Written by Laurie Ireland
Work of Laurie Ireland, Various
1,440 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
1,259 entries
Cover photograph
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Laurie Ireland Introduction
Yearbook 1934 1934
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Rubber Band Thumb Tie Method thumb tie with rubber bands
Yearbook 1934 1934 1
Laurie Ireland A Tip on Tongueing a Cigarette
Yearbook 1934 1934 1
Laurie Ireland Goofy Deck changing into a black eight of diamonds
Yearbook 1934 1934 2
Laurie Ireland Troublewit Idea for Children
Yearbook 1934 1934 2
Laurie Ireland Here There and Everywhere Card Routine card always on top, then all cards are the same eventually card is found in pocket
Yearbook 1934 1934 2
Laurie Ireland Slap Appearance card appears face up on top
Yearbook 1934 1934 2
Laurie Ireland All Alike Display with running cut
Yearbook 1934 1934 2
Laurie Ireland More Golf Ball Moves routine with soft and hard billiard balls
Yearbook 1934 1934 3
Laurie Ireland Cups and Balls Moves and Ideas including moves
  • Finger Palm
  • Finger Palm curled in
  • To pass a ball
  • To pass a ball to left hand
  • To pass a ball under cup
  • The Crotch Palm
  • To raise a cup that is really empty and show a ball under it
  • To raise a cup with a ball under it without exposing the ball
  • To change a small ball to a large one
  • New surprises with loads
  • Servante for Cups and Balls
Related to Yearbook 1934 1934 4
Laurie Ireland New Clip Bar for Keller Coin Dropper
Yearbook 1934 1934 9
Laurie Ireland Continuous Production of Card Fans - Try It not back palm method
Yearbook 1934 1934 9
Laurie Ireland Three Oriental Boxes lanterns produced from boxes
Also published here Yearbook 1934 1934 12
Laurie Ireland Front of Table Hat Load
Yearbook 1934 1934 13
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Rabbit Trap two rabbits are produced from a box / rabbit trap
Variations Yearbook 1934 1934 15
Laurie Ireland Introduction
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 1
Laurie Ireland Hints for Amateurs on Forcing Cards third forcing deck
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 2
Partial Riffle Shuffle bottom 17 cards
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 2
Laurie Ireland The Automatic Jig Saw Puzzle Worker using P&L nickle Card Box
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 3
Laurie Ireland To Fully Restore the Card last corner
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 4
Laurie Ireland A Perfect False Riffle Shuffle strip-out, Triumph Shuffle type square up
Variations Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 5
Laurie Ireland A False Count to be Used when Dealing Off the Deck featuring push-off
Related to Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 8
Repeat Six Card Trick Outline
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 8
Pinky Pull Down
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 9
Laurie Ireland A Most Unusual Experiment in Which a Chosen Card Appears Instantly at Any Number in the Deck from 10 to 45
Related toVariations Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 10
Laurie Ireland Better Yet any ace at named number
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 11
Laurie Ireland Some Moves for Manipulative Card Routine Production of a Fan of Cards Using a Silk
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 12
Laurie Ireland Ireland Card Holder
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 13
Laurie Ireland A Transposition Routine with a Fan of Five Cards with card from mouth ending
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 15
Laurie Ireland Blue and Red Mystery four red and four blue backed cards, one of each color travels to pocket
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 18
Laurie Ireland A Coin Pass
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 20
Laurie Ireland The Invisible Pass
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 20
Laurie Ireland Sucker Card Trick sucker gag sequence
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 21
Laurie Ireland The Quick Change Artist coin into several small coins
Related to Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 22
Laurie Ireland On the Bottom, on Top and in the Pocket
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 23
Laurie Ireland Color Change see also page 24
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 24
Laurie Ireland A Surprising Explanation for the Color Change double facers
Yearbook 1935, "New Card and Coin Manipulation" 1935 25
Laurie Ireland Introduction
Yearbook 1936 1936 1
Laurie Ireland Ireland's New Okito Coin Box Routine coin through card, two box turnovers
Yearbook 1936 1936 2
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Comedy Bullet Catching Trick huge lead bullet, spring gun
Yearbook 1936 1936 4
Laurie Ireland Cups and Dollar Bills with rolled up bills
Yearbook 1936 1936 6
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Four Ace Trick spectator thinks of ace in pocket, then three aces found in pocket and indifferent cards on table
Yearbook 1936 1936 8
Laurie Ireland Break Handling under three cards, pushoff
