1964 Reprint
Written by Theodore Annemann
Work of Various
225 pages (Hardcover), published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.
Illustrated with photographs and drawings
Language: English
231 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page AA Categories
Dr. Stanley Jaks Legacy From Tibet two routines with one-way picture/symbol cards
Also published here 101 1940 613
R. C. Buff Match Hypocrisy
Related to 101 1940 615
Kent Arthur Eerie Cards using eight cards, card finally spelled to
Related toVariations 101 1940 615
Unknown Bent Corner in Fan Glimpse
101 1940 615
Mitchell Dyszel Salt & Pepper Separation grains mixed and magically separated, static electricity
101 1940 616
Unknown, Art Lyle Double Discard cheating technique, see also page 664
Related to 102 1940 617
Sigmund Krumgold Odd Event
102 1940 617
Herb Runge A Thought Ahead Tantalizer
Related to 102 1940 618
Herb Runge "Whiskers" using full deck
102 1940 619
Don Medley, Harry Jordan Circum-Location three cards, odd-even, identities and positions named
102 1940 619
Theodore Annemann Tip on Q&A Act
102 1940 620
James G. Thompson Jr. The Passing of Sherlock Holmes medium out of room, then returns to divine type of murder and a playing card transposes with the Ace of Spades (Death Card)
Also published here 103 1940 621
Verne Chesbro Mentelimination naming missing card(s), three methods
103 1940 622
U. F. Grant Tomato Cocktail tomato vanishes from paper bag, where only tomato skin remains, in cup appears tomato juice
Related to 103 1940 623
Lu Brent Mental Temple one of six, OOSOOM
104 1940 625
Allan Howell Merlin the Inscrutable pencil shavings in tissue paper "write" name of selection
104 1940 626
Allan Howell Counting Force making some piles
104 1940 626
Bruce Elliott Fisherman's Fancy goldfish cut out of carrot becomes real
104 1940 627
Henry Hardin King's Kards fifteen double facers
104 1940 627
Paul Rosini Etchings in Magic Rosini writes about his influences in magic
105 1940 629
Emil Jarrow Dimes and Pennies of Confucius puzzle
Related toAlso published here 105 1940 631
Paul Rosini A Futile Lesson in Magic spelling lesson with thirteen cards, see page 650 for missing set-up
Related to 105 1940 631
Paul Rosini, Unknown The Devil's Die Secret top number of die under cup correctly announced, two methods (one with simple cut-out in paper cup)
105 1940 632
Sam Leo Horowitz The Diving Pasteboard one of four random cards is thought of, they're shuffled back, Three-spot locator used to locate selection
105 1940 632
Dai Vernon Card of the Gods card thought of from top third, found with procedure and counting
Related toVariations 105 1940 633
Bruce Elliott Seven Wenches of Bluebird coincidences with cut-out heads
Also published here 106 1940 635
Kent Arthur Pastiche card selected, another turns over, third selection predicted
106 1940 637
Paul Curtis Equiloball ball balances on rope
Related to 106 1940 637
Shaman The Postman's Dream marked stamp travels from paper to inside watch
107 1940 639
Shaman Bartender's Nightmare water to wine, glass of wine vanishes
107 1940 640
Chris Charlton Modern Monte using different switches
107 1940 640
Jim Wheeler Lost and Found deck in glass, spectator removes deck but selection remains inside, narrow card
107 1940 640
Jim Wheeler Stabbing Force with Knife
107 1940 641
Dr. Victor M. Trask Traveling Sugar adaption of Al Baker's Salt Vanish with Rice Bowls
107 1940 641
Les Vincent The Triple Reverse two duplicates
108 1940 643
Les Vincent Countdown Force any number up to ten, set-up with Eights and Nines
108 1940 643
Stanley Collins Psychic Type several names written on cards, one selected, it appears on previously empty slates
Also published here 108 1940 644
Jack Vosburgh The Future Deck prediction written on a playing card matches selection, gaffed deck, related to Curry's "Touch"
VariationsAlso published here 108 1940 645
Unknown Noodle Soup Number Prediction using noodle soup digits
108 1940 647
Unknown, Verne Chesbro Fake Drawing cheating move
