Written by Eric Mead
Work of Eric Mead
238 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes
Language: English
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Teller Introduction
Eric Mead Preface
Eric Mead Approach essay
Also published here 3
Eric Mead A Fine Howdy Do lighter produced, flame turns to quarter, switches with copper in spectator's hand
Cigarette Pivot Production for production of lighter
Slydini Fake Take
Eric Mead, Juan Tamariz Post Performance Coloring theory, credited to Juan Tamariz
Eric Mead Watch the Birdie little paper bird vanishes from handkerchief and reappears on finger, bottle of beer produced from handkerchief
Related toAlso published here 23
Daniel Cros Thimble Vanish with paper ring
Eric Mead A Perfect Mystery essay on the question if magic is childish
Also published here 33
Eric Mead The Desired Effect essay on purpose and intention
Also published here 43
Eric Mead The Bunny-Bill Swindle using Bob Neale's bunny bill fold, kids are conned out of 9$ in the process
Also published here 49
Eric Mead Bar Flight three quarters, two travel to underneath napkin, the last one visibly on top
Also published here 52
Thumb Flick underneath napkin
Click Pass apparently adding third coin
Eric Mead Three-Piece Combo Aces cut to, lost and found again, color separation kicker with Aces in wrong halves
Related toAlso published here 65
Eric Mead Four-Card Control using crimp
Inspired byAlso published here 72
Eric Mead Change marked coin mixed with other coins, marked one found by touch, all other change to match
Inspired by
  • "The Odd Coin" (Jay Sankey, Up For Adoption, 1987)
Also published here
Juan Tamariz Double Crossing the Gaze Switch
Eric Mead The Walkout business tip
Also published here 83
Eric Mead Disorderly Conduct thoughts on stack management:
  • Three Words about False Shuffles
  • Attitude
  • Variety
  • Minimalism
  • Incidental Handling of Cards
  • The Bottom Card
  • Dealing, Counting, and Spelling
  • Dealing as Revelation
  • Replacements and Reassembly
  • The Overall Picture
  • Advanced Chaos

Eric Mead "Weighing the Cards" tip for stack method
Eric Mead Spectator Shuffles
Eric Mead Face-Down Slop restoring order of riffle shuffled packet
Eric Mead Topsy-Turvy Slop restoring order of riffle shuffled packet
Eric Mead Implicate Order two though cards found with procedure that apparently mixes the cards
Eric Mead Milking Aronson non-chalant method to replace Aces into Aronson stack
Milk Build Stack
Eric Mead Lazy Restoration handling to restore reversed part of stack
Inspired by 117
Eric Mead Jazz Chart & Favorite Licks strategies
  • Opening Gambits
  • Cheating
  • A Favorite Lick
  • Formula Lick
  • Superior Lick
  • Quick Lick
  • Last Dance
  • Tips and Tools
Inspired by 123
Arthur Finley Remote Control
Eric Mead Fifty-Two on One to One fifty-two on one gag, then all cards fall off except chosen one
Also published here 151
Eric Mead Puddle Jumper three packets, staged with glasses
Inspired by
  • Ace Goram's "Cards Across"
Related toAlso published here
Francis Carlyle Walking Finger Count
Tony Kardyro, Elmer Biddle Kardyro-Biddle Steal
Ernest Earick, Eric Mead Rotary Reverse Handling
Related to 169
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change
Eric Mead Transitions
Also published here 173
Eric Mead When Children Walk with Canes presentation for appearing cane with picture cards
Also published here 179
Eric Mead Say Anything
Also published here 183
Eric Mead A Proper Introduction
Related toAlso published here 191
Eric Mead Tie One On performer's tie hidden, one chosen from several matches
Also published here 195
Eric Mead Peek-a-Book information written on business card and placed in book is secretly read
Also published here 203
Eric Mead, Michael Weber Gone Fishin' date of coin chosen from several in handkerchief is divined
Also published here 211
Eric Mead An Auspicious Occasion
Related toAlso published here 219
Mexican Joe Crimp
Eric Mead The Under-Fire Peek
Also published here 232
Eric Mead So Long
Also published here 237
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