Yearbook 1936 1936 9
Laurie Ireland Just a Little Different Thimble Pass move
Yearbook 1936 1936 10
Laurie Ireland Burlesque Explanation of the De Muth Glass Penetration presentation idea
Yearbook 1936 1936 10
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Three Sponge Ball Trick
Yearbook 1936 1936 11
Laurie Ireland Annie Cakley Outdone! - Or Shooting the Knot of One Handkerchief into Another two handkerchiefs on board, one with a knot, when pistol is fired, knot vanishes and appears on other handkerchief
Yearbook 1936 1936 14
Laurie Ireland Super Billiard Ball Pass practical vanish, put type
Yearbook 1936 1936 16
Laurie Ireland The Opium Peddler and His Three Dream Pipes pipes are produced and vanishes from a box, with opium dealer story
Yearbook 1936 1936 17
Laurie Ireland The Rabbit Bag rabbit from bag, produced in hat or from silks
Yearbook 1937 1937 1
Laurie Ireland A Novel Pigeon Production follow up for Cecil Lyle's Hat Trick, dove appears fro paper hat
Yearbook 1937 1937 2
Laurie Ireland The Human Pin Cushion Torture Box woman standing in box is pierced with spikes
Yearbook 1937 1937 5
Laurie Ireland How to Clean Celluloid Eggs
Yearbook 1937 1937 11
Laurie Ireland Surprise Finish for the Alarm Clock Production
Yearbook 1937 1937 12
Laurie Ireland A Modern Noah's Ark from a miniature ark cages with birds, a dog, a rabbit, a duck and a girl are produced
Yearbook 1937 1937 14
Laurie Ireland The Artist Draws a Picture of a Rabbit and the Picture Comes to Life
Yearbook 1937 1937 17
Laurie Ireland Preface
Yearbook 1938 1938
Laurie Ireland It Changes, It Shrinks, It Vanishes random card changes into selection, card then shrinks and grows
Yearbook 1938 1938 1
Laurie Ireland Bg and Little Sponge Ball Transposition
Yearbook 1938 1938 3
Laurie Ireland Mating the Cards with Jumbo Cards spot while running through the cards
Yearbook 1938 1938 5
Laurie Ireland Card Force with Jumbo Cards running through the cards, break
Yearbook 1938 1938 5
Laurie Ireland Card Control
Yearbook 1938 1938 7
Laurie Ireland Coin Routine with a Silk five coins from handkerchief to glass
Yearbook 1938 1938 9
Laurie Ireland Thimble Holder on the Trouser Pocket
Yearbook 1938 1938 11
Laurie Ireland Thimble Surprise four thimble ending, thimble through pocket
Yearbook 1938 1938 12
Thimble Vanish
Yearbook 1938 1938 12
Laurie Ireland One Ahead Coin Routine two coins are vanished and reproduced
Yearbook 1938 1938 14
Click Pass
Yearbook 1938 1938 14
Laurie Ireland Misdirection for Two Handed Pass top card slides accidentally to the floor
Yearbook 1938 1938 15
Laurie Ireland Effective Golf Ball Move
Yearbook 1938 1938 15
Laurie Ireland You Caught Me That Time card transforms into card silk
Yearbook 1938 1938 16
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Two Card Trick
Yearbook 1938 1938 16
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Tricks of 1940
Yearbook 1940 1940 1
Laurie Ireland The Card in the Sandwich card torn vanishes in box and appears in sandwich, corner fits
Yearbook 1940 1940 2
Laurie Ireland Misdirection Card Change misdirection for top and bottom change
Yearbook 1940 1940 3
Laurie Ireland Card and Whiskbroom cards thrown into air and card caught with a whiskbroom
Yearbook 1940 1940 3
Connor Everready Pencil Trick vanish and production of a pencil
Yearbook 1940 1940 4
Laurie Ireland The Coca Cola Bottle and Nipple Effect liquid from bottle is filled in tiny baby bottle nipple
Yearbook 1940 1940 5
Laurie Ireland Card Control card transformation, ends up in pocket
Yearbook 1940 1940 7
Paul Studham, Laurie Ireland The Spirit Bar bar with bottles on table, drinks are wished and mixed by spirits, black art principle
Yearbook 1940 1940 7
Laurie Ireland The Vanishing Cane for Close Up cane pushed in coin purse, small cane inside
Yearbook 1940 1940 12
Laurie Ireland A Hanging Episode presentational idea, for card discoveries
Yearbook 1940 1940 13
Laurie Ireland Magician's Lucky Card card in pocket turns out to be selection
Yearbook 1940 1940 14
Laurie Ireland Buckley Change Variation variation on the floor / throw change
Yearbook 1940 1940 14
Laurie Ireland Deuces and Trays sucker ambitious twice, deuces shown as threes and transform in threes when spectator protests
Yearbook 1940 1940 15
Laurie Ireland Manipulative Dollar thimble for little finger glued to coin
Yearbook 1940 1940 16
Laurie Ireland Reverse Card Trick
Yearbook 1940 1940 17
Laurie Ireland Ireland's "Live Bait" Card Fishing Trick Manuscript two selection placed in a box, are fished out but turn out to be jumbo cards
Yearbook 1940 1940 19
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Year Book of 1942
Yearbook 1942 1942 1
Gordon M. Howatt A Different Kind of Penetration ribbon through holes of a tube glass, which has two holes as well is put inside and is threaded on the ribbon
Yearbook 1942 1942 2
Edward Marlo Routines for Clippo two routines
Yearbook 1942 1942 3
Laurie Ireland Matchless Magic match is blown out normally and second one through the sleeve, then both are relighted and when blown at one both go out
Yearbook 1942 1942 4
Laurie Ireland An Alka Seltzer Gag magicians gag, dissolving coin in glass, with Alka Seltzer tablet instead of a glass disc
Yearbook 1942 1942 5