Related to 108 1940 647
John Mulholland Magically Stringing Beads in mouth, credit information
108 1940 648
John Mulholland On the Coin in Bottle
108 1940 648
The Great Maurice Card Finesse two cards lost, deck covered in paper, selections come to top and bottom, duplicates in paper
109 1940 649
Jack Vosburgh Love Conquers All "A New Card Story"
109 1940 650
Verne Chesbro The Magician and the Judge a card becomes blank, story presentation
109 1940 651
Verne Chesbro Percepto selection divined in impressive manner while spectator looks at cards in his own hands
Also published here 109 1940 651
Theodore Annemann Paper Burns by Itself phosphor spit on it
109 1940 652
L. Vosburgh Lyons Black Sandwich, Red Sandwich card travels from sandwich in one half to sandwich in other half
Variations 110 1940 654
Tenkai Ishida Palming One Card: Tenkai's Method (too) brief
110 1940 654
Theodore Annemann A Day of Your Life one spectator writes some things on billets, performer divines all, billets placed under feet of spectator and one billet is burnt
Also published here 110 1940 654
Clayton Rawson Mass Production long short divided deck
110 1940 655
Walter B. Gibson Bewildering Blocks (with a Sucker Finish) prop trick with colored blocks in tube
110 1940 658
G. W. Hunter Backhanded reprinted from The Magic Wand, card sticks to back of hand, key card location
Also published here 110 1940 660
Thirteen of Magic, Stanley Collins, Tom Sellers A Trick routine with vanishes and productions of three silks, also featuring a small mirror tube/box for silk productions by Tom Sellers
111 1940 661
Unknown Silk Vanish with Pull choreography
111 1940 662
Len Sewell Tribal Try paper wrapped between boards, prediction or something else appears on paper inside
Also published here 111 1940 663
Oscar Thomson Memory Aid for Programs remembering the order of tricks
111 1940 664
H. C. Mole Mixed Mystery letter cards chosen, word selected from newspaper with number addition, letter cards arrange magically in chosen word
Also published here 112 1940 665
David Allison Addition Subterfuge switch of paper before addition
112 1940 666
Edward Bagshawe Penetration silk through paper, new use for Phantom Tube
112 1940 666
Shaman Curious Coin marked coin wrapped in newspaper and burned, appears in nest of boxes
112 1940 667
Theodore Annemann Dry Splitting remark
112 1940 668
Theodore Annemann "At Last, Poor Yorick, I knew him when" card to nest of envelopes
Related to 113 1940 669
Theodore Annemann Simple Force bold
113 1940 670
Harry W. Burger Inevitable one of 16 cards fairly chosen and lost, then found
113 1940 670
Jack Vosburgh Stalemate
113 1940 671
Unknown Swallowing a Watch
113 1940 672
Theodore Annemann (reviewer) "Outs" Precautions and Challenges by Charles Hopkins 113 1940 672
The Great Merlini Behind the Eight Ball Effect #1: Top card changes into selection
Effect #2: Another selection comes to top
Effect #3: selection is stabbed to with another card
Effect #4: Magic Thrust
Effect #5: spectator seals card in envelope (glimpsed with alcohol)
114 1940 673
Unknown Slip Shuffle Key Placement
114 1940 673
Unknown Corner Crimp in Fan selection secretly crimped from behind
114 1940 674
Unknown Making Envelope transparent alcohol
114 1940 674
Edgar Utility Tube
114 1940 675
Jack Vosburgh "Fifth Column" political story presentation
Related to 114 1940 675
Billy O'Connor Instanto cutting to any named card, gaffed deck
Related to 115 1940 677
Billy O'Connor Rising Cards using "Instanto" deck
115 1940 678
Orville Wayne Meyer Location of Consequence using "Instanto" deck, named card version of Annemann's Magic Thurst
115 1940 678
Harold Denhart Thought Across Space medium finds card, center tear and gaffed "Instanto" deck
115 1940 680
Billy O'Connor Cutting Off any Number of Cards using "Instanto" deck
115 1940 680
Theodore Annemann Coincidence spectator and performer cut their decks, bottom cards are the same, "Instanto" deck
115 1940 680
Theodore Annemann Playing Card Squiggles drawing contest
115 1940 681
