Written by Laurie Ireland
Work of Laurie Ireland, Various
1,440 pages (Stapled), published by The Ireland Magic Co.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
1,259 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page AA Categories
Laurie Ireland Mickey Mouse and his Magic Coats Mickey doll traveling to box, hand puppet
Yearbook 1954 1954 8
Laurie Ireland The Jackpot Cigarette Trick different sized cigarettes are produced from a box
Yearbook 1954 1954 13
Laurie Ireland The Magnetic Ball rubber ball rolls alone to find selection
Yearbook 1954 1954 14
Laurie Ireland Golf Ball to Silk shell
Yearbook 1954 1954 15
Laurie Ireland The Human Volcano smoke and sparkles from mouth, paper ribbons are then produced
Yearbook 1954 1954 17
Laurie Ireland The Spectator Does a Card Trick spectator divines card, pip of card used to secretly shown to spectator
Yearbook 1954 1954 18
Laurie Ireland Perfect Diminishing Pack of Cigarettes small cigarettes can be shown
Yearbook 1954 1954 19
Laurie Ireland Felix the Snake cards thrown in hat, spring snake finds card
Yearbook 1954 1954 21
Laurie Ireland Torn Smoke signed cigarette torn into three pieces, restored in tube
Yearbook 1954 1954 22
Laurie Ireland The Ireland Handling for a Jumbo Two Way Forcing Deck three parts, two forcing cards
Yearbook 1954 1954 25
Charlier Charlier Shuffle
Yearbook 1954 1954 25
Bert Douglas Bamboo Chinese Sticks rhyme patter, outline of routine
Yearbook 1954 1954 26
John Barc Sockard three selections, socks are used to find cards
Yearbook 1954 1954 27
Riffle Force spectator glimpses at one card
Yearbook 1954 1954 28
Bill Gusias, Edward Litzau What to Do with a Slick Ace various ideas
Yearbook 1954 1954 28
J. B. Bobo Sez You Giant Card Trick three cards placed behind back, monte type, text appears on cards, holdout on back
Yearbook 1954 1954 29
Robert Parrish The No Gimmick Slate Gimmick slate as mirror
Yearbook 1954 1954 32
Ben Berger The Foolproof Necktie Trick cut and restored
Yearbook 1954 1954 32
Arthur M. Pope The Ghost from Nowhere skull appears between two silks, stage effect
Yearbook 1954 1954 35
Arthur M. Pope The Chameleon Rings different colored plastic rings matching with colored papers
Yearbook 1954 1954 35
Arthur M. Pope Double Ring Release two rings and rope
Yearbook 1954 1954 36
Arthur M. Pope Single Ring Release
Yearbook 1954 1954 37
Arthur M. Pope A Chain of Rings four small rings, tied to rope
Yearbook 1954 1954 37
Arthur M. Pope Taking an Elevator using two rings and a rope
Yearbook 1954 1954 38
Yellowstone Bank Night with Eggs with card in egg wand
Yearbook 1954 1954 38
Yellowstone Phono Graft phonograph and specific side is chosen, prediction of song
Yearbook 1954 1954 39
C. James Rainbo Trash Can Escape person locked in trash can
Yearbook 1954 1954 40
Laurie Ireland Our Magician of the Yearbook - Billy Mc Comb on Billy McComb, pictures of Peter Warlock, Kalanag, June McComb, Elizabeth Warlock
Yearbook 1955 1955 3
Billy McComb An Act for a Lazy Magician complete act
  • Ring on Stick
  • Card through Handkerchief
  • Anti-Gravity Glasses
  • Bill in Cigarette
  • Transformation of Handkerchief ("The End" appears)
Yearbook 1955 1955 4
Victor Comello One Out of Five card is found reversed in chosen pile
Yearbook 1955 1955 10
David E. Kirk Top Hat Square Circle Ten Rabbit Production production of silks and rabbits, construction plans for apparatus
Yearbook 1955 1955 11
Dave Hagan Sympathetic Linking Ropes sympathetic presentation, in boxes
Yearbook 1955 1955 14
W. Z. Fidler Routine for Squircle
Related to Yearbook 1955 1955 14
John Derris A Matter of Life and Death pellets in small box
Yearbook 1955 1955 15
William Lindsay Gresham Education for Magic several tips on performing
Yearbook 1955 1955 16
Phil D'Rey Silent Vent Act silent comedy act based on Golf, different club and ball ideas
Yearbook 1955 1955 17
Jack Avis All Fair Impromptu Spell mental spelling, imperfect card principle
Yearbook 1955 1955 18
Jack Avis All Fair Count Down card from group is selected, value used to locate card
Yearbook 1955 1955 19
John L. Dennerlein Thin Air Liquid Vanish using two square tubes
Yearbook 1955 1955 20
Roy Walton Eight Ladies? four Queens are found then placed on table where they change into Eights, Queens found in four different pockets
Inspired by Yearbook 1955 1955 21
Eugene Gloye Telinkesdo -A Step Beyond Television ink in glass is linked to a paper bag with a string, ink flows into bag, card silk presentation
Yearbook 1955 1955 23
Eugene Gloye Magic Weaving - A Change Bag Quicke spools change into silks
Yearbook 1955 1955 23
Eugene Gloye Spooks using change bag, silks appear and disappear, ghost story
Yearbook 1955 1955 24
Eugene Gloye "Jap-O-Box" ideas and models for the Jap Box
Yearbook 1955 1955 24
Eugene Gloye Newspaper & Rabbit Idea spring rabbit from newspaper
Yearbook 1955 1955 26
Eugene Gloye Chick Pan Routine dove pan idea, spring flowers
Yearbook 1955 1955 26
Eugene Gloye Rice and Silk Routine with Square Circle