Laurie Ireland A Pick Pocket Gag pretending to steal stuff
Yearbook 1942 1942 6
Laurie Ireland Ideas For Wiztax something sticky
1. coin vanish with a handkerchief
2. vanish and reproduction of a cigarette
3. vanish and reproduction of a penny
4. torn and restored paper
5. torn and restored cigarette paper
Yearbook 1942 1942 6
Hank Nowoc, Edward Marlo Cigarettes - Cigars - Pipe production of light cigarettes, then cigars and eventually of a pipe
Yearbook 1942 1942 7
Harold Denhard A New Deal In Poker by naming four numbers between ten and twenty & twenty and thirty
Yearbook 1942 1942 11
Dr. Douglas Kelley Douglas Kelley's Telephone Trick spectator calls with a toy telephone and reveals selected card
Related to Yearbook 1942 1942 13
Laurie Ireland A Suggestion For A New "Levitator" sticky stuff for levitating small objects
Yearbook 1942 1942 16
Laurie Ireland A Bit Of Patter interlude for the vanishing wand
Yearbook 1942 1942 16
H.L. Schwaberow New Routine For the Quarter In the Beer Mug dissolving coin, instead of vanish, coin penetrates glass and table and lands in performer's hand
Yearbook 1942 1942 16
Laurie Ireland Making the Most of the Newspaper Tearing Trick bits of business
Yearbook 1942 1942 17
Charles J. Maly The Health Magician program aimed at children on the subject of being healthy, how to dress, tricks and patter ideas
Yearbook 1942 1942 18
Paul Studham, Black Jack Magic
Yearbook 1942 1942 21
Laurie Ireland The Card in the Mirror image of a selected card stays in a mirror
Yearbook 1942 1942 22
Paddle Move with a Card with a squared mirror
Related to Yearbook 1942 1942 23
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Yearbook of 1943
Yearbook 1943 1943 1
Harold Denhard The Prize Winner Rope Trick rope is stretched, then fairly cut and restored
Yearbook 1943 1943 2
Laurie Ireland Patter for any Newspaper Trick one-liners, comparing newspaper to a woman
Yearbook 1943 1943 6
Jack Strother The Care of Celluloid Gimmicks working with plastic props, reforming them, heat
Yearbook 1943 1943 6
Laurie Ireland A Bit of Patter for the Snake in the Basket, Snake that Unties itself or any other Snake . Trick
Yearbook 1943 1943 7
Charlie Levett Idea on the Miracle Egg Trick silk to egg variation
Yearbook 1943 1943 7
Hart Fisher The Patriotic Illusion two figures of Hitler and Tojo change into a two soldiers, also flags change
Yearbook 1943 1943 8
Laurie Ireland The Utility Loaf of Bread fake loaf of bread
Yearbook 1943 1943 12
Martin Gardner Are You Psychic? performer and spectator each write down three words from a list of ten words, they match
Also published here Yearbook 1943 1943 13
Earl Morgan Rising Flame flame from match floats up to light cigarette
Yearbook 1943 1943 15
Edward Marlo Simple Dice Routine
  • bar bet with four dice (snatching paper away from stack of dice)
  • number divination (7-principle) with three dice
  • magnetic dice with two dice
  • number divination with two dice
  • paddle routine with one die
  • color changing die
Yearbook 1943 1943 16
Laurie Ireland High Caliber Production fifty caliber shell continuous production
Yearbook 1943 1943 17
Laurie Ireland How to Wind and Tie a Turban
Yearbook 1943 1943 19
Earl Morgan Old Sour Puss Queen starts to smile
Yearbook 1943 1943 20
Laurie Ireland Laurie Ireland's Blindfold Poker Deal with unknown and selected hole card, tactile marks on side of card
Yearbook 1943 1943 21
Laurie Ireland Political Gag
Yearbook 1943 1943 22
Laurie Ireland You Always Have a Handkerchief...!
Yearbook 1943 1943 23
The Little Bunny that Eats! forming Rabbit from handkerchief
Yearbook 1943 1943 23
The Brassiere forming a bra with a handkerchief
Yearbook 1943 1943 24
The Little Hindu forming a Hindu puppet with a handkerchief
Yearbook 1943 1943 25
Harold Denhard Miss Fatima hand puppet from handkerchief, ballet dancer
Related to Yearbook 1943 1943 25
Dr. R. "Finkelle" Finkle Dr. Finkle's Mouse forming a mouse from a handkerchief
Related to Yearbook 1943 1943 27
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Cotton Rabbit cylinder mold is filled with cotton, living rabbit appears
Yearbook 1943 1943 29
Wilbur Nesbitt The Match Box Die Box idea
Yearbook 1943 1943 32
Phil D'Rey Who Done It? detective routine, ventriloquism props, no trick
Yearbook 1943 1943 33
Laurie Ireland Introduction
Yearbook 1944 1944 1
Yogi Ray Yogi Ray's Night Club Milk Glass handling for the Patriotic Glass
Yearbook 1944 1944 2
M. A. Reasoner Jack Becomes an Aviator story trick
Yearbook 1944 1944 2
Hart Fisher Chix-Levitation chicken on board levitates
Yearbook 1944 1944 5
Laurie Ireland Buy Bonds
Yearbook 1944 1944 5
Edw. C. Jochens A Tip on a Tip using a throat atomizer to spray gimmick
Yearbook 1944 1944 5
Henry J. Young Victory Birdhouse Silk Production & Vanish
Yearbook 1944 1944 7
Herb Lehwald Mental Disclosure four people think of a card, deck is dealt into four piles three times, each card can be named
Yearbook 1944 1944 8
Edward Marlo Sense and Nonsense with Cards gags and lines with cards:
  • Army or Rifle Shuffle
  • Overhand Shuffle
  • Russian Shuffle
  • Jewish Shuffle
  • Mexican Shuffle
  • Fancy Shuffle
  • You Shuffle It
  • Cut 'Em. Thanks!
  • Small Town Shuffle
  • Hurts, doesn't it?