Unknown Linking Rings Presentational Ideas
115 1940 682
Grace Hartman, Paul Hartman It's a Miracle? mutilated parasol combined with borrowed watch
116 1940 683
Don Diavolo, Stuart Towne Tomorrow's Card prediction written, six cards from shuffled deck selected, then one of those, matches prediction, five-billet index
Also published here 116 1940 686
Don Diavolo, Stuart Towne Diavolo Hide-Out Fan brief, hiding packet underneath one-handed fan
116 1940 686
Theodore Annemann Business Card Selection spectator choses card with business card details
116 1940 687
Jack Vosburgh, Sid Lorraine, Theodore Annemann Cherchez La Lady performer finds money card in different situations
Also published here 116 1940 687
J. A. Sheterom Vanishing Wand Presentation
116 1940 687
Charles Arbuthnot Double Key Location
116 1940 688
Crocker Xkwizit! two hinged cards in deck to keep cards together while shuffled freely
Related toVariations 117 1940 689
Crocker The Blindfold Discovery really blindfolded, using Xkwizit gimmick
117 1940 690
Crocker The Four Aces cards shuffled in fairly, duplicates produced from Xkwizit gimmick
117 1940 690
Theodore Annemann A Card to Pocket using Xkwizit gimmick
117 1940 690
John J. Crimmins Jr. I'll Read Your Mind one is a brainwave/invisible deck
Also published here 117 1940 691
Verne Chesbro, James G. Thompson Jr. Copy Cat! one Si Stebbins, the other brainwave/invisible deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 117 1940 691
Unknown Pointer Reverse using a card as pointer while turning over rest of deck
117 1940 691
Ralph W. Read Animal Magnetism Demonstrations with Common Objects, see following entries for details
118 1940 693
Ralph W. Read Static paper sticks to things, apparent magnetism
118 1940 694
Ralph W. Read Ascension rising stick/pencil on hand
118 1940 694
Ralph W. Read The Impulse stick/pencil taps by itself
118 1940 695
Ralph W. Read Control hinge
118 1940 695
Unknown Cane Mystery cane sticks to hand
118 1940 696
Stanley Collins Those Aces fair preliminary actions
118 1940 697
Stanley Collins Bent Palm-Off from Packet cards bent in half
118 1940 697
George Johnson Your Magical Scrapbook tip
118 1940 697
Jack Vosburgh Words homonyms principle
Variations 119 1940 699
Albert Russell, Theodore Annemann Separate Liquids different colored liquids remain separate, then become clear
119 1940 700
Shaman Lost-Found blank silk, then with card printed on it
119 1940 701
Henry Hardin Hindu Dream cards in hat, shaken and top card removed four times
Also published here 119 1940 701
Harry Houdini Houdini's Book Identification System for personal library, mentioned by Ralph W. Read
119 1940 702
Chester Morris The Perfect Prisoner performer names cards, one then travels into previously examined glass frame
120 1940 703
Dr. Edward G. Ervin Magician's Cone production of various stuff from paper cone
120 1940 705
Jack Vosburgh Gum at Large two gums from two different packages change places (their flavors)
120 1940 705
Walter B. Gibson Key Location Medium finds selection in shuffled deck, coding using stacking principle
121 1940 707
Unknown Short Card & Riffle Shuffle two cards stay together
121 1940 707
Herb Runge Pick Up
121 1940 707
Jack Vosburgh Help from Hades three cards selected, and written on paper and lost, found again with pieces of paper, miscall
121 1940 708
Tom Osborne Bewilderment of Santa "Tale of Saint Nicholas", rhyming patter
121 1940 709
Jack Vosburgh The Mystery of the Suits one of the aces is selected and found, then the suit of another selected ace is predicted
122 1940 711
Jack Vosburgh Double Dollar bill folded so that it looks like two bills, then it actually doubles
Related to 122 1940 711
Jack Vosburgh Double Edged Sword of Might two card prediction, one-ahead, mirage deck
122 1940 713
Gordon R. McKenney Silk Gone Mad handkerchief to egg combined with handkerchief to light bulb
122 1940 713
Theodore Annemann Wand information
123 1941 715
Unknown Crystal Cutup Broken and Repaired Watch
123 1941 716