Yearbook 1955 1955 26
Eugene Gloye Vanishing Lady sucker trick, jumbo card in envelope
Yearbook 1955 1955 27
Eugene Gloye Westgate Bowl Improvement design for "Elevator" productions
Yearbook 1955 1955 28
Eugene Gloye "New Type" Mirror Glass quarter of glass compartment
Yearbook 1955 1955 28
Eugene Gloye Circle & Triangle different Square and Circle design
Yearbook 1955 1955 29
Eugene Gloye Rapid Rabbit production box for rabbit
Yearbook 1955 1955 30
Eugene Gloye Confetti & Oranges Phantom Tube routine, with confetti and oranges
Yearbook 1955 1955 31
Eugene Gloye Haunted House Illusion haunted house design
Yearbook 1955 1955 32
Eugene Gloye Fly-Spray Painting Technique tip for building props
Yearbook 1955 1955 32
Geoffrey Buckingham The Palmist spectator divines card from second spectator, then locates card in pocket
Variations Yearbook 1955 1955 33
Glendi Magic from Magic production cabinet to produce entire act
Yearbook 1955 1955 33
Peter Warlock The Kiss of a Borgia six glasses one filled with milk, covered with newspaper
Yearbook 1955 1955 34
Dr. Robert Hubert Hoops and Girl person vanishes in hula hoop rings, rings always moving
Also published here
  • "The Linking Ring"
Yearbook 1955 1955 36
Bobby Bernard Bobby Bernards's Close-Up Chicanery description of close-up act
Yearbook 1955 1955 37
Bobby Bernard If You Knew Susie presentation for "Suzy and the City Slickers" / Draught Board Mystery / Checker Board Mystery
Yearbook 1955 1955 37
Bobby Bernard Key To the Crime
Inspired by
  • Gen "Phantni" Grant's "Dial X"
Yearbook 1955 1955 37
Bobby Bernard Trial of the Warrior cord penetrates chop stick and severing straw into two, presentation
Inspired by
  • Stuard Judah's "Straw, String and Pencil Trick"
Yearbook 1955 1955 38
Bobby Bernard Your Choice, M'sieu' chosen drink appears inside cocktail shaker, using spiral bound svengali type pad to force drink
Yearbook 1955 1955 38
Bobby Bernard Disintegrating Dollar one coin travels to coin coin in other hand
Yearbook 1955 1955 40
Bobby Bernard False Transfer
Yearbook 1955 1955 40
Bobby Bernard Velly Clever These Chinese card location using mask / doll, card attached to ribbon
Yearbook 1955 1955 40
Frederica Signed, Sealed and Delivered signed card appears at certain position in sealed card case
Yearbook 1955 1955 41
Edward Marlo Bluff Ace Assembly
Related toVariationsAlso published here Yearbook 1955 1955 43
Laurie Ireland Inside the Book Cover... on Eugene Gloye, Paul F. Young, Gordon Buckle
Yearbook 1955 1955 45
R. A. Moershall New Face single card location, using dealing and a short card
Yearbook 1955 1955 45
Frances Ireland Marshall Routine for the Monkey Bar
Yearbook 1955 1955 45
Frances Ireland Marshall Greetings....
Yearbook 1956 1956 3
Eugene Gloye "Do-It-Yourself" Background Screen
Yearbook 1956 1956 4
Eugene Burger Linking Rope Routine based on E. J. Moore's linking ropes
Yearbook 1956 1956 5
Everett Lyda Who Gets the Prize humorous routine for Loop Pencil puzzle, as competition with two spectators
Yearbook 1956 1956 6
Don Tanner The East India Card Trick basket and rope drawn on slate, rope on drawing begins to raise and picture of selection appears, Cardographic
Related to Yearbook 1956 1956 7
Don Tanner Impromptu (?) Rigid Hank using steel ruler
Yearbook 1956 1956 8
Don Tanner Cherchez La Rabbit three cages, picture of rabbit monte
Yearbook 1956 1956 8
C. James Rainho Miracle Necklace cut and restored pearl necklace, in glass
Yearbook 1956 1956 9
Background Music suggestion for music, Theremin
Yearbook 1956 1956 11
Al O'Hagan Mrs. Murphy's Christmas Tree presentation for paper tree
Yearbook 1956 1956 11
Allessandro Allessandro's Marksmanship Act rifle shooting routine
Yearbook 1956 1956 12
Allessandro Divine Touch twelve Reader's Digit magazines, month divined behind back
Yearbook 1956 1956 13
Allessandro Allessandro's Comedy Routine No.1 comedy routine with partner
Yearbook 1956 1956 14
Allessandro Comedy Routine No.1 for magic convention, with four magicians
Yearbook 1956 1956 15
Allessandro Comedy Convention Skit
Yearbook 1956 1956 16
Allessandro Allessandro's Cigarette Routine continuous production, vanish in handkerchief and production of cigarette, using matchbox
Yearbook 1956 1956 16
Allessandro Magic Quickies
  • Deep Freeze Trick
  • Head Chopper
  • Children's Shows
  • Thumb Tie
Yearbook 1956 1956 18
Our Book-Within-A-Book-Feature Leonard Austin effects, illustrated by Nelson Hahne
Yearbook 1956 1956 19
Leonard Austin Triple Transportation transposition with candle, silk and fan, in envelopes and tube
Yearbook 1956 1956 19
Leonard Austin No Beer sucker trick with three cards, one with a glass, one with a bottle and one with an bottle opener, glass apparently vanishes in handkerchief, version of Stung
Yearbook 1956 1956 19
Leonard Austin Sands of Time three buckets are filled with sand, they change into costumes
Yearbook 1956 1956 20
Leonard Austin Production Box special design from 1926, production of silks, livestock etc.