  • A Marlo Gag
  • Take Any Card
Also published here Yearbook 1944 1944 10
Hart Fisher A Routine for the Twentieth Century and Other Standart Magic outline of a routine with wand, saltshaker and silks
Yearbook 1944 1944 13
Hart Fisher Glorifying the Dancing Handkerchief with two handkerchiefs, routine without explanation
Yearbook 1944 1944 13
Arthur Johnson The Migrating Card with dealing and spelling
Yearbook 1944 1944 14
Edw. C. Jochens Four Corks and a Hat four corks from under table to under hat
Yearbook 1944 1944 16
Henry J. Young Two Number Tricks
  • All Alike
  • The Predicted Total
Yearbook 1944 1944 17
Jack Blades Gag with a Lady's Purse loading stuff in a lady's purse
Yearbook 1944 1944 18
Henry J. Young A New Wrinkle for the Passe Passe Comedy Bottles
Yearbook 1944 1944 19
Edw. C. Jochens Your Mind Has Told Me So cards with songs, in envelope
Yearbook 1944 1944 20
Herb Lehwald Rope Through the Neck rope and small tube
Yearbook 1944 1944 22
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Favorite Coin Routine continuous coin production
Yearbook 1944 1944 24
Bill Salisbury Bottle of Smoke whisky bottle filled with smoke, smoke has to be removed without touching the bottle
Yearbook 1944 1944 25
Phil D'Rey Modern Chapeaugraphy
Yearbook 1944 1944 26
Jack Blades Balls and Ribbons from the Mouth Routine ping pong balls and ribbon from mouth routine
Yearbook 1944 1944 28
Laurie Ireland Dressing Up the Show on the use of props, practicability and show construction
Yearbook 1944 1944 29
Laurie Ireland Double Trouser Pockets for Magic
Yearbook 1944 1944 32
Earl Morgan Jumbo Card Production at the Fingertips
Yearbook 1944 1944 33
Laurie Ireland The Ireland Year Book of 1945
Yearbook 1945 1945 1
Eugene Gloye The Unique Twentieth Century Silks traveling silk is wrapped in paper
Yearbook 1945 1945 2
Eugene Gloye Glen Gloye's Necktie Trick tie with picture of rabbit holding selection
Yearbook 1945 1945 3
Hen Fetsch Practical Suggestions for the Welsh Rarebit Pan
Yearbook 1945 1945 3
Bob Spencer Card Filtration red backed card travels to blue backed deck, red/blue double backer
Yearbook 1945 1945 4
Bob Spencer Back to Back red/blue double backer
Yearbook 1945 1945 5
Laurie Ireland Betchas collection of bar bets, several reprints of the Phoenix
Yearbook 1945 1945 6
Melvin Brockhaus The Magic Sharpshooter rope is shot in two with invisible gun
Yearbook 1945 1945 11
George F. Wright Reversette spectator reverses one card behind his back, divined by medium on telephone
Variations Yearbook 1945 1945 12
George L. Neilson An Original Routine with the Milk Pitcher and other Items most Magicians Have
Yearbook 1945 1945 12
Dr. E. T. Ackerman Wild Beer dry ice in beer, gag
Yearbook 1945 1945 13
Elwin More My Favorite Card Routine prediction on business card, card found at chosen number
Yearbook 1945 1945 14
James Upchurch Cold Fire - The Magic Torch fake blow torch, effects with cold fire (bulb of flash light), melting metal, boiling water and more
Yearbook 1945 1945 15
Earl Morgan The Earl Morgan Floating Ball (Vest Pocket Style)
Yearbook 1945 1945 18
E. R. Hall Using a Dart Board no effect, to select a card
Yearbook 1945 1945 19
Arthur C. Nelson Balloon to a Bouquet of Flowers balloon inflated with cigarette transforms into flowers
Yearbook 1945 1945 19
J. Ray Beffel The Hindu Rope Trick rope in bowl on table starts to rise up and sinks down again
Yearbook 1945 1945 19
J. Ray Beffel The Z Ray Box spectator sits on card other spectator divines it by looking into a X-Ray box
Yearbook 1945 1945 21
Thos. W. Duncan The Inexhaustible Hat routine, handkerchiefs transform, change and then reappear under hat, later fruits, paper streamer and finally rabbit is produced
Yearbook 1945 1945 22
Warren Wiersbe Tantalizing Thimbles longer impromptu thimble routine, with three different colored thimbles, nested
Yearbook 1945 1945 26
G. E. Bunnell Rodeo Magic two routines with for rodeo, magic funnel and laundry bag escape with horse, flag production
Yearbook 1945 1945 29
Phil Huckabee "That's All" Wand wand with message banner
Yearbook 1945 1945 30
George Sitkiewitz A New Idea on the 20th Century Trick
Yearbook 1945 1945 30
Joe Sherman The Joe Sherman Spelling Card Trick forced
Yearbook 1945 1945 31
Walter the Magician The Supreme Closing Effect with cane to table and folding rabbit from folding hat
Yearbook 1945 1945 32
Walter the Magician The opping Silks J. C. Walter, several handkerchiefs appear at will from breast pocket
Yearbook 1945 1945 32
Henry J. Young The Flat Rabbit Comes to Life change box
Yearbook 1945 1945 33
Ray H. Cason Cigarette Pack to Match Box
Yearbook 1945 1945 33
William Dolezal The William Dolezal Escape Box
Yearbook 1945 1945 34
Yogi Ray Tips on Spring Flowers
Yearbook 1945 1945 35
Laurie Ireland The Ireland Year Book of 1946
Yearbook 1946 1946 1
Leslie P. Guest My Blendo Load silks put in box, blendo
Yearbook 1946 1946 2
H. Levenson Amazing Coincidence two rows of eight cards, selection is found in the named column
Yearbook 1946 1946 4
Frank De Sua You Can't Lose - Apparently! system for placing bets, horse race etc.
