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30 pages (Spiralbound), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
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Danny Korem Commentary on the Upside Down Toppit (UDT, Pendulum Holdout)
- What is it?
- Where did it come from?
- The Pursuit
- A Word of Caution
Danny Korem How to Use the UDT - Vanishing a Rubber Ball pendulum holdout 3
Danny Korem Another Vanish Sequence for ball, pendulum holdout 7
Danny Korem Retrieval from the UDT pendulum holdout 8
Danny Korem Key Points Regarding Use of UDT pendulum holdout 10
Danny Korem Two Methods of Hooking Up - Method 1: A Magnet
- Method 2: Metal Hook Disc
Danny Korem Korem Card to Pocket single card visually vanishes, removed from pants pocket, pendulum holdout 12
Danny Korem Single Card Vanish free-handed, pendulum holdout 12
Danny Korem Preferred Vanish of the Card free-handed, pendulum holdout 15
Danny Korem Miracle Card Change pendulum holdout 16
Danny Korem Scary Deck Switch pendulum holdout 17
Danny Korem Ramsey's Triple Restoration tissue paper, with spectator, pendulum holdoutVariations 20
Danny Korem Concluding Remarks 30