Written by John F. Mendoza

Work of Don England

150 pages (Paperback), published by Thinkers' Press

Language: English

(45 entries)

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Creators Title Comments & References Issue Page Categories
Don England Visual Retention Color Change white on white principle Clubs 1
Don England Visual Retention Change #2 Inspired by Clubs 2
Don England The Flip Up Move Clubs 5
Allan Ackerman Short All-Backs Routine Quick 3-WayRelated toVariations Clubs 7
Don England Easy One Hand Triple Cut Clubs 13
Don England Phase 51 deck vanish to pocketVariations Clubs 15
Don England Very Simple Triumph Inspired by Clubs 19
Don England Inserting a Card into a Break Clubs 20
Edward Marlo Triumph Reveal Finesse in two steps Clubs 20
Don England Very Simple R/B Triumph red-black separation climax Clubs 21
Don England Folds Flat For Packing reverse of "Dehydrated Deck"Inspired by Clubs 24
Don England Deck Lapping from Case Clubs 25
Don England One Shuffle Rollover Aces Inspired by Clubs 27
Don England Down the Elevator and Up the Ladder all cards transformInspired by Clubs 32
Don England, Martin Gardner The Blink Change streamlined versionInspired by Clubs 38
Don England Color Changing Deck Triumph with kicker Clubs 41
Unknown Corner Short Peek Force Clubs 42
Don England Another Collectors? aces start underneath close-up padInspired by Clubs 45
Don England Seven Card Location Clubs 49
Unknown Paintbrush Change Clubs 51
Don England The Mysterious Case of the Open Travellers tabled packet is underneath card case, last card insideVariations Clubs 55
Don England The Upper Deck cased deck floats underneath silk Zombie like, then vanishes from case except for selection Hearts 1
Don England Long Spread wire gimmick Hearts 5
Don England Ever-Ready Hole Card hole removed from pocket placed on card becomes real Hearts 7
Paul Curry Pass Switch-Out Hearts 10
Don England Snaparoon face card of tabled and rubber-banded deck changes, tosheroonVariations Hearts 12
Edward Marlo Rise Rise Rise Hearts 14
Don England Flashtoration inspired by Flash Newspaper Restorations Hearts 17
Don England 10% Flashtoration corner torn off and restored Hearts 25
Don England Card Warped using bill, card is not torn at the end Hearts 29
Edward Marlo Linked Card Routine Hearts 33
Don England Cigarette Through Card Hearts 37
Edward Marlo Visual Retention Change Hearts 40
Don England Red Hot Hofzinser Hearts 42
Don England The Zig Zag Card Trick Hearts 46
Don England England's Four the Hard Way one of the cards signed, transformation kicker, signed card into wallet (3 times), inspired by Solomon's "Four, the Hard Way" (Racherbaumer's Lecture Note #1) Spades 1
Edward Marlo Bold ATFUS deep Spades 2
Don England Reset Twist combo Spades 4
Unknown End Grip Transfer Spades 7
Don England Twisted Hofzinser combo Spades 9
Dai Vernon Twisting the Aces brief outline of Vernon's routine Spades 11
Don England Apocalypse Now Diamonds 1
David Roth Toss Switch Diamonds 3
Don England Edge Grip Spellbound Diamonds 4
Kenneth F. Ritz Close-Up Color Changing Elephant gag description Joker 1