Yearbook 1946 1946 5
Mike Trent Okito Goes Mental billet in Okito Box
Related toAlso published here Yearbook 1946 1946 6
James W. Graves My Favorite Routine with Otto the Duck duck spells chosen color with ABC cards
Yearbook 1946 1946 7
C. R. Eaton Two Tips on Tricks
  • needle through thumb ( illusion of blood)
  • Silk to Egg (color of the eggs)
Yearbook 1946 1946 8
Don A. Hans One Card in 52 named card has different back color
Yearbook 1946 1946 8
Mel Stover Dice Stack Addenda climax for dice stacking routine, load of multiple dice and jumbo die
Yearbook 1946 1946 9
Eugene Gloye A New Idea on Rising Cards entire deck floats in midair, then three chosen cards rise from deck and fall to the floor, deck then lovers back into glass
Yearbook 1946 1946 10
Eugene Gloye Confetti and Milk Buddha Tubes routine, glasses with confetti
Yearbook 1946 1946 11
Laurie Ireland Method for an Unprepared Blendo
Yearbook 1946 1946 11
Laurie Ireland Drink Your Milk milk pitcher routine, milk to candy
Yearbook 1946 1946 12
Laurie Ireland Cut Ribbon Gag cut and restored ribbon, color freely chosen, index
Yearbook 1946 1946 12
Laurie Ireland Tip for Swallowing Needles / Razor Blades
Yearbook 1946 1946 12
Laurie Ireland About Tables loads from tables
Yearbook 1946 1946 13
Laurie Ireland Wine to Beer - A Chemical Trick with milk pitcher
Yearbook 1946 1946 13
Laurie Ireland Utility Glass trick glass, moveable bottom
Yearbook 1946 1946 13
Laurie Ireland The Floating Glass with tube and smoke
Yearbook 1946 1946 14
Laurie Ireland Candy from the Air production box, candy
Yearbook 1946 1946 15
Laurie Ireland Paper Lady - An Illusion for Production of a Girl with screen, shown empty and formed to triangle, person appears
Yearbook 1946 1946 16
George F. Wright An Addition to Reversette
Inspired by Yearbook 1946 1946 18
Harold Rasmus The Crystal Flame spectators name selected cards by looking at flame of a match
Yearbook 1946 1946 19
Henry J. Young The Magic House house to produce objects, chimney as card rise houlette, plans and routine
Yearbook 1946 1946 19
Henry J. Young Checkers to Pear to Rice production and transformation box
Yearbook 1946 1946 22
George McAthy Colossal Glass of Beer Production with handkerchief
Yearbook 1946 1946 26
R. G. Kraus Tic Tac Toe - A Super Mental Stunt preventing spectator to win game, without looking
Yearbook 1946 1946 27
Dave Lee The Card in the Noose all cards fall from noose, except prediction
Yearbook 1946 1946 28
Bernard the Magician A Bar Bet names of states on 20$ bill
Yearbook 1946 1946 29
E. R. Hall Production of a Real Lit Cigar fake cigar
Yearbook 1946 1946 29
L. Hopple, Ed. Prendergast Aladdin's Lamp handkerchief turns into lighted lamp
Yearbook 1946 1946 30
Bob Spencer Block and Wand Penetration wand through die illusion
Yearbook 1946 1946 31
Merle L. Fisher Utility Folder for Sucker Effects envelope / folder
Yearbook 1946 1946 32
Edw. C. Jochens One, Two, Three prediction of one out of three, in envelope
Yearbook 1946 1946 33
Laurie Ireland Routining for the 'Little Fellow' on gaining experience
Yearbook 1946 1946 34
Laurie Ireland Introduction
Yearbook 1947 1947 2
Laurie Ireland Tying and Untying Knots in a Cord without Letting Go of the Ends one and two knots
Yearbook 1947 1947 3
Carlton King The New and Improved Ink, Handkerchief and Turnip Trick ink vanishes from glass and appears back in bottle, handkerchief vanishes and appears in turnip
Yearbook 1947 1947 5
Laurie Ireland A Checker Mystery handkerchief transformation in tube, checkers production
Yearbook 1947 1947 8
Carlton King Carlton King's Rabbit Box box consisting of three parts, production box with table
Yearbook 1947 1947 10
Bert Douglas Ice Cream Cone Production from handkerchief, fake, gag
Yearbook 1947 1947 11
Laurie Ireland A Dollar Bill in Candle Effect in chosen candle
Yearbook 1947 1947 12
Arthur C. Nelson Nelson's Candle Trick "Sacred Candle of India", candle vanishes wrapped in paper and appears in tube
Yearbook 1947 1947 15
Laurie Ireland Bossie Cow big cardboard cow, tail pumped glass fills with milk
Yearbook 1947 1947 17
Laurie Ireland, U. F. Grant The Shrinking Glass of Milk in combination with Bossie Cow
Yearbook 1947 1947 18
George B. Anderson Words and Music prediction of a selected music record
Yearbook 1947 1947 19
Jack Yeager The Jack Yeager Thumb Tie Trick gimmicked cord
Yearbook 1947 1947 20
James Auer The N. E. Book Test page force by calculating cross total
Yearbook 1947 1947 21
James Auer Three Linked Discoveries location of three thought of cards
Yearbook 1947 1947 22
M. E. Faber Triple Climax to Cups & Balls red sponge balls and golf balls with shell
Yearbook 1947 1947 23
Edward Marlo The Stripper Combine spectator chooses high four of a kind which is dealt, stripper deck, two methods
Also published here Yearbook 1947 1947 24
Glendi Glendi's Mental Photography - The Dream Photograph paper to photograph in envelope, comedy presentation
Yearbook 1947 1947 27
Eugene Gloye Magic in Milk Containers ideas with milk container, gaffed
  • A Gag I Call "As You Wish, Sir"
  • The Milk Man has a hard Time
  • Passe Passe Bottles with a Milk Bottle
  • Very Best Cake in Hat
  • Dove Bottle ala Milk Carton
  • A Lota Effect
  • Topsy Turvy Bottle
  • Perfect Passing Glass of Milk
Yearbook 1947 1947 28
Bert Douglas Thimble Box to load each finger, from a box
Yearbook 1947 1947 36
William S. Groom Clock Dial Card Prediction prediction in envelope
Yearbook 1947 1947 36
Laurie Ireland About the Year Book...