Yearbook 1956 1956 21
Leonard Austin Enchanted Cylinder tube is filled with confetti, then silks and and water is produced from the tube, ghost tube modified to produce water
Yearbook 1956 1956 21
Charles T. Jordan Interlocking Chain Principle
Yearbook 1956 1956 21
Leonard Austin Aladdin's Lamp production of a lamb
Yearbook 1956 1956 22
Leonard Austin Silk Color Change color changing silk, with paper and inside-out silk
Yearbook 1956 1956 23
Leonard Austin Novel Card Appearance card appears on a framed piece of glass, behind roller blind
Yearbook 1956 1956 23
Leonard Austin Sugar and Spoon Transportation with glasses
Yearbook 1956 1956 23
Leonard Austin Seen in the News ball penetrates frames sheet of newspaper
Yearbook 1956 1956 23
Leonard Austin Illusive Tray silk vanish on tray, sucker element with hat
Yearbook 1956 1956 24
Leonard Austin Handy Combination silk travels from hand to glass under tube
Yearbook 1956 1956 24
Leonard Austin Dolly's Dresses four doll's dresses of different colors, chosen one vanishes and appears in chosen envelope
Yearbook 1956 1956 24
Leonard Austin Bunny in the Hat cards with different colored bunnies, chosen one disappears and appears on card with a hat
Yearbook 1956 1956 25
Leonard Austin Twin Chests using Gwynne's Rabbit Vanish, traveling rabbit from box to box
Yearbook 1956 1956 25
Leonard Austin Much in Little production box, using a table
Yearbook 1956 1956 26
Leonard Austin Instantaneous Production of a Rabbit in a box, construction details
Yearbook 1956 1956 27
Leonard Austin An Idea or Two idea for transforming a vacuum bottle case into a flag vase and for the Good Night Banner
Yearbook 1956 1956 27
Leonard Austin Milk Round milk in glass vanishes and appears, using a Ghost Tube
Yearbook 1956 1956 28
Leonard Austin Bird in a Gilded Cage person appears in cage
Yearbook 1956 1956 28
Leonard Austin Patriotic Frame country is selected and flag changes into iconic figure of chosen country
Yearbook 1956 1956 29
Leonard Austin Chest of Wah Ling performer with mask steps into box, performer is found at the other end of theater and assistant is inside box
Yearbook 1956 1956 29
Nick Trost A Stab in the Dark with deck wrapped inside newspaper, with two cards, one card chosen by performer, reflection of knife used
Yearbook 1956 1956 30
Nick Trost Jokers Wild all cards apparently the same, then become all Jokers but selection
Yearbook 1956 1956 31
Nick Trost Simultaneous deck is riffle shuffled, one suit is placed in spectator pocket and all others suits shuffled again, one suit matches order from cards in spectator's pocket
Yearbook 1956 1956 32
Nick Trost False Shuffle Sequence apparently mixing three piles, order of one stays the same
Yearbook 1956 1956 33
Nick Trost Spectator's Card Rise cards are cased all sticking out, all cards slide down except selection, in spectator's hand
Related to Yearbook 1956 1956 33
Nick Trost Card and Penny-Tration Routine coin vanishes when half of the cards are put on top, magnet in cards
Yearbook 1956 1956 34
H. E. Wiedenkeller Gags by H. E. Wiedenkeller
  • Beer Penetration (using a stooge and a Foo Can)
  • Rubber Beer Bottle routine
  • Monkey Bar
Yearbook 1956 1956 35
Mc Gregor the Magician Twenty First Century Trick with gloves
Yearbook 1956 1956 35
Alan E. Beech Audience Participation Comedy Routine magic water funnel routine with milk, using a lot of strange props
Yearbook 1956 1956 36
Clifford Bruce Cheescake Card Trick card travels from one sock to the other
Yearbook 1956 1956 38
Tot O'Regan Super Ultra Perception cards placed on slate-disc, prediction of selection, with plastic Houlette
Yearbook 1956 1956 39
Dick Jarrow Number Prediction as Richard Jarrow, add-a-number pad with spiral book
Yearbook 1956 1956 40
Bob Tucker Sequin Balls designing balls for final loads with sequins
Yearbook 1956 1956 40
Robert L. Henderson Suggested Routine outline of routine with a puppet mouse, an egg and a napkin, an egg bag, Devil Handkerchief and a Tricky Tumbler, Kling Klang Routine
Yearbook 1956 1956 40
J. A. Philpot Magic Beer Production with tubes, black art
Yearbook 1956 1956 41
Lindsay Smith Mr. Skunk Addition torn and restored paper, pieces fall down which turn out to be baby skunks
Yearbook 1956 1956 42
Eugene Gloye Fitting the Pieces six cards are chosen and torn in half, each spectator keeps one half and the other is sealed in envelope, performer divines cards in envelope and locates owner of other half, last piece is burnt and card is found restored in envelope
Yearbook 1956 1956 42
David E. Kirk Ireland Giant Match from the Coat Gag as Kirk the Magician
Yearbook 1956 1956 44
Arthur C. Nelson What to do with a Troublesome Kid "Nelson The Magician"
Related to Yearbook 1956 1956 44
Jack Avis Safety Cut linked safety pins put into paper cover, cover cut in two pieces, held together again and pins still linked
Also published here Yearbook 1957 1957 1
Lane Bateman Passee Egg Vanish egg vanish with sort of Square Circle and rubber egg, sucker element
Yearbook 1957 1957 1
Lane Bateman Arizona Quickie Mental Routine 20 pictures cards, some are selected and divined, code using assitant
Yearbook 1957 1957 3
Robert L. Henderson Tie and Untie knot travel from person to person, magnetic
Yearbook 1957 1957 4
Robert L. Henderson Dove Production and Vanish rubber dove, with handkerchief
Yearbook 1957 1957 5
Robert L. Henderson Doll Production and Levitation and Vanish
Yearbook 1957 1957 5
Everett Lyda Patter Presentation for Mr. & Mrs Green color changing silk which is knotted to other silk, then small silks appear
Yearbook 1957 1957 6
Dr. Conrad, Wanda Musical Telepathy with Add-A-Number divination with band, medium whispers chosen song
Yearbook 1957 1957 7
John Gannaway Comedy Finish for Slydini Paper Tear piece falls on the floor, hole in newspaper at the end
Yearbook 1957 1957 8
Terry Nosek Rate of Exchange Routine for Coin Capers handling for Harry Roydon's Coin Capers, Pennies change to Nickel
Yearbook 1957 1957 9
Laurie Ireland Patter Presentation for the Milk Pitcher
Yearbook 1957 1957 9
Allessandro Brainwave Number spectator opens a book and adds digits of page number together, new number is counted back in the book and square sum of new page is predicted, using number cards, 9 force application
