Written by Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Various

98 pages (Hardcover), published by Danny Korem
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edward Marlo Complot Wallet Routine Bendix Wallet, transposition, then card to wallet 1
Jon Racherbaumer, David Solomon Spectator Cuts Off more than he can Choose spectator cuts deck in four packets, after some counting and packet handling aces, queens and kings are turned over 3
Gene Castillon The Castillon Connection split card gaff 5
Robert Walker Atomic Clock card from wallet climax 9
Unknown Nail Nick bottom card 10
Unknown Corner Crimp 10
Jon Racherbaumer Zen Triumph 12
Jon Racherbaumer, Nick Trost Flip-Flop Triumph featuring eight-packet display by TrostInspired by 13
Danny Korem Stull-ess Watch Stunner spectator makes time out of numbers written by spectators, watch set by spectator, times match, based in routine by Leslie (Magick #246) 17
Danny Korem Riding a Wave card travels from thought of position to other positionInspired by 19
Edward Marlo Ma Bell Ringers Marlo's "Telephone Test" from Ibidem #11
three phases, over phone or in other room
Danny Korem, Edward Marlo Korem Variation of Telephone Test based on Marlo's "Telephone Test" from Ibidem #11, four phasesInspired by 22
Jon Racherbaumer Third Thot card that falls on thought-of position is chosen, later named, ten memorized cards, faroInspired by 25
Jon Racherbaumer, Jack Avis Wired Hidden Power card remembered at total of cut-off packetInspired by 26
Gene Castillon Succession Aces of a Different Color odd-backed, gaffed
A. Five-Card Ace Packet Approach
B. Four-Card Approach
Gene Castillon Successful Succession A. Full Deck Approach
B. Packet Approach
David Solomon A Blended Succession 33
Gene Maze Pyramid of the Kings Kings and twelve blank cards 34
Jon Racherbaumer The Disassembling Jokers Related toVariations 39
Edward Marlo OPEC Technique 40
Jon Racherbaumer Two as Four Count 41
Gene Castillon Technicolor Disassembling Jokers odd-backed 41
Danny Korem Gather and Scatter ye Colorful Jokers odd-backed 44
Edward Marlo Tabled Transfer credited to Travelers in Linking Ring 45
Jean-Jacques Sanvert Cannibals French Style transformation climaxVariations 47
Unknown Removing Less Cards from Deck 48
Edward Marlo Drop Unload on Deck in-the-hands, see final note 49
Danny Korem Dessert deck vanish between cannibal cardsRelated to 50
Jon Racherbaumer The Uncanny Cannibals with mutilated card, climax with Alka-seltzer tablets 51
Jon Racherbaumer Canned Cannibals 53
Edward Marlo The Side-Jog Glide from end grip
- Variant A
- Variant B: As a Multiple Exchange
- Variant C
- Variant D
Also published here 55
Ken Simmons Tilt Throw-Off I 57
Ken Simmons The Magician's Fooler 57
Jon Racherbaumer Tilt Throw-Off II 58
Edward Marlo Push-In Change 58
Edward Marlo Ruffle Shuffle deck switch at table edge 59
Edward Marlo Covert Coin coin becomes invisible and reappears, using deck of cards and selectionInspired by 61
Jon Racherbaumer, Edward Marlo Easy Way Faro Fooler three card control 62
Danny Korem Color Changing Eidetic Sandwich card in tabled sandwich changes visibly, then back changes 63
Jon Racherbaumer Spirit Production and Transposition four blue-backed jokers, two red-backed selections, then confusing packet trick magic 64
Jon Racherbaumer Trapped Transposition sandwiched card in center of deck transposes with card in hand, three methodsInspired by 66
Edward Marlo Quick Reflex Inspired by 68
Edward Marlo Pick-Up Tip-Over Switch 68
David Solomon Swindle Speller ace of spades is spelled to and locates thought-of card (thought of at mental number) 69
Harry Allen Sawing the Lady in Half? four aces found and selection as well 70
Bruce Cervon Pivot Production 71
Gene Castillon Spellbinder kings spelled out, then aces found, kings change back color, rest of deck all jokers 73
Gene Castillon Banded Deck Switch in Pocket 76
Gene Castillon Another Tabled Transposition two copper 1 silver with Okito boxInspired by 77
Jon Brunelle Lid Load 77
Edward Marlo Spider Vanish 78
Sam Leo Horowitz Righting Technique 80
Gene Castillon Ungaffed Tabled Transposition two copper 1 silver with Okito box 81
Danny Korem Copper and Silver: Cupped and Cozy three phases 82
David Roth Continuous One-Hand Change 83
Richard Kaufman Pursed Coins of Ishtar 85
Richard Kaufman Deep Back Clip Han Ping Chien 87
Danny Korem Fantasy Torn and Restored Card jumbo signed card, corner torn off and restored, inspired by John Cornelius ("The Reel Works" column, 44/4) 88
Danny Korem Extinguished Smoker cigarette vanishes, water appears in hand, two thumb tips 93
Danny Korem The Tip and the Coin small coin vanishes in thumb tip, variation with folding half 94
Danny Korem Hanging Tip tip 96