Unknown A Penny - A Bet - A Drink guessing in which hand the coin is, bar bet, see also page 728
123 1941 716
Theodore Annemann Time to Shine new deck opened, shuffled, put back, performer knows cards in order, whole in case and shiner
123 1941 716
Unknown Matches to Silk
123 1941 717
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Dream of a Hermit three decks, with spelling coincidence in third deck
Related toVariationsAlso published here 124 1941 719
Jack Vosburgh Ten and One ten and one put on table, spectator puts two coins on top, coincidence, nail punch
124 1941 721
Nate Leipzig Leipzig's Penetrating Card Fake using blank-backed card
124 1941 721
Joseph Dunninger, Theodore Annemann Gipsies Won't Tell thoughts on the reading act
Also published here 125 1941 723
Herb Runge A Story
125 1941 725
Fulton Oursler The Sane Viewpoint of Exposure reprinted from Linking Ring
125 1941 726
Jack Vosburgh Once in a Life Time odd-backed unknown card is chosen from face
Related to 125 1941 727
Walter B. Gibson The Twin Princess
Also published here 126 1941 729
Theodore DeLand Double Ender Princess Trick brief mention
126 1941 729
Joseph H. Fries Painless Chirurgery cut in thumb heals
126 1941 730
Jack Vosburgh Money Enraptured bill becomes giant bill
126 1941 731
Gene Gordon Egg on Fan
126 1941 731
Bruce Elliott Parade of the Lamas using Lama cards
Also published here 127 1941 733
Bruce Elliott Elliott at the Bar deck with selection put on top of beer glass, name of card appears written into beer foam
127 1941 734
Bruce Elliott Elliott Humor cigarette falls apart when smoking, chemical, see page 778 for alternative chemical
127 1941 735
Bruce Elliott Elliott Elysium striped invisible thread
127 1941 735
George Delaney Scrambled Egg Bag scrambled egg from handkerchief
Also published here 128 1941 737
Cagliostro, Jr. Fifth Row, Center Aisle rant on too positive reviews of magic show
128 1941 738
Jack Vosburgh Pay Day coins distributed to envelopes with mathematical procedure, predicted, see page 746 for correction
Related toVariationsAlso published here 128 1941 738
Unknown The Odd Estate puzzle with a story about a will
128 1941 739
Unknown The Weird Inn with rhyme
128 1941 739
Eddie Joseph Suspensamus bowl with rice suspends on knife
Related to 129 1941 741
Theodore Annemann Good Night two colored torn and restored tissue papers spell word after restoration
129 1941 742
John J. Crimmins Jr. Call Poker spectator chooses five cards in various way and ends up with Royal Flush
Inspired by 129 1941 742
Cagliostro, Jr. (reviewer) S.A.M. Benefit Show by
Show Review with performers: Fred Keating, The Hanlons, Jay Palmer & Co, The Great Le Roy, Al Baker, Dai Vernon, Dagmar & Co, The Five Elgins, Roner, Prince Leon and Gus Wayne, Roy Benson
129 1941 743
Theodore Annemann Suggested Program No. 7 - "A Varied Magic Act" combining some tricks of the Jinx into a program
129 1941 745
Ken The Uncanny 6 Card Repeat Presentation politically incorrect
129 1941 746
Rudy Reimer Ribbon of Eurus
130 1941 747
H. G. Cleveland The Triple Deal improved 21 card trick
130 1941 748
Jack Vosburgh Automaton Spell using one-way backs
130 1941 748
Rhadamanthus, Jr. (reviewer) The Old Timers of the Y.M.H.A. present Master Magicians in "A Night of Magic" by
show review
130 1941 749
Sid Lorraine That Nazti Man weird number gag
130 1941 750
Theodore Annemann Ten Word Telegram psychological gag
130 1941 750
Sid Lorraine Idea of 40,000 Words dictionary test, whole in book
Related toVariationsAlso published here 131 1941 751
Tom Bowyer "My Card, Sir!" double blank card changes into business card
131 1941 752
Rhadamanthus, Jr. (reviewer) Show Review by Mickey MacDougall
show review
131 1941 755
Del Cartier Weird Coin coin borrowed, half deck dealt in four piles, top card correspond with year of coin, sum counted down, card predicted
132 1941 757
The Great Merlini Name Your Poison spectator decides how selection is found: turns over, is spelled to or travels to pocket
Also published here 132 1941 758
Unknown Packet Turnover under misdirection