Yearbook 1957 1957 10
Lane Bateman Idea for Mr. Skunk Trick black and white paper changes to skunk, inside a bag
Yearbook 1957 1957 10
Tot O'Regan Ultra Citation chosen words, symbols appear on slate, special slate design, two methods
Yearbook 1957 1957 11
Allessandro Penny and Nickel Transposition hand to hand
Yearbook 1957 1957 14
Allessandro Color Divination wooden dowels with different colors, colors are divined behind back
Yearbook 1957 1957 14
Laurie Ireland Three Lights on a Match lit match is blown out and placed into water for five seconds, then it can be lit again, repeated
Yearbook 1957 1957 15
Bob Schmidt Hubert, the Undernourished Rabbit routine using the Windsor Dye Box, Milk Pitcher, Flat Rabbit and spring rabbit
Yearbook 1957 1957 16
Bert Douglas Modern Club Act with Patter routine and patter for 20th Century Silks
Yearbook 1957 1957 17
Bert Douglas The Scotchman's Pocketbook destroyed card is rediscovered in wallet, missing piece
Yearbook 1957 1957 18
Bert Douglas The Sash Cord Mystery with rope loop
Yearbook 1957 1957 19
Bert Douglas Blue Ribbon Beer Mystery confetti in tumbler turns into beer, under handkerchief
Yearbook 1957 1957 21
Bert Douglas She Done Him Wrong jumbo cards with three male actors and one actress, monte type where actress is found somewhere else
Yearbook 1957 1957 22
Bill Hendricks Tele-Phony apparently medium is at other end, card with message
Yearbook 1957 1957 24
Bill Hendricks My Hero name of spectator appears on slate
Yearbook 1957 1957 25
H. R. Benfer Electroizm spectator feels special sensation on hand, electric shock
Yearbook 1957 1957 25
William G. Barcroft A Sunday School Trick several silks change into one big silk cross, inside bag
Yearbook 1957 1957 26
Joseph M. White Thumbs Up Liquid Dye three glasses with water are covered with three different colored silks, then color of liquid changes to math silks
Yearbook 1957 1957 26
Geoffrey Buckingham, Ethel Buckingham A New and Novel Thimble Routine routine, including the "Buckingham" multiple silk penetration
Yearbook 1957 1957 27
Eugene Gloye Two-In-One Illusion Apparatus plan to build cabinet
  • Effect 1: Girl Production
  • Effect 2: Penetration Illusion
Yearbook 1957 1957 32
John D. Pomeroy Trick or Treat trick for Halloween, making candies appear
Yearbook 1957 1957 34
Oran Bailey Dent Candliquo candle is rolled in paper and transforms onto liquid
Yearbook 1957 1957 34
John Derris The Dollis Coins Penetration
Yearbook 1957 1957 36
Bob Schmidt Atomic Raction big silk appears in can
Yearbook 1957 1957 37
Allessandro Predicted Total dates of coins are totaled, sum prediction
Yearbook 1957 1957 37
Allessandro Rattle Box Routine rattle monte with matchboxes, sucker element
Yearbook 1957 1957 38
Robert Parrish Five Tricks with a Harmless Rubber Canary 1. Dead Bird Disappearance
2. Stage Version
3. Duo-Disappearance
4. Misassociation Ruse
Yearbook 1957 1957 38
John F. Mangan Color Changing Knife Finale
Yearbook 1957 1957 40
Gene Kirk C Note Gag pipe on bill, playing a note, gag
Yearbook 1957 1957 40
Frances Ireland Marshall Presentation for Sketch a Flower flower appears
Yearbook 1957 1957 41
Our Frontispiece on Carl Ballantine
Yearbook 1957 1957 41
The Girl on the Opposite Page on Shari Lewis
Yearbook 1958 1958 3
Richard Williams Two Priceless Gags as Dick Williams
  • The Chinese Linking Ring Gag (presentation with spectators)
  • Popularity Contest Gag
Yearbook 1958 1958 4
Lane Bateman Ideas for Magicians
  • idea to combine Liquid Appear / funnel with the Milk Pitcher
  • idea for Irealnd Tall-Gro Flower
Yearbook 1958 1958 6
Stan White Clear-Vu Bill Vanish bill vanishes from plastic box, with rubber band
Yearbook 1958 1958 6
Oran Bailey Dent Metapour ink changes to water and to other liquids, with silks
Yearbook 1958 1958 7
Oran Bailey Dent Trickities several ideas
  • Production Cake (making a cake for dove pan)
  • Puttering with Pins (finding the right pins)
  • Leading Liquids (how to carry small quantities of liquid)
  • Dove Pan Flowers (tip to load the dove pan)
  • Flashy Confetti (how to make sparkling confetti)
Yearbook 1958 1958 9
John Gannaway Personal Touch to the Paper Hat paper to hat, person name in hat
Yearbook 1958 1958 10
Fay Smith Thimble Transposed thimble transforms into ribbons and rubber ball
Yearbook 1958 1958 11
Allessandro The Demon Dollar signed bill is placed inside an envelope and burnt, then it bill is found in sealed envelope in performer's pocket
Yearbook 1958 1958 12
Allessandro A Cigarette Routine cigarettes are produced, then removing flame from candle and vanishing candle with handkerchief
Yearbook 1958 1958 13
Allessandro Number Divination with poker chips, numbered on both sides
Yearbook 1958 1958 14
Allessandro Lie Detector with years of birth written on business cards, only one is true, shimmed
Yearbook 1958 1958 14
Allessandro Four Ace Control using natural breaks
Yearbook 1958 1958 15
Allessandro Magic Sum sum of added values is divined, using a card stand
Yearbook 1958 1958 15
Allessandro Transposition Cards with two different colored backs, three cards travel, in envelopes
Yearbook 1958 1958 16
Allessandro Allessandro's Gag Kit gags using King Size Aspirin, Cigarette Butt, HHH Tonic, Giraffe Milk
Yearbook 1958 1958 17
John Derris One at a Time Coins coins through box, with handkerchief
Yearbook 1958 1958 18
John Derris Aces in Hand from four Aces spectator eliminates three, last one changes into selection
Yearbook 1958 1958 19
Richard H. Barnett Halloween Adaptation for Square Circle
Yearbook 1958 1958 20
Richard H. Barnett Patter for the Tom Bowyer Repeat Bill Trick
Yearbook 1958 1958 21
Eugene Gloye Build-It-Yourself Production Illusionette based on tip over box, on stand
Yearbook 1958 1958 22
Jack Avis Right Card - Wrong Color card chosen, wrong color proclaimed by magician, cards separated in reds and blacks, black selection found in red pile, red and black piles change place
Inspired byAlso published here Yearbook 1958 1958 27
Al Hancuff Satan's Satin matches inside matchbox change into ribbon
Yearbook 1958 1958 29
A Group of Ideas by Al Murdy
Yearbook 1958 1958 30
