Written by Al Schneider

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95 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Al Schneider Six Properties Of Deception 1. Mechanical Deception
2. Sleight-of-Hand
3. Misdirection
4. Body Language
5. Intention of Reality
6. Intention of Magic
Al Schneider Basic Vanish very clear instructions, also possible with other small objects 6
Al Schneider Classic Vanish 9
Al Schneider Snap Back Vanish 12
Al Schneider Finger Clip Vanish clipped between second and third finger 12
Al Schneider Pop-Up Coin Move mentions Edward Marlo in the "Linking Ring" June 1957 17
Al Schneider Twirl Load load coin under card, while twisting the card one-handedRelated to 20
Al Schneider, Milton Kort Hand Load from classic palmRelated to 22
Al Schneider Quick Silver three silver coins travel to a copper coin one by one 27
Unknown Coin Steal in classic palm 28
Al Schneider, Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien 29
Al Schneider Quick Centavos
Al Schneider Crossed Cards I three coins under two crossed cards one by one 33
Al Schneider, Carroll Hovland Crossed Cards II with three different coins, gaffed 36
Al Schneider Three Halves Through 53
Al Schneider Slide-off Lapping Sequence 53
Al Schneider, Milton Kort Quick Shot three coins under glass through table, glass through table as a kicker, inspired by Kort's "Coins Through the Table" from Bobo 55
Al Schneider One Half Gone silver coin travels from between copper coins, nested in an okito box, under a card 63
Al Schneider, Edward Marlo SOC II Inspired byRelated to 65
Al Schneider One Coin Through Related to 81
Al Schneider Coin Growth coin grows under handkerchief 82
Al Schneider Dynamic Coin one coin routine 87
Al Schneider Tri-Vanish three coins vanish and reappear
Related to 89