul Curry Double Lift with cut out circle 24
Paul Curry Phantasy Under Glass under glass bowl, ends clean 26
Paul Curry Under Wraps performer's hand is wrapped in a clear plastic bag, ends clean 30
Paul Curry By Any Other Name the initials of a thought of card appear on a joker (Glorpy) 32
Paul Curry Joining The Ladies three cards are torn in halves and the pieces shuffled, then mixed (with help of a chart), finally all pieces are next to their equivalentRelated toVariations 35
Paul Curry Triple Threat first mates in two piles, second every card matchesInspired by 38
Paul Curry Position Change a card's position is changed while turned over 40
Alexander Herrmann Herrmann Turnover Pass 42
Paul Curry Swindle Switch 43
Paul Curry The Open Prediction with gimmickVariations 44
Hans E. Trixer Compas-sion Related to 48
Paul Curry The Side Pass with variation where hand is holding the pack at one's sideRelated to 55
Paul Curry Out Of Mind Inspired by 58
Paul Curry That Extra Something 25 cards are dealt into five piles, prediction of the order of a selected one 63
Paul Curry Past, Present And Future two decks, three cards match, (apparently original) version of Paul Curry's "Touch"Related to 68
Unknown Two Card Monte Turnover with double facer and backer 70
Paul Curry, John Scarne Scarne's Psychic Experiment 71
Paul Curry The Charm Of Luck a talisman influences the outcome 74
Paul Curry Concept Of A Classic Inspired by 77
Paul Curry A Turn In Time four blanks, two rubberbands, signed card reverses in the banded packet 82
Unknown Buckle Count 84
Paul Curry, Terry Morgan Future Shock two sets of ESP cards match, swindle switchRelated to 90