1964 Reprint
Written by Theodore Annemann
Work of Various
268 pages (Hardcover), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
298 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page AA Categories
Harold Lloyd You See? three card location, one-way
Also published here 51 1938 353
Gerald Kosky Predicto spectator shuffles and cuts into three piles, performer predicts third card in pile he will choose, bad outs
51 1938 356
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Glimpse tabled, for third card from top
51 1938 356
Hen Fetsch Travel Thought cities on map are thought of and written on paper, divined by medium in the dark, carbon paper
Also published here 51 1938 357
Martin Gardner Watchistry spectator calculates number from hours on watch, divined by performer
Variations 51 1938 357
Eddie Clever Encore Voodoo card is put in envelope with ribbon band and hidden by spectator, light out, performer suddenly has card and mutilates it, when spectator retrieves card it has same appearance, dressed up Chinese Laundry Ticket
Related toAlso published here 51 1938 358
Barbara Stanwyck Bits of Presto article touched in other room, performer knows, same with card selection
52 1939 359
Barbara Stanwyck Card at Dice Number three dice thrown, total counted to selection
52 1939 361
Charles T. Jordan, Theodore Annemann Telethot also "Telethought", design duplication with medium, eight slips of paper, Jordan's Yogi Force
Related toAlso published here 52 1939 361
Theodore Annemann Magic versus Mentalism thought of card is spelled to from two decks, progressive spelling set-up
52 1939 363
E. Leslie May Magic versus Mentalism Addition thought-of card predicted, six out index
52 1939 363
Orville Wayne Meyer Satan's Silks 20th century silks (originated by Frank Ducrot) variation, then silks visually come together and tie themselves, thread
52 1939 364
L. Vosburgh Lyons Money Method
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 366
Alphonso Much Thought three thought-of cards found by spelling, two decks, progressive spelling set-up
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 367
Theodore Annemann Five Findo five cards found in different ways
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 368
Theodore Annemann Nail Nick Key Control
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 368
Theodore Annemann Card at Number from 1-10 with outs
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 368
Theodore Annemann Bottom Deal Stop Trick small packet after spectator stops
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 368
Unknown Stabbing Force break
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 368
Theodore Annemann Riffle Force with break
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 369
Jean Hugard, Art Lyle Magician vs Gambler patter story and simplified handling
Inspired by Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 369
Theodore Annemann Jinx Blazer recipe for a drink
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 370
Charles T. Jordan Ultimo - The Ace of Mechanical Decks trick in which half the cards are long-short pairs glued face-to-face on one end, many trick examples
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 371
Gordon R. McKenney Ace in Hole two selections in two halves appear at same position, out for lost card
Related to Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 373
Theodore Annemann Contest Dept. square layout, mini-sudoku-type puzzle
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 373
Charles Nyquist, Pierre L. O. A. Keeler P. L. O. A. Keeler switch of paper sheets between slates
Winter Extra 1938/39 1939 376
