Written by Jon Racherbaumer

Work of Various

35 pages (Stapled), published by Magic Limited
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Eric Glassy.
Language: English

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Jon Racherbaumer Acknowledgements i
Jon Racherbaumer Introduction Related to ii
Jon Racherbaumer, Arturo de Ascanio Racherbaumer Variation - The Wiggle Action
- Displacements
Arturo de Ascanio The Technique of the Ascanio Spread - "El Culebreo" I. The Standard Ascanio Spread
II. The Right First Finger Push-Off Variation of the Ascanio Spread
III. Concluding Observations
Arturo de Ascanio Serpentine Aces "Aces Culebreates", various changes in 4-card packet 7
Unknown Gambler's Palm 11
Edward Marlo 1-2-3-4 Flip! color changing back kicker 12
Mike Rogers The Homing Card ala Ascanio 15
Pete Biro The Cannibal Cards 17
Mike Rogers The Universal Card ala Ascanio 19
Unknown Packet Stop Force timing 19
Gene Castillon The Undulating Universal 21
Ed Balducci Cut Deeper Force 21
Edward Marlo, Arturo de Ascanio The Blocked Ascanio for thick blocks, aces change into kings 24
Edward Marlo Super Spread Ascanio type spread showing more than four cards and hiding some 26
Jon Racherbaumer The Upturned One color changing back kicker 28
Jon Racherbaumer Credit Information on Twisting the Aces 28
Gene Castillon, Arturo de Ascanio The Partial Ascanio 31
Gene Castillon Monte Madness - Ladies sing the Blues Inspired by 32
Gene Castillon Jackpot 33
Ken Beale Some Late Notes notes on variations of the Ascanio Spread in print 35
Lloyd E. Jones and a final thank you 36