Al Murdy The Novelty Novel box to carry tricks, designed as book
Yearbook 1958 1958 31
Al Murdy The Sucker Coke Trick bottle in tube vanishes, sucker element, tray with hole is exposed by removing curtain
Yearbook 1958 1958 31
Al Murdy Smoke From Your Fingertips using burnt striking part of matchbox
Related to Yearbook 1958 1958 32
Stan White Coin Hold Up coin transpo using Texas Holdup clothespin
Yearbook 1958 1958 32
Lin Searles Doublethink Speller as Lynn Searles, cut deck in three piles, cards are mentally selected and found by spelling
Yearbook 1958 1958 33
Bill Carew The Last Word in Card Disclosures slightly bent card flips over when newspaper cover is removed from it with some force
Yearbook 1958 1958 35
The Great Christe The Floating Dove dove on wand, floating in front of performer
Yearbook 1958 1958 36
The Great Christe Water Can Production two cylinders with water, dry silks are produced
Yearbook 1958 1958 37
Bill Hendricks The Sealed Deck Mystery gag, new case with seal is opened, inside is old deck
Yearbook 1958 1958 37
Bill Hendricks Backward Color Change gag, back changes
Yearbook 1958 1958 38
Bill Hendricks George Washington's Card Trick prediction on bill
Yearbook 1958 1958 38
Bill Hendricks The Spirit of Christmas gag
Related to Yearbook 1958 1958 39
Robert L. Henderson Clock Vanish Routine using the Amazing Clock Vanish
Yearbook 1958 1958 39
Arthur C. Nelson Two Tips from tips for children shows
Related to Yearbook 1958 1958 40
Charlie Dietz The Question Is: Where is Your Card question mark is formed, selection is point, same a Karrell Fox Routine
Related to Yearbook 1958 1958 41
Robert L. Henderson A Rabbit Vanish using Ireland's Bunny Bundle Hat Load and spring rabbit
Yearbook 1958 1958 41
Frances Ireland Marshall A Magical Retirement retirement and magic
Yearbook 1958 1958 42
Gene Kirk Kirk's Cage animals appear in cage, construction details
Yearbook 1958 1958 43
Our Almanac and Album on balloon animals, brooms, Slydini, Johnny Platt, Carol & Marvin Roy, Richiardi Jr., Jack Gwyne, Les Levantes, Mars the Magician
Yearbook 1958 1958 50
If You're Going to Be A Magician - Look Like One! advertisement for special west to store close up tricks, by Stan White
Yearbook 1959 1959
The Magician of the Yearbook - Ron Urban
Yearbook 1959 1959 3
Oran Bailey Dent The Princess and the Royal Rope with patter story
Yearbook 1959 1959 4
Oran Bailey Dent Trickities II more ideas
  • Scarf Tray (scarf on table to reduce mess of confetti etc.)
  • Portable Flash Pot Filament
  • Simplicity Card Box (to vanish or produce a card, Z-Fold)
  • Wallpaper Decoration
Yearbook 1959 1959 5
Oran Bailey Dent Phantom Tube and Candle Routine for Children
Yearbook 1959 1959 6
John T. Andrews Routine for a Rubber Dove dove vanishes from bag, with rubber and real dove
Yearbook 1959 1959 7
Gene Kirk Seek A Peek Plexiglas Clip Board impression device with see-through board, powdered impression
Yearbook 1959 1959 7
Gene Kirk "Coo Coo" Savon pun with soap, dove
Yearbook 1959 1959 9
Al Hancuff Idea for a Lota idea for Lota Bowl
Yearbook 1959 1959 9
Bert Douglas A "Refreshing" Lecture using the Egg-In-Paper Plus gimmick, liquid in newspaper
Yearbook 1959 1959 10
Bert Douglas Make Safety a Habit for safety school show, slate message transforms
Yearbook 1959 1959 10
William P. Miesel A Day at the Races prediction of imaginative horse race
Yearbook 1959 1959 11
Lane Bateman Counterfeiter's Dream routine for Money Printing Machine
Yearbook 1959 1959 13
Lane Bateman Yeow! how to make a fake rubber hand
Yearbook 1959 1959 13
Lane Bateman Old Glory Be! production of silks and a beer can from a can
Yearbook 1959 1959 14
Everett Lyda Hypo Phoney Routine using a phoney hype syringe, prank in drug store
Yearbook 1959 1959 14
Dr. Spencer Thornton The Fantastic Bill Transposition bill vanishes from handkerchief and appears inside envelope, using Corinda Billet Pencil
Yearbook 1959 1959 15
Jack Yeager Presto Coin Stand as John Yeager, coins can vanish or appear on stand under cover of handkerchief
Yearbook 1959 1959 16
Dr. F. W. van Klaveren New Multipurpose Card Exchange Folder Jacobs Ladder type wallet, variation called The New Exchange Folder, construction details and ideas
Yearbook 1959 1959 17
Dr. F. W. van Klaveren Magic Roulette using the principle of 142857, prediction on disk
Yearbook 1959 1959 20
John Mc Leod Chinese Symbol Gag
Yearbook 1959 1959 21
Robert L. Henderson The Miser's Dream using a glass, producing coins from child
Yearbook 1959 1959 21
Robert L. Henderson Variation on the Soft Soap Trick washing box trick, using liquids from bottles
Yearbook 1959 1959 22
Robert L. Henderson Rope Cutting Fun cut and restored rope routine, with a lot of byplay with child assistant
Yearbook 1959 1959 23
Gary Brenz Zombie Sword Cabinet construction details
Yearbook 1959 1959 24
Victor the Magician The Snoopy Silk silk jumps from hand to hand and inside breast pocket
Yearbook 1959 1959 26
Bill Hendricks Blood from a Turnip gag with slates
Related to Yearbook 1959 1959 27
Jack Yeager Double Release as John Yeager, nut on ring and rope, under handkerchief ring and nut are removed, Brema Nut
Yearbook 1959 1959 27
The Great Christe The Christe Picture Frame picture appears on paper, inside a special frame
Yearbook 1959 1959 28
The Great Christe Christe's Rice and Ball Penetration with two glasses, funnel and tray
Yearbook 1959 1959 30
Lane Bateman Arm Cutting Illusion Plans box with hinge, arm inside is cut and box can be folded to show separation, construction details
Yearbook 1959 1959 31
Malcolm McCallum Switch Gimmick bulldog clip billet switch, clip on a stand
Yearbook 1959 1959 34
Harold Martin Idea for the Spirit Bell and a Dove Pan tip
Yearbook 1959 1959 34
Eugene Boyd Anti-Gravico Idea hydrostatic bottle
Yearbook 1959 1959 35
Albert H. Ward. Jr. A Chalk Talk Cocktail drawing of man drinking, picture changes
Yearbook 1959 1959 35
Albert H. Ward. Jr. Another One with Sketch a Flower idea for chalk drawing routine
Yearbook 1959 1959 36
Charlie Miller picture and short bio
Yearbook 1959 1959 37
Peter Warlock No Guesswork card inside envelope finale
Inspired by
  • Edward G. Brown's "Three Guesses" in "The Sphinx" Vol. 42. 1943. P. 59.