Stephen Simpson Criss-Cross performer and spectator each write down card and number from one to twenty-six, when counted down in two halves it matches, option to end clean by switching the half with duplicates
53 1939 377
Russell Prunier Linking Rings with Wire Coat Hangers only mentioned in passing
53 1939 378
Herbert Milton Sympathetic Clubs twelve double facers
53 1939 380
Orville Wayne Meyer Voices in the Night or "A Travelling Salesman vs. A Farmer's Daughter"
possible with jumbo cards, story presentation
53 1939 380
Joseph H. Fries Rope Riting forming word with rope on black board
53 1939 382
Orville Wayne Meyer Tervil word, number and city are written on billet, prediction on another billet
Related toAlso published here 54 1939 383
Orville Wayne Meyer Symmyst
Also published here 54 1939 383
Theodore Annemann Making Double Facers with peeling
54 1939 384
E. Leslie May Pocket Presto nice transposition presentation
54 1939 384
Robert Weill I'm Sorry! three spectators note cards, they are the same and become blank, then deck transforms into chart of letter (eye examination test)
54 1939 387
L. Vosburgh Lyons Last Chance
Related toAlso published here 54 1939 387
Tommy Rozum Pick-up Force cards picked up from tabled deck one by one until spectator stops
  • Forcing One Card
  • Forcing One Card Several Times
  • Forcing Several Cards
54 1939 388
Tommy Rozum Double Deal Display from packet towards the back
54 1939 388
L. Vosburgh Lyons Mental Rescue two spectators have five cards each and exchange one, performer divines it
Related toAlso published here 55 1939 389
L. Vosburgh Lyons Tri-Predict envelope cut in deck, card above and below predicted, repeat
55 1939 389
Unknown Card under Envelope Addition envelope with card underneath is placed on pile to add (force) card
55 1939 389
Peter Warlock Pencil Note on Nail secret cue sheet, recipe
55 1939 390
R. M. Jamison Illusive Cups-Balls Opening
55 1939 392
Paul Lesser Light That Was blowing match out through sleeve with new method
55 1939 392
Charles Rose Problem Dept. facial expression changes in seance, witnessed by Charles Rose
55 1939 392
Theodore Annemann Contest Corner mathematical problem with 3x3 magic square, see page 396 for solution
55 1939 392
Audley Walsh Gnome Madness spectator pockets any card he likes while spreading through them, this one is found
55 1939 394
Robert Weill Closed Door Production
55 1939 394
The Great Merlini Red-Vibro spectator puts any card in envelope, performer spreads second deck, it has one odd-backed card - the same as in the envelope
56 1939 395
Theodore Annemann Eagle Location risky location in which spectator shuffles his own card back
Related to 56 1939 397
Theodore Annemann (reviewer) Forging Ahead in Magic by John Booth 56 1939 397
Unknown Making Envelope transparent alcohol
56 1939 398
Theodore Annemann, Unknown Light on the Hindu Shuffle control to top
56 1939 398
Theodore Annemann The Consecutive Hindu Shuffle multiple control in one hindu shuffle
56 1939 399
Theodore Annemann The Hindu Force dropping from bottom of right hand to left hand packet
56 1939 399
Theodore Annemann The Simplex Hindu Location simple, key card placement
56 1939 399
Mitchell Dyszel The Travelling Knot knot in silk slides down and dissolves
56 1939 400
Mitchell Dyszel Snap Knot
56 1939 400
James Stewart Whisko shot glass vanishes under handkerchief
57 1939 401
James Stewart Ghosto person vanishes from trunk and comes in from door, party/seance trick/gag
57 1939 401
Theodore Annemann Flat Rabbit Gag "I left him in the suit when I had it pressed!"
57 1939 402
Dr. Stanley Jaks Crystal-Viso chosen card divined in crystal ball first by performer, then spectator
Related toVariationsAlso published here 57 1939 404
James G. Thompson Jr. Financial Nightmare bill transposition with story presentation