Yearbook 1948 1948 2
Nelson A. Demers The Community Chest Card Trick or The Red Feather Card
Yearbook 1948 1948 3
Laurie Ireland Community Chest Routine and Patter for the Square Circle
Yearbook 1948 1948 3
Emmett Barbee New Idea for the Paddle Trick selection appears on paddle (miniature)
Yearbook 1948 1948 4
George F. Wright Restless Cigarettes cigarette routine, rises from pack, continuous production, vanish and production
Yearbook 1948 1948 4
H. Levenson Rabbit Out of Top Hat rabbit from hat spectator is wearing
Yearbook 1948 1948 6
H. Levenson Stage Size out to Lunch Trick picture transformation, signed on both sides, with clipboard
Yearbook 1948 1948 7
Robert F. Forth The Golf Ball "Egg" Bag
Yearbook 1948 1948 8
Wilbert Kirkby To Vanish the Last Ball
Yearbook 1948 1948 8
Bob Somerfeld A Switch for the Mentalist envelope to switch billets
Yearbook 1948 1948 9
Bob Somerfeld Nice Doggy! medium over phone divines selected object, dog as medium, barking
Yearbook 1948 1948 10
Bob Somerfeld Paper code
Yearbook 1948 1948 12
Jack Yeager Glorifying Your Magic
  • 1. Califaction of Handkerchiefs (silks in dove pan merge together)
  • 2. How to spell trust? (oddity on coin)
  • 3. Key Card Placement (Charlier Pass)
  • 4. 20th Century Silks idea
  • 5. Zombie Idea (floating flower pot)
  • 6. Comedy bits with a stooge
  • 7. Miser's Dream Shower (with handkerchief)
  • 8. Thumb Tip Idea (with scotch tape)
  • 9. Thimble color change
  • 10. The cotton bunny (cotton bunny to real one, dove pan)
Yearbook 1948 1948 12
Joseph Dongu Do as I Do Trick
Yearbook 1948 1948 14
Glendi Production Load from small cabinet or hat, paper stream
Yearbook 1948 1948 15
Ernest E. Bourne My Favorite Rising Card
Yearbook 1948 1948 15
Robert Emerico The Never Ending Tie tie is stretched
Yearbook 1948 1948 16
Robert Emerico Do You Drink? bottle is ripped in half, joke
Yearbook 1948 1948 16
Jerry Hornak Producing two Flashes of Flame when lighting a cigarette
Yearbook 1948 1948 16
Jerry Hornak Billiard Ball to Playing Card
Yearbook 1948 1948 17
Bob Rettew Cashing in on Close Up Magic in a bar
Yearbook 1948 1948 18
Bob Rettew Ideas paddle trick, stamp to add points
Yearbook 1948 1948 19
Eugene Gloye Magic Imagination on routine structure, having a theme (performer stimulates imagination)
Yearbook 1948 1948 20
Carl D. Shoemaker Magic vs. Science - A Lecture on Magic patter for lecture presentation, infotainment
Yearbook 1948 1948 25
Robert Craig The Ball Point Pen Swami ink
Related to Yearbook 1948 1948 29
Hubert Lambert The Leapin' Leprechauns small sponge balls under glass, glass covered with newspaper, large ball finish
Yearbook 1948 1948 30
Robert A. Nelson Simulated Card to Pocket stealing card back, palm
Yearbook 1948 1948 32
Robert A. Nelson Flap Stab cards in deck, spectator pushes flap in deck, next to selection
Yearbook 1948 1948 33
Robert Brinkman Stage Version of the Multiplying Rabbits cardboard rabbit routine, covered with bags
Yearbook 1948 1948 33
Robert Brinkman Stage Size Six Bill Repeat
Yearbook 1948 1948 34
Jerome T. Murray Do You See Parasols in your Sleep parasol trick variation
Yearbook 1948 1948 34
Blackstar The Tamawama's Rope Mystery two cuts, fake knots
Yearbook 1948 1948 34
Jerome T. Murray Rounding Out the Square Circle design variation
Yearbook 1948 1948 35
Al Leech Impromptu Miser's Dream with a Handkerchief
Yearbook 1948 1948 36
Dr. Fred Bertsche Crazy Cardboards lines on paper, paper turned over lines change orientation, fake turnover
Yearbook 1948 1948 37
Frances Ireland Marshall Rabbits is Extra on kids shows
Yearbook 1949 1949
Laurie Ireland About the Year Book
Yearbook 1949 1949 2
Clettis V. Musson A Detective's Dream four cards with possible weapons and four cards with suspects
Yearbook 1949 1949 3
Dave Lee New Effect for the Color Changing Knife Routine with three knives
Yearbook 1949 1949 4
Dave Lee Card Force for the Stage named number, seven
Yearbook 1949 1949 5
Joseph Vyleta Knock Out Prediction prediction of boxing match, wallet and envelopes
Yearbook 1949 1949 5
Bob Somerfeld Unsigned - Sealed - Delivered spectator sends design by mail, inspired by Annemann's "Cat Card" (?)