Yearbook 1959 1959 38
Richard Segal The Sucker Poker Deal three Jacks are controlled for the spectator, magician gets a Royal Flush
Yearbook 1959 1959 41
Bill Hendricks The Early Bird wind-up toy finds only card with worm on it
Yearbook 1959 1959 42
Bob Hutcheson, Jr. Remarkable Face Up and Face Down Revelation cards are turned over, number chosen by spectator, selection is only reversed card at the end
Yearbook 1959 1959 42
Everett Lyda Miracle Card Discovery cards rises from deck while two other cards are pushed in
Yearbook 1959 1959 45
Charlie Miller How to Haunt a Pack described by Robert Parrish
  • impromptu method
  • method with slick cards
  • tip for Al Baker method
Yearbook 1959 1959 46
Edward Marlo Tabled Bottom Placement tabled Kelly / Ovette move, with additional ideas
Also published here Yearbook 1959 1959 48
Celeste Luwen, Len Carrion The Four Famous Jewels of Pepper cards on stand, Aces vanish and appear in card case, with card stand, mirror glass and rhymed patter
Yearbook 1959 1959 50
William P. Miesel Fifty One to One selection has odd back
Yearbook 1959 1959 52
John Gannaway Personalized Multipurpose Envelope Cards one of three cards transforms into other card with different back, special envelope cards handling
Yearbook 1959 1959 52
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ravelli's Thought Card Stab inside envelope
Yearbook 1959 1959 54
Don Ausman Vanishing Dove on Rope rope raises form basket, dove in bag vanishes
Yearbook 1959 1959 56
Richard A. Butler Safety Talk Gag transformation of baby chick to rubber duck, with Flip Over Box
Yearbook 1959 1959 58
Meet Dr. Spencer Thornton on Spencer Thornton, John Shirley, Al Wheatley, Paul LePaul, Bill. Baird, Claude Keefe, T. Nelson Downs, Russ Walsh, Freddie Fah, with pictures
Yearbook 1959 1959 59
Magician of the Yearbook on Nani Darnell and Mark Wilson, with pictures
Yearbook 1960 1960 2
Bill Hendricks Mentalissimus several spectator throw a pair of dice, they each repeat up to twelve times and all the numbers are added, prediction based on probability
Yearbook 1960 1960 4
Everett Lyda Patter Presentations patter for Rope Epic (Four to One Rope) and the Egg Bag
Yearbook 1960 1960 6
Dorothy K. Craig The Reading Mind Book Test using cards to determine page and word
Yearbook 1960 1960 7
Henry O. Silsbee III Two New Magical Accessories ideas for trading stamps and game called Snap
Yearbook 1960 1960 8
Val Andrews Pipe Dreams! chapter intro
Yearbook 1960 1960 9
Val Andrews Smoking Empty Pipes smoking empty clay pipes, three methods
Yearbook 1960 1960 9
Val Andrews Stretching a Pipe
Yearbook 1960 1960 10
Val Andrews Comedy Climax for Pipe Production
Yearbook 1960 1960 11
Val Andrews Hola Havana! production of person in giant cigar tube
Yearbook 1960 1960 11
Val Andrews Acrobatic Cigar animated ciagr
Yearbook 1960 1960 12
Val Andrews Card in Cigarette
Yearbook 1960 1960 13
Val Andrews Climax for Cigarette Thru Handkerchief appears back in mouth
Yearbook 1960 1960 14
Val Andrews New Penetration of Handkerchief by Cigarette
Yearbook 1960 1960 14
Val Andrews Production of Giant Cigarette and Holder appearing cane method
Yearbook 1960 1960 14
Val Andrews Cigar Rises Out of Tube
Yearbook 1960 1960 14
Val Andrews Tobacco Jar Fantasy smoke inside jar, handkerchief appears
Yearbook 1960 1960 15
Val Andrews Tobacco Bowls rice bowls with tobacco and cigarettes instead of water
Yearbook 1960 1960 15
Henry O. Silsbee III Rice Fantasia rice routine, rice bowls, knife in pot of rice etc.