57 1939 405
Peter Warlock Satan's Scissors red and white tissue paper transforms into cut-out image of chosen card
57 1939 405
Dr. Jacob Daley Vice-Versa transposition isolated on table, double facer
Related to 57 1939 406
Unknown Wild Card Turnover Move double facer and normal card
57 1939 406
Tom Darlington Tip Tap Top puzzle/bar bet with coin and cigarette pack
Summer Extra 1939 1939 408
Cedric Applause named card caught out of shower of cards
Summer Extra 1939 1939 409
Eric C. Lewis King of Clubs "King of Clubs" forced and name of local club appears on backs of some cards
Summer Extra 1939 1939 409
Eric Williams Sucker Dummy gag for silk vanish with sucker/soother
Summer Extra 1939 1939 410
John Ramsay Thimble Come interlocked thimble production
Summer Extra 1939 1939 411
George Davenport Cane to Silk Ideas
Summer Extra 1939 1939 411
Oscar H. Paulson Bridge Mentalo freely selected card is found out after some calculation with its value and suit
Summer Extra 1939 1939 411
Lenz Glowing Embers eating fakir stunt
Summer Extra 1939 1939 412
George Sutcliffe, Tom Sellers Repel-Attract matches move apart between fingers, rubber tubing
Variations Summer Extra 1939 1939 412
Jean Hugard Mutilation billiard ball penetrates borrowed handkerchief, for repeat it gets stuck and handkerchief is cut and burned, then restored (Hanky Panky)
Summer Extra 1939 1939 413
Arthur Dowler Beer Cap bar bet with beer cap, turning it over on table
Related to Summer Extra 1939 1939 413
E. Leslie May A Napkin Sewn comedy restoration with visible sewing lines
Summer Extra 1939 1939 413
Deveen Tourniquet Cig
Summer Extra 1939 1939 414
Tom Sellers A Four Ace Move see also Daley Notebook Item 13
Related to Summer Extra 1939 1939 414
Peter Warlock The Satchel book test with slates
Also published here Summer Extra 1939 1939 414
Tom Sellers Transforming Break into Step
Summer Extra 1939 1939 414
Edmund Younger Flowers Aplenty "Li-Chung-Soo", various tips for flower productions
Summer Extra 1939 1939 415
John Ramsay Hypno Coin coin stands on edge on thumb
Summer Extra 1939 1939 416
Chester Morris The Fate of the Fabric borrowed handkerchief smudged and destroyed, then restored
58 1939 417
Theodore Annemann Getting rid of Double Facer
Inspired by 58 1939 418
Unknown Making Vanishing Ink
58 1939 419
James G. Thompson Jr. Court of Intrigue verbal puzzle
58 1939 419
Robert Brethen Known Before card on both sides predicted
58 1939 419
William Taylor Puzzle Lamps circuit of four light bulbs
58 1939 421
Kent Arthur Right Number person in book selected, someone phoned who names this name
Variations 58 1939 421
David P. Abbott Abbott's Book Test
Also published here 58 1939 422
David P. Abbott Magician's Choice out of eight items
58 1939 422
Donald Holmes Forcing Deck long-short glued pairs with loose force card in between
58 1939 422
Theodore Annemann No Pain fakir stunt combination:
  • burning cigarette on tongue
  • needle through arm (real)
  • eating pepper
  • putting hand in trap
Related to 59 1939 423
James G. Thompson Jr. Court of Intrigue verbal puzzlepu
59 1939 424
Kent Arthur Faker! one of four cards is signed and they're cut into deck, then three cards reverse with face-down in between which turns out to be signed card, medium/seance situation
59 1939 425
John J. Crimmins Jr. Meta-Stasis two selected cards, duplicate
59 1939 427
Walter B. Gibson The 20 Card Trick as seen by Agostin, twenty cards are selected and shuffled back, all found blindfolded from pocket in apparently random order
59 1939 428
Kent Arthur Spurious Pelf "do as i do" sequence with spectator and 5 bills each, selected bill remains upside down
Related to 60 1939 429
Stuart P. Cramer Just Pretend one coin vanish and reproduction