Yearbook 1949 1949 6
Bob Somerfeld Thumb Fun duplication of letters, drawing and figures, with slates
Yearbook 1949 1949 7
Orville Brasher Comedy Bit with the Wrist Chopper cut finger
Yearbook 1949 1949 8
Herb Poppleton The Easy Comedy Golf Ball Routine with Ireland's Golf Balls, shell and in combination with egg bag
Yearbook 1949 1949 8
Herb Poppleton Self Working Double Load Lota, with a Comedy Routine Lota bowl routine, with gun and flowers
Yearbook 1949 1949 10
Gordon Whyte A Modern You Do As I Do Trick
Yearbook 1949 1949 11
Bert Douglas The Invisible Card Routine named card appears, card index in magazine
Yearbook 1949 1949 13
Bert Douglas Rubber Ice Cream Cone Routine ice cream in pocket, licked during the show as running gag
Yearbook 1949 1949 15
Bert Douglas A Humorous Introduction jumbo business card, transformation of sides and message
Yearbook 1949 1949 15
Bert Douglas Half Silks triangle cut
Yearbook 1949 1949 15
Gerald Kosky The Boomerang Card card is apparently thrown and caught in the pack
Yearbook 1949 1949 15
Laurie Ireland Jack Yeager's Portfolio of Magic Tricks and Ideas
Yearbook 1949 1949 16
Jack Yeager A Bar Gag finding the camel on a dollar bill
Yearbook 1949 1949 16
Jack Yeager "Flash" Cigarette in Handkerchief flash paper in thumb tip
Yearbook 1949 1949 16
Jack Yeager The Yeager Four Ace Trick self-working, dealing three cards on each ace, putting piles together and dealing again, chosen heap contains aces
Yearbook 1949 1949 16
Jack Yeager Card in Egg Routine De Luxe torn card restored in egg, corner verification, with wand
Yearbook 1949 1949 17
Jack Yeager Intimate Bottle Levitation behind hands
Yearbook 1949 1949 18
Jack Yeager Card Catching Rope cards thrown in the air
Yearbook 1949 1949 18
Jack Yeager New Dress for the Passe Trick condensed milk can and glass tumbler
Yearbook 1949 1949 19
Jack Yeager The Appearing Knot
Yearbook 1949 1949 19
Jack Yeager Unique Card Stabbing with a card
Yearbook 1949 1949 21
Slip Cut
Yearbook 1949 1949 21
Jack Yeager The Book Test X chosen card to determine chapter and word of a book, word and card are divined
Yearbook 1949 1949 21
Jack Yeager Three Nest of Boxes coin vanishes when dropped in glass of water and appears in one of three nest of boxes, free selection
Yearbook 1949 1949 22
Jack Yeager The Vanishing Reds fan of ten cards, red and black alternating, then all red cards vanish and are produced from pocket
Yearbook 1949 1949 24
Jack Yeager Home Made Handkerchief Gun
Yearbook 1949 1949 24
Jack Yeager As the Penny Flies matchbook as a tray, penny travels to other pennies
Yearbook 1949 1949 26
Jack Yeager The Mental Magic Cards limited choice, spelling
Yearbook 1949 1949 26
Jack Yeager Shower of Flowers from handkerchief
Yearbook 1949 1949 27
Jack Yeager Finish for a Cigarette Act cake from spectator's hat as a finish
Yearbook 1949 1949 28
Jack Yeager Spirit Tears water produced from thimble
Yearbook 1949 1949 28
Jack Yeager The Hook Knife similar to a hook coin
Yearbook 1949 1949 29
Richard Vorndran Flip Flowers flowers appear from foulard
Yearbook 1949 1949 29
G. Alex Thompson Thompson's Great Super-Sillyous Comedy Frame Routine Ireland's Giant Sucker Card Frame routine, card transposition frame and envelope
Yearbook 1949 1949 30
Hen Fetsch Magical Business
  • Buzz Watch (gag by Ed Heyel)
  • Dad Betcha (tearing a paper in half 9 times)
  • Plate Break (biting a plate)
  • Candle Out (blowing a candle out through sleeve, gimmicked)
  • Three Links (producing bottle from three linked rings)
Yearbook 1949 1949 34
Sidney Mayer Dollar Bill Stunt water poured in bill tube turns green
Yearbook 1949 1949 35
Harry Hardini A Possible Impossibility escape from rope
Yearbook 1949 1949 35
Harry Hardini A Suggestion combining knob of Walsh Vanishing Cane with Ireland's Golf Balls
Yearbook 1949 1949 36
Walter Schmidt Strip Deck Idea cut on all edges
Yearbook 1949 1949 36
Marty Williams Ring in the Shoe String Tie
Yearbook 1949 1949 36
R. C. Buff Idea for the Rabbit Trap
Inspired by Yearbook 1949 1949 37
G. Klingman Floating Golf Ball
Yearbook 1949 1949 37
Floyd Catlin Silk Vanishing Pencil same mechanism as silk vanishing wand, in paper cone
Yearbook 1949 1949 37
Dr. Raymond V. Stone (RAMO) The Golden Illusion to vanish objects, box, construction plan
Yearbook 1949 1949 38
Maurice Kump The Hommade Magician
  • Hair (for thread work)
  • Thumbtips
  • Slates
  • Carbon
Yearbook 1950 1950 1
Floyd Jones Penny Dime Transposition
Yearbook 1950 1950 2
Bob Somerfeld On the Spot behind back divination with fingertips
Yearbook 1950 1950 2
Bob Somerfeld Cut-Witted number force, from one to ten
Yearbook 1950 1950 3
Bob Somerfeld Loaded Spook
Yearbook 1950 1950 3
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Dark Thoughts thoughts on the center tear, reading the piece in the dark
Yearbook 1950 1950 4
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Impromptu Twentieth Century Silks on a tray
Yearbook 1950 1950 4
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Eggs from Handkerchief not string method, several eggs
Yearbook 1950 1950 5
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Another Here, There and Everywhere using Baker's Cherchez la Femme stand
Inspired by Yearbook 1950 1950 5
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Tip for Anti Gravico lighted match, hydrostatic bottle
Yearbook 1950 1950 6
Robert "Bob" J. Gunther A House of Cards presentation for the Doll House
Yearbook 1950 1950 6
Dr. Raymond V. Stone (RAMO) Now What? Two wooden balls, third one appears in a flash. Then a ball is selected, wrapped in a handkerchief and put in a box, it vanishes from there and appears in a tube with the other two balls.