Yearbook 1960 1960 15
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Mutilated Parasol in Miniature with miniature parasol and cigarette box, cigarettes instead of silks
Yearbook 1960 1960 16
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Menta Ad prediction is stabbed into album with different advertisements, duplicate of chosen one is found in prediction, svengali book
Yearbook 1960 1960 18
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning How I Vanish Milk milk poured inside milk carton
Yearbook 1960 1960 20
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Botania Finale presentation for Botania, feater flower production apparatus
Yearbook 1960 1960 21
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Production from Foil silk is produced from ball made of aluminium foil
Yearbook 1960 1960 22
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Coin Fan coin is produced on a fan, repeated
Yearbook 1960 1960 24
Jim Sommers Milk Carton Dove Bottle milk is poured from carton, then a dove / rabbit is produced
Yearbook 1960 1960 26
John Gannaway Paper Tear Patter
Yearbook 1960 1960 27
John Gannaway Aid for Straight Tears aid for straight tears, for any torn and restored newspaper
Related to Yearbook 1960 1960 28
Norman Osborn The Magic Rings two rings one rope, chosen one penetrates rope
Yearbook 1960 1960 28
Oran Bailey Dent Witch Doctor Can Presentation ideas and suggestions for U.F. Grant's Witch Doctor Can
Yearbook 1960 1960 29
Oran Bailey Dent Beanie Puppet Routines 1&2 hand puppet, in hat routines
Yearbook 1960 1960 30
Jack Yeager Miracle Milk Rings as John Yeager, glass of milk vanishes and appears, with tray and tube
Yearbook 1960 1960 33
Jack Yeager Arosol Magic as John Yeager, inventor theme for magic act, Poona Poona Rope, foil paper heating up, Blooming Rose Bouquet, ropes penetrate wand
Yearbook 1960 1960 34
Jack Yeager Dollar Bill in Balloon as John Yeager, torn corner proof
Yearbook 1960 1960 35
Jack Yeager Linking Silks as John Yeager, silk rings
Yearbook 1960 1960 36
Jack Yeager The Tricky Trio as John Yeager, three ideas
  • smoke from striking surface of matchbox
  • Dove in Balloon
  • Milk Pitcher Flash
Related to Yearbook 1960 1960 36
Walter Rollins The Time Machine time machine themed routine
  • small deck changes into large one (Micro Macro)
  • red and blacks separate
  • burnt matches
  • torn and restored bills
Yearbook 1960 1960 37
Henry Durkin Jamboree Gems Jumping Gems, rods / paddle routine
Yearbook 1960 1960 40
Henry Durkin Jumbo High Sign variation of Milbourne Christopher's High Sign, many arrows finale
Yearbook 1960 1960 42
Henry Durkin The Golden Key large key vanishes from cone and appears threaded on ribbon behind screen
Yearbook 1960 1960 43
Henry Durkin Unlocked Card deck with holes in one corner, one card is selected and added to six other cards, cards are then secured with a padlock and under a handkerchief selection is pulled out
Yearbook 1960 1960 44
Henry Durkin Hypnotic Card Rise using Zebra Coin, hypnotic disc attached on lapel, miniature of selection appears
Yearbook 1960 1960 45
Henry Durkin Prediction #3,469,897 prediction of named card inside locked tube
Yearbook 1960 1960 47
Henry Durkin Trickettes various ideas
  • A Clock Production
  • Zombie Flash Finish
  • Hypnotic Revelation
Yearbook 1960 1960 48
Jim Sommers Balloon Creatures two animals
Yearbook 1960 1960 49
Richard Smiley Silken Wine Lota Bowl, Chick Pan and silks
Yearbook 1960 1960 49
C. James Rainho Red White & Blue Fantasy silks change to flag, flag vanishes and appears on flag pole
Yearbook 1960 1960 50
James Pipkin Minnie Mouse apparatus, Minnie Mouse changes clothes
Yearbook 1960 1960 51
Ernest W. Brady The Missing Dollar missing dollar puzzle, verbal
Yearbook 1960 1960 53
Henry O. Silsbee III Ideas on magnets, wands and Halloween
Yearbook 1960 1960 53
Art Irwin The Tricky Bear toy mechanical bear lifts three selections from the deck
Yearbook 1960 1960 54
Robert Craig Green Stamp Coincidence two sets of the same cards, spectator and performer chose one and mark the cards with a stamp, cards match
Yearbook 1960 1960 55
Jack Avis Stamp of Approval card marked with stamp is used to chose two cards, prediction of the two selections
Yearbook 1960 1960 56
Jack Avis A Card Exchange unconventional handling
Yearbook 1960 1960 57
Jack Avis Seven and Eleven Transpo four Aces and three Sevens, when Ace is put with Sevens the other three cards transpose
Also published here Yearbook 1960 1960 58
Steve Bryant Comedy Card Discovery using a rubber hand
Yearbook 1960 1960 59
Steve Bryant Comedy Card Discovery 2 using skeleton arms
Yearbook 1960 1960 59
Everett Lyda Cutting to the Aces
Yearbook 1960 1960 59
Bill Hendricks The Haunted Deck after Haunted deck ghost on card, then drawing changes to reveal selection
Yearbook 1960 1960 60
Bill Hendricks Perfectly Deceptive three ideas (first two with the Faro Shuffle)
  • Key Supreme (key card placement)
  • Unparadoxical (faro shuffle as false shuffle)
  • Prelude (add-on, cards on Aces)
Yearbook 1960 1960 61
Frances Ireland Marshall Anniversary Show anecdote
Yearbook 1960 1960 63
Frances Ireland Marshall The Year Book Album with photographs, John Platt, Bob Lotz, Ben Berger, W. Gilbert, Dorny, Jack Hazelhurst, Jimmy Trimble, Joe Berg, Johnny Jones, Rita del Gardi, Marie Dornfield, Don Alan, Channing Pollock, Johnny Paul, Paul McKamy, Bruno, Carazini, Dr. Clutterhouse, Jim Steranko, Karrell Fox, Harlan Tarbell, Perci Abbott
Yearbook 1960 1960 64
When Old Friends Meet on Jay Marshall and Tommy Hanlon, with picture
Yearbook 1961 1961 2
Val Andrews Shades of Sorcery introduction to manuscript about tricks with umbrellas
Yearbook 1961 1961 3
Val Andrews A New Exchange for the Mutilated Parasol Effect
