Written by Jean Hugard

Work of Jean Hugard

39 pages (Stapled), published by Calostro Publications
No illustrations.
Language: English

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Jean Hugard Introduction - The Importance of Showmanship 7
Unknown Forcing Thought Principle - Several Methods of Forcing a Certain Card during riffle, springing, fanning 8
Unknown Simple Control spectator cuts to and remembers card, performer holds break 8
Unknown Card and Number Divination up to ten, with outs (palm-off, transformation)Related to 8
Unknown The Key Card Principle - An Example of Presentation Variations 9
Unknown The Three Heaps spectator cuts deck in three piles, three top cards are divined, repeat 10
Unknown The Trio three cards divined, no-touch confusion force 10
Jean Hugard Remembering Three Cards 10
Unknown The Moving Finger 11
Unknown A Card and a Number naming name and position of selection, key card 11
Unknown Divining a Card spectator writings some cards on paper including thought of card, which is then named 11
Unknown The Count Down card and its position remembered and divined, two key cards 12
Unknown The Six Piles six cards on top and bottom of a suit 12
Unknown The Nail or Pin Marking Principle 13
Unknown Thought Card Discovered pin marking through handkerchief 13
Unknown A Test Discovery nail punch, naming position of selection 13
Unknown An Envelope Mystery forced cards put in envelopes with punch marks, including "A Variation" 14
Unknown The Prearranged Pack Principle 15
Unknown Method of Changing Packs selection produced at named number from pocketed deckVariations 15
Unknown Mephisto's Message number selected via card values from one half gives position of selection in other halfRelated to 16
Unknown Thought Card to Pocket several duplicatesRelated to 16
Unknown Finding a Number Related to 17
Unknown Mental Spelling progressive spelling set-up 17
Unknown Reading any Card Called For forced card produced from pocketed deck 18
Unknown Locating a Page and Word by Cards force number with stack 18
Unknown Clairvoyant Reading of Several Cards naming packet of cards through handkerchief 18
Unknown Glimpse through Handkerchief 18
Unknown A Startling Experiment naming missing card 19
Unknown Spectator Shuffles Stacked Deck credit information, short overhand shuffle 19
Unknown Novel Card Reading removed card behind back named, glimpsing palmed key card 19
Unknown Various Presentations of the One Way Deck Principle 20
Theodore Annemann A New Kink uncredited 20
Unknown Tricks with Assistant as the Medium two methods, medium divines cards or finds selections, culling key cards together 21
Unknown Codes for Mind Reading with Cards - Talking Code (First Method)
- Talking Code (Second Method)
- Silent Code (Method One)
- Silent Code (Method Two)
- Silent Code for Confederate
Unknown Forcing Decks 25
Jean Hugard The Marked Card Principle 26
Unknown A Card Prediction card at named number predicted 26
Unknown The Impression or Carbon System two methods 26
Unknown Method Two card and number written down, performer shuffles deck, card is at number, carbon paper 27
Unknown The Mirror Principle 28
Unknown A Prediction card at "selected" number predicted, calculation force 29
Unknown The Telepathic Bridge Game 30