60 1939 431
Unknown Flat Thumb Palm kind of "Downs Palm"
60 1939 431
Cedric The Bacchanalian Card Trick messages on card that suggest a round of drinks payed by one of the spectators
60 1939 433
Julian J. Proskauer Smeero
60 1939 434
Sid Lorraine Dollar Day
61 1939 435
James G. Thompson Jr. Red and Blue Futurama free selection in predicted on odd-backed card and changes back color
61 1939 437
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display
61 1939 438
George Delaney A Magnetic Personality
  • magnetic/mesmerised cards
  • buzzing sound when touching metal
  • fire flash in the dark
61 1939 438
Peter Warlock Pagan Papers different colored tissue papers are rolled up inside each other and put in glasses, inner paper travels to other glass
Related to 62 1939 439
Theodore Annemann A 68 Cent Patent tip on patenting, see page 456
62 1939 441
George Delaney Three in One card openly reversed in deck, then cards on either side reverse instead
Also published here 62 1939 441
Kent Arthur Familiar Spirit twenty blank cards, each with a two-figure number by a spectator, then some cards are totaled and total divined
Also published here 62 1939 442
James G. Thompson Jr. Utility Routine Svengali deck with the different cards stacked, ends clean, bridge deal finale
Also published here 63 1939 443
Sid Lorraine Magical Business Card quick transformation effect as card is given out
63 1939 444
Theodore Annemann The Perfect Club Slate Routine name written up secretly on paper appears on slate
Also published here 63 1939 446
Eddie Joseph Man of Attraction The Human Magnet, sticky substance, prelude with some "body magic" stunts
64 1939 447
Joseph Dunninger Nomenclature three random names are spelled, selection found, automatic placement procedure
Related toVariationsAlso published here 64 1939 450
Dr. Van Deusen, Bruce Elliott Finger Finger number of held-up fingers divined repeatedly, see also page 476 for idea by Vosburgh Lyons
Also published here 65 1939 451
Theodore Annemann The $10,000 Challenge Silk Vanish pull to confederate
65 1939 452
Charley Nagel Numberitus nine principle
65 1939 452
James Thompson X-Add-Ray number written on paper divined, pocket slates gimmick
65 1939 454
William Henderson (reviewer) Modern Magic Programs No. 6 by Tommy Martin 65 1939 455
Sid Lorraine Prediction method for sealed prediction envelope
Also published here 65 1939 456
Theodore Annemann Omega Card Act five cards in five spectacular ways (see following entries)
66 1939 457
Unknown Scallop Short
66 1939 458
Theodore Annemann, Holden The Rising Card credits see p. 461
66 1939 459
Theodore Annemann, Stanley Collins The Penetrating Card deck in case, credits see p. 461
66 1939 459
Theodore Annemann, Morris Loewy The Pocketbook Card credits see p. 461
66 1939 459
Unknown Case Flap between Cards and Deck
66 1939 459
Theodore Annemann The Impaled Card
66 1939 460
Theodore Annemann The Torn Card deck torn in half, stop trick from both half piles, credits see p. 461
66 1939 460
Claude Goldin Quarters from Torn Deck deck torn in quarters, performer names four positions, when counted down in the four positions there is selected card
66 1939 461
Theodore Annemann Whim of Tituba page travels into nested signed envelopes, "pegasus page", see also pages 468 & 472 for credits
Related toAlso published here 67 1939 463
Unknown, Al Baker Nested Envelopes Switch
67 1939 465
Minoe Pretty Bauble duplicate ring
67 1939 465
Kent Arthur Ten and One shell
67 1939 466
Unknown Simple Coin Switch
67 1939 466
Val Evans Discs of Dir ball and disc threaded on string, they impossibly change places
68 1939 467
Otto Waldmann An Improved Fake Hat e.g. for production
68 1939 470
Orville Wayne Meyer To Do a Miracle psychological force