Yearbook 1961 1961 3
Val Andrews The Mutilated Parasol, A New Principle
Yearbook 1961 1961 4
Val Andrews Self Opening Parasol
Yearbook 1961 1961 6
Val Andrews Showmanly "Throwover" flourish with umbrella
Yearbook 1961 1961 6
Val Andrews Color Changing Parasol
Yearbook 1961 1961 7
Val Andrews The Dropped Silk idea for Mutilated Parasol
Yearbook 1961 1961 7
Val Andrews The Shrinking Sunshade shrinking parasol, in steps
Yearbook 1961 1961 7
Val Andrews Vanishing Sunshade wrapped in paper
Yearbook 1961 1961 8
Val Andrews Rehearsed "Ad Lib" Effects with Umbrella animated umbrella, stands without falling over
Yearbook 1961 1961 9
Val Andrews Comedy Gags with Umbrellas
Yearbook 1961 1961 10
Val Andrews Comedy Prop Umbrellas
Yearbook 1961 1961 10
Val Andrews Musical Numbers Suitable for Background to Umbrella Work
Yearbook 1961 1961 11
Bert Douglas The Safety Magician as D. R. Smith, various ideas on a themed show about safety using Ireland's Rainbow Plastic Boxes, production of several items
Yearbook 1961 1961 12
Bert Douglas Safety, A United Effort as D. R. Smith, safety presentation for Linking Ropes
Yearbook 1961 1961 13
The Vanisher chapter intro about tricks by Bruno
Yearbook 1961 1961 14
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Prison Card in Box cards in card case secured with rubber bands, card visible through window cut from card case changes into selection
Yearbook 1961 1961 14
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning Glittering Finale for the Okito Box Routine using Okito Box with hole, as a climax stream of silver glitter appears from box
Yearbook 1961 1961 15
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning The Restored Record two halves of a 45rpm record are thrown into the air and come down restored
Yearbook 1961 1961 17
Gerard "Bruno" Bruning New Uses for Old Tricks presentation idea for Ball and Tube, with cigarette
Yearbook 1961 1961 18
John Gannaway Tips on This and That
  • Liquids
  • Think Ink
  • Cut and Restored Tie
  • Paper Restorations
Yearbook 1961 1961 19
Everett Lyda Dots a Dandy Presentation using Dots-A-Dandy, spots on cardboard change colors
Yearbook 1961 1961 20
Oran Bailey Dent Trickities 3
  • "Watch Pocke" Gag
  • "Gone" Line
  • Production Gag
  • Rope Gimmick Tip
  • Liquid Air Hole Release
  • Balloon Breaking Gimmick
Yearbook 1961 1961 22
Eugene Boyd Coin Combination combination of Chinatown Quarter and Magic Coin Box, transposition of two coins
Yearbook 1961 1961 23
Richard Smiley Die Box Routine different design of the die
Yearbook 1961 1961 24
Robert F. Ve Verka Bubble Trouble illusion designed as shower, person appears from bubbles, bubble making machine
Yearbook 1961 1961 25
Lane Bateman Fingerless Psycho variation on Larry Becker's Psycho
Yearbook 1961 1961 26
Lane Bateman Grant Plus Karrell Fox routine for Grant's Dial X, divination of a number on a dial
Yearbook 1961 1961 26
Lane Bateman A New Card Spatula using a cake spatula
Yearbook 1961 1961 27
Lane Bateman Some Ideas on Tricks on Ultissimo and Loki's Locket
Yearbook 1961 1961 28
John R. Snider Two Tips on close-up cases (tool box) and decoration of tables
Yearbook 1961 1961 28
Jeff Haikara Southern Accent torn and restored bill using Confederate money
Yearbook 1961 1961 28
E. J. Partington Table Trick scam with two coins
Yearbook 1961 1961 29
The World of Illusion on the world of illusions, Marshall Brodien and Evelyn (picture)
Yearbook 1961 1961 30
Norman Osborn Patter for Neil Foster's Center Tear torn and restored newspaper presentation, no method
Yearbook 1961 1961 31
Carlton King An Original Coin Comedy coin to ball of wall, with metal boxes and rattle box, comedy routine
Yearbook 1961 1961 31
George Wood, Jr. The Many Uses of Chen Lee various ideas for the Chen Lee Water Suspension trick
Yearbook 1961 1961 34
Everett Lyda Squaring the Circle presentation
Yearbook 1961 1961 38
Al Hancuff "Pet to Port" milk poured in cup vanishes, then glass of wine appears from cup
Yearbook 1961 1961 39
Jay Marshall Chicago: Magic City reprint from Rogue Magazine, with pictures of Marshall Brodien, Johnny Platt, Senator Crandall, Frank Everhart
Yearbook 1961 1961 40
Al Hancuff Book a Blaze self-made burning book
Yearbook 1961 1961 45
Maurice Blackman Have Rabbit - Will Travel! on the use of rabbits in magic
  • Varieties of Rabbit
  • Handling
  • Housing
  • Feeding
  • Breeding
  • Amount of Trouble
  • Loading
  • Load Bags
  • Another Rabbit from Hat Production
  • Multiplying Rabbits
  • Suggestion for Decoration
Yearbook 1961 1961 47
Maurice Blackman How to do the Most Popular Trick in the World rabbit from the hat
Yearbook 1961 1961 52
Maurice Blackman Another Rabbit from Hat Method
Yearbook 1961 1961 54
Maurice Blackman Rabbit from Tambourine
Yearbook 1961 1961 54
Maurice Blackman Boldness is the Key on producing rabbits, with assistant
Yearbook 1961 1961 54
Maurice Blackman Producing a Rabbit from Spectator's Coat
Yearbook 1961 1961 55
Maurice Blackman Vanishing the Rabbit with tray
Yearbook 1961 1961 56
Maurice Blackman The Dummy Rabbit how to handle fake rabbit
Yearbook 1961 1961 57
Maurice Blackman Rabbit to Silk
Yearbook 1961 1961 58
Maurice Blackman Production or Vanish in a Plastic Bag
Yearbook 1961 1961 59
Maurice Blackman Black to White - Soap Commercial rabbit changes color inside box
Yearbook 1961 1961 60
Maurice Blackman Tripple Rabbit Production
Yearbook 1961 1961 60
Maurice Blackman Rabbit from Lettuce
Yearbook 1961 1961 61
Maurice Blackman Chocolate Box to Rabbit
Yearbook 1961 1961 61
Maurice Blackman Interrupted... By a Rabbit! fake rabbit from box changes to real rabbit
Yearbook 1961 1961 62
Maurice Blackman The End rabbit placed inside banner, vanishes and picture of rabbit appears on banner
Yearbook 1961