Written by Walt Lees

Work of Ron MacMillan

85 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Dennis Patten.
Language: English

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Harry Stanley Introduction 11
Walt Lees Author's Preface 13
Ron MacMillan Coins for Manipulation general remarks 15
Ron MacMillan Coins for Back Palming 15
Ron MacMillan Coins for Spreads and Moves 15
Ron MacMillan Coins for Juggling 15
Ron MacMillan Shower Coins 16
Unknown The Classic Palm 17
Ron MacMillan Getting a Coin into the Classic Palm 17
Ron MacMillan Classic Palming More than One Coin and releasing one by one, brief 18
Ron MacMillan Producing Coins from the Classic Palm releasing one by one, tips on productions 18
Unknown Finger Palm three different positions 21
Ron MacMillan Placing a Coin into the Finger Palm 22
Ron MacMillan Finger Palming a Stack of Coins 22
T. Nelson Downs Downs Palm general remarks 23
Unknown The Upper Downs Palm 23
Ron MacMillan Placing a Single Coin in the Upper Downs Palm 23
Ron MacMillan Throw Vanish to Downs Palm 24
Ron MacMillan The Upper Downs Palm for a Stack of Coins 26
Ron MacMillan Placing a Stack of Coins into the Upper Downs Palm 26
Ron MacMillan The Production of Single Coins from a Stack in the Upper Downs Palm also with a glass 26
Unknown The Lower Downs Palm also known as "Oblique Palm" 29
Ron MacMillan Placing a Coin into the Lower Downs Palm 29
Ron MacMillan Ron MacMillan's Vanish with the Lower Downs Palm 30
Ron MacMillan The Lower Downs Palm with a Stack of Coins 32
Ron MacMillan Production of Single Coins from a Stack in the Lower Downs Palm 33
Ron MacMillan Lower Downs Palm Acquitment secret transfer of a stack of coins under cover of passing an object 33
Ron MacMillan Spread Vanish using The Downs Palm 34
Allan Shaw, Ron MacMillan Reproducing the Coins - Allan Shaw Method four coins one by one, single handed 37
Unknown The Back and Front Palm general remarks 39
Unknown Back and Front Palming with a Single Coin 39
Arthur H. Buckley Reproducing the Back Palmed Coin 40
Allan Shaw Allan Shaw's Vanish of a Coin 40
Geoffrey Buckingham, Ron MacMillan The Multiple Back Palm 42
Ron MacMillan Getting the Coins into the Multiple Back Palm 43
Unknown Producing Coins from Multiple Back Palm 44
Ron MacMillan Producing the last Coin 46
Ron MacMillan The Spread comments 49
Ron MacMillan The Basic Spread four coin roll out 49
Ron MacMillan The MacMillan Spread four coin roll out 50
Arthur H. Buckley The Buckley Spread four coin roll out 51
Ron MacMillan Over The Head four coins are tossed one at a time, over the head and caught in the other hand behind the back. The coins are shown spread between the fingers 52
Ron MacMillan Spread Vanish and Coin Star 54
Ron MacMillan Coin Roll or "Steeplechase" 57
Ron MacMillan Alternative Handling for the coin roll
Ron MacMillan Palming Excercise palm + coin roll 59
Peter Reilly Peter Reilly's Coin Production producing coins one by one and let each roll down your fingers 59
Ron MacMillan The Coin Juggling Throw the coins wil spin in the air for some seconds as in Pierre Brahma's act 61
Unknown The Rear of Thumb Palm back thumb palm 63
Ron MacMillan Producing a Coin from the Rear of Thumb Palm 65
Ron MacMillan Shower Production 66
Ron MacMillan Between the Fingers two coins between the fingers, similar to a billard ball + shell vanish 67
Ron MacMillan The Coin Star Related to 68
Geoffrey Buckingham Preparing the Stack tied stack of coins 71
Ron MacMillan Holders comments 72
Geoffrey Buckingham The Bag Holder 72
Ron MacMillan Dip Pockets similar to Robert-Houdin's "Pochettes" 72
Ron MacMillan Servantes for Pick Up Steals comments on pick up steals 73
Ron MacMillan Putting Together an Act 75
Ron MacMillan Dress comments on what to wear 75
Ron MacMillan Disposition of Loads 75
Ron MacMillan Apparatus and Pick Up Load 77
Ron MacMillan Ron MacMillan's Professional Coin Routine with gloves and a bucket, productions, vanishes and flourishes 78