68 1939 470
Stewart James Sefalaljia miniature spirit cabinet, ball moves, ring on tape, cigar lights itself, milk vanishes
Related toVariationsAlso published here 69 1939 471
R. M. Jamison Impromptu Slick Work ivory finish card in air cushion or linen deck
69 1939 472
Ellis Stanyon Personalities In Flight four business cards borrowed and placed on handkerchief corners, penetration underneath cover one by one
69 1939 474
Fredric Kolb Nirvana Nos. one of sixteen colors selected, one card by naming position 1-52, three numbers added up, on cardboard in frame then appear those three selections
Related to 70 1939 475
Unknown Faced-Deck Card at Any Number
70 1939 477
Orville Wayne Meyer Phoned Thots mirage deck
70 1939 478
Stewart James (reviewer) Modern Magic Programs No. 7 by Joseph DunningerRelated to 70 1939 478
Henry Christ Mental Stud poker presentation
71 1939 479
Dr. Lazlo Rothbart Coloroto four-of-a-kind changes front and back with partial rough-smooth
Also published here 71 1939 481
Theodore Annemann The Roughened Card Formulae
71 1939 482
Joseph H. Fries Torn Sentiment message appears cut out from newspaper
71 1939 482
Herb Runge Neckfright rope through neck, snap-fasteners
72 1939 483
Henry Christ Mathematical Black Jacks black jacks are located via counting, see also Charles Jordan's "The Keystone Card Discovery"
Variations 72 1939 485
L. Vosburgh Lyons The Knickel of Kanadah coin divination, magnetism
Inspired byAlso published here 72 1939 486
Theodore Annemann, Thirteen of Magic Authentical rubber banded deck stands on edge during rise
73 1939 487
Howard Warringer Fingeraura challenge location using scotch tape secretly applied to card
73 1939 489
Burling Hull, Theodore Annemann New Sheet Reading questions in numbered envelopes answered by medium, Q&A
Also published here 73 1939 491
Unknown Deck Switching Servante mention
73 1939 491
Minoe Matchless Pocket Trick two matchboxes in borrowed hat, one of them vanishes and travels to another hat
73 1939 492
L. Vosburgh Lyons Graphology spectators write on paper cards, performer assigns them correctly, pseudo-psychometry
Related toVariationsAlso published here 74 1940 493
Joseph Dunninger The Secret with flash paper addition, using a glass of water, credit claim
Related toAlso published here 74 1940 495
Henry Christ Stop When Ready
Related toAlso published here 74 1940 496
Henry Christ Aces and Kings a bit procedure heavy
74 1940 496
Peter Warlock Jest of Gratoulet white silk tied between two others, changes place with tissue paper
75 1940 497
Stewart James Pin Divination orientation of pin in closed container divined
Also published here 75 1940 498
Abril Lamarque Match Gag gag in which match doesn't go out and is then put in pocket lightened
75 1940 498
Robert Tothill Secrets for Sale four locations
75 1940 500
Robert Brethen As in a Mirror Darkly billet index on back of cards
Related toAlso published here 76 1940 501
Theodore Annemann On Winston Freer's Dinner Table Levitation see also pages 514, 516, 520
76 1940 502
E. D. Wolff Impromptu Change Bag folded napkin
76 1940 503
Alexander Herrmann Dinner Table Pull for vanishing objects, between legs, bag that is pulled up the back when standing up, see page 506 for Sachs credit
Related to 76 1940 504
Walter B. Gibson Double Reverse spectator's and performer's cards reverse
Related toVariationsAlso published here 77 1940 505
L. Vosburgh Lyons A Hole in One hole punched through four pieces of paper, three of them restore
77 1940 505
Charles T. Jordan Bewildero spectator remembers card and position from face, then procedure heavy control/steal
77 1940 508
Charles T. Jordan Bewildero 2nd procedure heavy
77 1940 508