Yearbook 1950 1950 6
Eddie Clever Tuning Up spectator thinks of one out of two picture cards, which is divined
Variations Yearbook 1950 1950 8
Eddie Clever By Chance Alone two selection put on slates with written predictions match
Yearbook 1950 1950 9
Malcolm McCallum A Self Lighting Candle
Yearbook 1950 1950 10
Tot O'Regan The Blue Quints handkerchiefs are produced and color changed then a ribbon with five dolls attached appear between the knotted silks, comedy routine
Yearbook 1950 1950 10
Arthur Harris Silks from Nowhere several handkerchiefs are produced then two put in paper cones, where they change places
Yearbook 1950 1950 12
Nelson A. Demers Three Golden Pyramids of the Valley of Oom coffee and milk is mixed in a glass and covered, two other glasses where spectator can decide where he wants cream and where coffee, after they have been covered too, the liquid is separated and is found in the right glasses, with table and pyramid covers, story trick
Yearbook 1950 1950 13
Tom Fitzgerald Tom Fitzgerald's Passe Passe Bottles
Yearbook 1950 1950 22
Bill Channel New Use for a Forcing Deck forcing from a three way forcing deck
Yearbook 1950 1950 23
W. C. Gibson Rope Records and Ribbon rope penetrates phonograph record
Yearbook 1950 1950 23
James Auer, Edward Marlo Card Telepathy de Luxe card divination, impromptu version by Ed Marlo
Yearbook 1950 1950 23
Clettis V. Musson The Flight of Thought three pencils, named colored one vanishes
Yearbook 1950 1950 25
Edward Marlo Two Questions Fishing fishing for color and suit, two questions
Also published here Yearbook 1950 1950 25
Clettis V. Musson The Mystic Ringer horseshoe vanishes from under handkerchief and appears around a peg
Yearbook 1950 1950 26
Laurie Ireland A Portfolio of Bar and Close Up Tricks on Don Alan, brief
Yearbook 1950 1950 28
Don Alan A "Long" Card Trick gag, long card rises from cased deck, then miniature card appears, puns
Yearbook 1950 1950 28
Don Alan 7 Up comedy bit for rising card, Seven Up bottle is produced
Yearbook 1950 1950 29
Don Alan Parachute cards are thrown into the air, selection floats down on a little parachute
Related to Yearbook 1950 1950 30
Don Alan Dice ideas and gags for dice stacking and dice routines, trick die
Yearbook 1950 1950 30
Don Alan A Card Stunt name of selection is stamped on back of spectator's hand
Related to Yearbook 1950 1950 31
Don Alan Egg Gag with plastic hen
Yearbook 1950 1950 31
Don Alan Merv Taylor Split Deck deck cut with a knife, one is only pierced it is the selection
Yearbook 1950 1950 31
"Senator" Clarke Crandall Some Gags by Senator Crandall as given to Don Alan
  • doll house cleanup set for restaurant / bar work
  • bulldog clip in sleeve, to produce a coin anytime
Yearbook 1950 1950 31
William Satchell William Satchell's Ball and Tube ball goes through tube which is smaller in diameter, three inches in diameter
Yearbook 1950 1950 32
C. E. Young CYESP design duplication and design at named number, design / picture stack
Yearbook 1950 1950 32
Chas. "Colta" Jones The Escaping Shadow box to put hands in, handcuffed with light and shadow effect
Yearbook 1950 1950 33
Dave Hagan Magic Santa Claus Hippety Hop Rabbit with Santa Claus, fake rabbit
Yearbook 1950 1950 36
Norman Houghton Perverse Penetration deck in case wrapped in handkerchief, deck and cards except selection penetrate handkerchief
Yearbook 1950 1950 36
Norman Houghton Laundry on the Line two silks knotted on rope, chosen one penetrates knot
Yearbook 1950 1950 37
Gus C. Boerner New Memory Stunt
Yearbook 1950 1950 38
Gus C. Boerner Improved Square Circle
Yearbook 1950 1950 38
C. W. Rowland The Geometrical Hoops hoops that can form different geometrical designs, triangle, square and circle
Yearbook 1950 1950 38
M. E. Faber A Ping Pong Ball Routine rolls on rope
Yearbook 1950 1950 39
Bill Frazee Stretching a Finger optical illusion
Yearbook 1950 1950 40
Jerry Furman Sleight of Nose dexterity with a cigarette routine
Yearbook 1950 1950 40
Elmer Vandrey A Cartoon Stunt writing KOREA on a paper and out of the letters a North Korean soldier is drawn
Yearbook 1950 1950 40
John Braun Paper Tears rabbits or six-pointed star cut from paper
Yearbook 1950 1950 42
Buddy O' Day O' Days Fried Egg page torn from cookbook is placed in a can, over a candle page transforms into egg, when egg is cracked open performer produces a fried egg
Yearbook 1951 1951 1
Jerry Hornak Mysterious Cigarette and Match Production production of cigarette and match, match is ignited on palm of the hand
Yearbook 1951 1951 2
James Upchurch A Spooky Spots Finish method to hand out Spooky Spots board
Yearbook 1951 1951 2
Jack Yeager Ambitious Card Routine climax, card changes to blank card with "That's All, Folks!" written on it
Also published here
  • Jack Yeager's "Second Portfolio of Tricks"
Yearbook 1951 1951 3
Jack Yeager 54 Card Trick done with 54 cards, sentence spelled to find card
Also published here
  • Jack Yeager's "Second Portfolio of Tricks"
Yearbook 1951 1951 3
Jack Yeager Your Card! deck is always dealt into two piles, spectator has to guess if his card is in the pile, three cards at the end and spectator locates his card, description unclear
Related toAlso published here
  • Jack Yeager's "Second Portfolio of Tricks"
Yearbook 1951 1951 5
Jack Yeager Dime, Penny and Bottle Cap dime penetrates bottle cap, covered with a penny
Also published here
  • Jack Yeager's "Second Portfolio of Tricks"
Yearbook 1951 1951 5
Jack Yeager Obedient Cigarette