Written by Jim Steinmeyer
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30 pages (Stapled), published by Hahne
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Jim Steinmeyer Introduction
Jim Steinmeyer The Nine Card Problem small packet spelling discovery, no-touch
Also published here 5
Jim Steinmeyer The Full Deck Problem Nine Card Problem version with deck
Variations 8
Jim Steinmeyer Dimes & Pennies calculation stunt with coins
Jim Steinmeyer A Quarter to Nine calculation stunt with coins
Jim Steinmeyer The One O'clock Mystery spelling hours to arrive at one, Kruskal
Related toVariations 12
Jim Steinmeyer The Three Mystery spelling numbers to arrive at three, Kruskal
Jim Steinmeyer The King Mystery spelling values to arrive at King, Kruskal
Jim Steinmeyer Understanding the Bermuda Triangle counting trick with triangle formation of objects
Also published here 15
Jim Steinmeyer The "Ten Boys" Poker Deal demo with ten cards, repeat poker deal
Also published here 18
Jim Steinmeyer, George Sands The Five Card Mix forcing a card from five, see also George Sands "Prime Time"
Related toVariations 21
Jim Steinmeyer Automatic Poker ten cards are "mixed" by spectator, then red-black separated or poker deal, Pseudo-CATO
Related to 23
Jim Steinmeyer Three Card Monte spectator mixed three cards according to instructions, possible over phone, mathematical
Jim Steinmeyer Teleportation in spectator's hands
Inspired by 27
Verbal Backwards Counting 12-11-10-9-8-7-6
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