E. D. Wolff Astral Ad ads cut out of newspaper put in envelope, one chosen and word in it chosen, divined
Also published here 78 1940 509
Clayton Rawson Sixth Finger Card Rise
Related to 78 1940 511
Charles T. Jordan Forty-Nine 21 card trick with 49 cards and two dealing rounds, see also page 524 for idea to do it as telephone trick by Lloyd Jones
78 1940 513
Minoe, U. F. Grant Clever Coins two times ten coins in two bowls, number selected with dice travels across, see also page 524
78 1940 513
Unknown Number Force with Dice dice glued in matchbox
78 1940 514
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Number Thot number "randomly" calculated divined, interesting principle
Also published here 79 1940 515
Dr. Jacob Daley Short Card Anecdote
79 1940 516
Theodore Annemann Erased Address Prediction mailing envelope with pencil-written address to yourself
79 1940 516
Tom Sellers, Val Evans Forced Prognostico selection appears on blank card
VariationsAlso published here 79 1940 517
Tom Sellers Credit Card Force on another card
Related to 79 1940 517
Val Evans Glide Display hiding face of one card
79 1940 517
Claude Collier We All Do with three decks and two spectators
79 1940 517
Sid Fleischman Drunken Cocktail liquid travels from straw to straw
79 1940 518
James G. Thompson Jr. The Eyes Have It coding only with eye movement
Related toAlso published here 80 1940 519
Audley Walsh Gloves Glue Gag
80 1940 520
Theodore Annemann The Whistle two cards reverse with fun presentation
Variations 80 1940 522
Theodore Annemann Double Lift Reverse
80 1940 522
Theodore Annemann Rightening Reverse while rightening another card
80 1940 522
Theodore Annemann A Card in Hand card changes in spectator's hand, backdated for ten years
Related toVariationsAlso published here 80 1940 522
Burling Hull Slip Control selection switched out with slip force type action
80 1940 522
Audley Walsh Open Minds sum prediction via cards, out-to-lunch principle on deck of cards
Also published here 81 1940 523
Theodore Annemann (reviewer) 12 Tricks With A Borrowed Deck by Martin Gardner 81 1940 524
Theodore Annemann Damn The Rain cocktail recipe
81 1940 525
Dr. Edward G. Ervin The Adhesive Tape Tie
81 1940 526
Kent Arthur "Never Idle" Cards slop shuffle Triumph with twelve card packet
81 1940 526
Theodore Annemann Pocket Prophecies including thoughts on predictions and the pocket index in general, see also p. 818
Also published here 82 1940 527
Theodore Annemann The Original Effect straight card prediction using billet index
Also published here 82 1940 529
Theodore Annemann Lady and Gentleman two card prediction with billet index
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 82 1940 529
Theodore Annemann, Walter B. Gibson The Omega Card Prophecy card chosen with dealing procedure, billet index
Also published here 82 1940 529
Orville Wayne Meyer Twin Prediction partial set-up and ten-card billet index
Also published here 82 1940 530
Orville Wayne Meyer, Arthur H. Buckley Twin Prediction - The Improved Buckley Method full deck stack and billet index
Also published here 82 1940 530
Audley Walsh The Mystic Twelve cards pocketed and another remembered, performer divines position of selection and number of cards in pocket, reverse-count force
Variations 82 1940 531
Hubert Elliott Sky Sense selection moved from pile to pile, divined by performer, key card
83 1940 533
Unknown Key Card Shuffle Subtlety
83 1940 533
Len Sewell Crystal Box production box
83 1940 534
Herb Runge Hidden Mystery two cards selected with dealing procedure, performer places another card next to them one by one
Related toAlso published here 83 1940 535
Herb Runge Gemini Twins Placement
83 1940 535
Walter B. Gibson Before Your Eyes Improvement improvement
