16 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Donna Allen
Language: English
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Frederick Braue The Braue Double Lift finger nail push off
  • The Turn Down
Also published here 1
Frederick Braue, T. Nelson Downs Downs Change Application
Frederick Braue Inserting a Double into the Deck
Bert Allerton Allerton's Amazing Aces four selections cut to one by one, they change into aces
Slip Cut The Slip
Stewart James Pockethereal two spectators remember card and position in twenty-card packet
Variations 5
Bert Fenn, Neal Elias 10-6-9-4 four values are counted to, aces found, inspired by Stanley Collins trick from "A Conjuring Melange"
Variations 6
Frederick Braue Nail Cutting
Inspired by 8
Bert Allerton, Frederick Braue Casual Nail Cutting
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Nailcutting the Aces
Frederick Braue, Charlie Miller Dunbury Delusion (Braue Handling)
Frederick Braue Fan False Count glide
Frederick Braue Triple Do three cards from two deck match, removed by performer and spectator
Frederick Braue The Homing Card Kaps favorite
Related toVariations 13
Bob Madison The Great Trunk Trick plunger rise with handkerchief cover, drink appears as climax
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