Inspired byAlso published here 83 1940 535
Theodore Annemann One-Hand Cutting Trick
83 1940 535
Minoe Frame Up appearing card or picture in frame
84 1940 537
Minoe Fan/Ping Pong Bat Force stop force with prop
84 1940 538
G. W. Hunter Three Predictions piles made and card moved around, then some pocketed, performer divines everything
Variations 84 1940 538
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Sixth Finger
Inspired by 84 1940 539
Dr. Jacob Daley Never Fail instructions to rope trick appear on slates
Also published here 85 1940 541
Dr. Jacob Daley Frontier Fantasy red and blue backed Four of Spades transpose, red-blue double backer
85 1940 542
Theodore DeLand Two Card Monte Move
85 1940 542
Dr. Jacob Daley Two Cards in Fear two spectators stab two knives in deck wrapped in newspaper
Related toVariations 85 1940 543
Dr. Jacob Daley Second Card from the Top Slip Pass
Related to 85 1940 543
Theodore Annemann The Invisible Pull thumb tip at pull, applied to paper restoration, silk/cigarette vanish
Related to 86 1940 546
Stanley Collins, Dr. Lazlo Rothbart Thoughts O.K. prepared (double indices) and ungaffed method for princess card trick
86 1940 547
Walter B. Gibson Card Case Glimpse "Flap-Flap" card put in card case is glimpsed later
86 1940 548
Frank Ducrot Smoked Glasses Tenkai Glass Levitation at book combined with Smoke and new gimmick
87 1940 549
Frederick Eugene Powell A Ring There Was ring to egg with gaffed bowl and plate
87 1940 550
Harry Houdini Malay Escape rope tie
87 1940 551
T. Nelson Downs Money Sense cards divined and four selected cards represent year of coin
87 1940 551
T. Nelson Downs Out for Classic Force
87 1940 551
Unknown Beer Bet impromptu milk pitcher type thing with celluloid in glass to drink more
87 1940 552
Theodore Annemann On Hooker's Rising Effect some gossip
87 1940 552
Walter B. Gibson Perplexity two cards in twenty card packet at unknown positions change place (more or less)
Related to 88 1940 553
George Delaney An Acrobatic Handkerchief impromptu dancing handkerchief
88 1940 553
George Delaney Flame in Duplicate match lights twice
Related to 88 1940 553
Hen Fetsch In the Mind performer really blindfolded
  • think stop with one selection
  • think stop with three selections
  • a chosen card is named
Also published here 88 1940 554
Unknown Hindu Force
88 1940 555
Theodore Annemann Weird Wire medium phoned and tells one out of five designs, selected cards and word
VariationsAlso published here 89 1940 558
Allan Howell Foretold selection with numbers and dealing procedure predicted
89 1940 559
Magnuson Devil Device gaffed box for questions, see also p. 570
Also published here 89 1940 561
Audley Walsh The Assorted Cards elaborate diminishing cards routine
90 1940 563
Stanley Collins Transit Spheres four small balls travel from hand to hand
91 1940 567
Royal Vale Heath Figure Fantasy Fibonacci principle
91 1940 568
Al Cohn Combination dealing trick
Inspired by 91 1940 568
Walter B. Gibson Like Seeks Like 3&3, precursor to Oil & Water using glide
91 1940 569
John Houdi, Dr. George W. Crane The Houdini Breath Control Method
92 1940 571
Theodore Annemann Ballot Box Divination fifty lotto type counters in revolving ballot box
Also published here 92 1940 572
Charles Arbuthnot The Arbuthnot Canfield Solitaire Stack
Related to 92 1940 573
Dr. Egolar Razor Blade Trick
92 1940 574
Lulu Hurst The Secret of the Georgia Wonder general information and:
  • The Balance Test
  • The Downward Thrust
  • The Heavy Weight Lifting Test
  • The Chair that Won'd be Forced
  • The Umbrella Test
  • The Uncontrollable Cane or Cue
  • The Unruly Chair
93 1940 575
Unknown Getting Coin in Glass paper on glass, coin on top, getting coin in glass without touching paper (no snap!)
93 1940 580
Stephen Simpson Universal Card-Incidence two decks, card thought of, performer and spectator each shuffle and deal cards out in certain patters, then the thought-of card is in same position in both deck
Related to 94 1940 581
Charles Harris, Allan Lambie Secret of Satan coin in paper burned in ashtray on top of glass, it penetrates and falls into glass
Variations 94 1940 583
Theodore Annemann Card in High initialed card burned in newspaper (dummy card printed on newspaper), reappears in rubber banded wallet (with dummy behind glass)
Related to 95 1940 585
Theodore Annemann Riffle Force with break
95 1940 586
Karl Germain The Germain Gem named dead person appears on billet, pocket writing
Also published here 95 1940 588
Theodore Annemann Volition four selections in envelopes, spectators choose their own card, equivoque
Also published here 95 1940 589
Stuart Towne, Don Diavolo The Time Formula fairly selected card (6 duplicates used) predicted via mirror writing, time traveling presentation
96 1940 591
Stuart Towne, Don Diavolo Diavolo Hide-Out Fan hiding packet underneath one-handed fan
96 1940 592
B. B. Low Tram Card card vanishes underneath handkerchief, reappears in pocket, using index
Related to 96 1940 593
B. B. Low Card Vanish underneath Handkerchief dummy stick sewn in handkerchief
96 1940 593
Stuart Robson Last Touch last card is selection
Also published here 96 1940 593
Unknown Cross Cut Force
96 1940 593
Henry Hardin Mystic Perception divined whether serial number on dollar bill is odd or even
Also published here 97 1940 596
Henry Hardin The Appearing Card in the Pocket showing pocket empty with card in corner of pocket
97 1940 596
Henry Hardin The Ghost Hand living dead with rough smooth edge
Also published here 97 1940 597
Henry Hardin Monte-Cristo Cards forcing deck with divided cards
97 1940 597
Henry Hardin The Hypnotized Bird bird "plays dead"
97 1940 597
Henry Hardin Aladdin's Box paper travels from nest of boxes to another box
97 1940 598
Henry Hardin Houdin's Dream one-way faces via pips, no-touch reversal method with book used as plate
97 1940 598
Henry Hardin New Handkerchief Production with thread gimmick
97 1940 598
Henry Hardin Spirit Slate showing slates empty
97 1940 598
Henry Hardin The Dissolving Card one of five
97 1940 599
Unknown Flatwise Drop of Card on the floor
97 1940 599
Henry Hardin Divination of the Nile
97 1940 599
Henry Hardin Trance Vision flashlight in bag to put over head to read in the dark
97 1940 599
Henry Hardin The Finest Sealed Letter Test impression device
97 1940 599
Henry Hardin The Oriental Bowl seeds in glass bowl become flowers
97 1940 599
Henry Hardin The Four Wedding Rings four finger rings vanish from fingers and reappear in hand
97 1940 599
Stewart James Two Fearless Feats - 1. number and color predicted in ball of wool
Also published here 98 1940 601
Stewart James Two Fearless Feats - 2. name of selected card appears on tissue paper (via Tarbell's "Phanteario")
Also published here 98 1940 602
Herb Runge "Two-Faced" Force spectator stabs behind back, using duplicate
98 1940 602
Verne Chesbro Strange Dice using marketed dice by Royal Heath
98 1940 603
Karl Germain Neat Mystery two cards appear on face of deck in glass
Variations 98 1940 603
Karl Germain The Flash Card Change deck in glass
98 1940 603
Theodore Annemann Tip on Lighting Flash Paper
98 1940 604
Al Wheatley Flipbook Animation mention of an effect with animated pen that writes selection from 1928
98 1940 604
Harry Blackstone Triumph of the Triumvirate rapping hand divines which key opens lock and which card was selected
Also published here 99 1940 605
Unknown Cross Cut Force
99 1940 606
B. B. Low Traveller
Related to 99 1940 607
Oscar Weigle Not at These Prices! ace assembly started but instead of aces gag message appears on cards
99 1940 607
L. Vosburgh Lyons Chain of Circumstance key chain travels from hand to hand, elaborate set-up in sleeve
100 1940 609
L. Vosburgh Lyons The "Good-Bye" Coin coin on pull
100 1940 610
L. Vosburgh Lyons Fourth Dimensional Sewing
Inspired by 100 1940 611
Theodore Annemann, U. F. Grant More on the Flipbook Animation credit claim by U. F. Grant for 1921
100 1940 612
Unknown Vanishing Dog gag with wire leash
100 1940 612
Data entered by Denis Behr.