132 1941 758
Martin Gardner Pen Kink borrowed pen is placed away and then produced again
Also published here 132 1941 759
Unknown (reviewer) Philadelphia's Greater Magic Show by
show review, Elmer Eckam, "Balloons" Bonnert, John Mulholland,Roberta & Marlon, Al Flosso Miaco, Al Baker
132 1941 759
Lew Smith, L. Vosburgh Lyons The Fairy Goblet spectator remembers long forgotten memory, psychological (and weird)
133 1941 761
L. Vosburgh Lyons, Bruce Elliott Entity Alone papers placed inside glass of water, one sinks
Also published here 133 1941 763
Don Diavolo Magic Shuffle two halves shuffled face-up into face-down bring two selection next to each other
133 1941 764
Stewart James Further Than That production of selection, Royal Flush, and other stuff
Related toVariationsAlso published here 134 1941 765
Stewart James Half and Half three dice and list of letter combinations, a coincidence/prediction happens
Related toVariationsAlso published here 134 1941 766
Stewart James Sleightly Off threaded ping pong ball is removed underneath cloth
134 1941 767
Stewart James, Theodore Annemann The Waiting Place for Unborn Thoughts spectator forms word with alphabet cards, performer knows it, three phases/methods
Also published here 134 1941 767
James G. Thompson Jr. Moonlight Madness thorough discussion of his and Julia Thompson's Two-Person Code Act, involving flash light for coding, ESP coding, see also p. 348 of Pallbearers Review for credit claim
Related toAlso published here 135 1941 769
Herbert Hood The Psychic Slates unseen selection is duplicated on slate, marked & stacked
Also published here 136 1941 775
Herbert Hood A Thought Out-Thought free selection divined, marked & stacked
VariationsAlso published here 136 1941 776
Herbert Hood You and Yours - Me and Mine
Also published here 136 1941 776
George W. Lord, M. D. Overholser A Peculiar Happenstance two cards in two piles appear at the same position, stacked & marked
Also published here 136 1941 777
Stanley Collins Nonpareil free selection (and switched) appears on marked slates
Also published here 137 1941 779
Bruce Elliott Elliott at Play puzzle/game "My Grandmother likes Tea"
137 1941 780
Otis Manning The Ghost of a Chance billet switching box, Q&A
Related toVariationsAlso published here 137 1941 781
Shaman Ode to the Sun deck put in threaded paper bag, bag put on fire, only selection remains on thread
138 1941 783
Unknown Joey Hoppensack poses a problem and its answer... string melts into ice cube, physics
138 1941 784
Herb Runge He Fools You! spectator cuts deck to match prediction in suit and value
138 1941 784
Unknown Cross Cut Force with time misdirection
138 1941 786
Orville Wayne Meyer Hit Parade spectator thinks of song from top ten, pianist starts playing it, verbal code
Also published here 139 1941 787
Louis Capiaux Cartes Mechant card to pocket or wallet with lengthy sucker presentation in which an obviously palmed card vanishes from a handkerchief
139 1941 788
Dr. William T. Palchinas Card Determined card selected via down-under-deal procedure is divined by performer, general rule
139 1941 788
Theodore Annemann Vampire Silks white silks are pushed in covered tumblers of colored glass, silks get color and tumblers clear
140 1941 791
Hen Fetsch The Card Knows three cards chosen and one pocketed, the other shuffled back, card with cat picture shown which whispers card in pocket and divines other two cards, stacked deck
140 1941 792
Charles Bertram (reviewer) A Miller Melange by Charlie Miller
show review of a Charlie Miller performance
140 1941 793
Vern Schoneck Cards Don't Lie card with question written on it is divined
Variations 141 1941 795
Frank Stobbart Sympathetic Pips blank card with loose pips placed in envelope, pips arrange themselves onto card to match selection (which for no reason travels to pocket)
141 1941 796
Oscar Weigle One Up cards shuffled face-up/face-down by spectator, two methods (stripper and deck switch)
141 1941 796
Frank Travers big deal? "Rapid Set-up" & "Expert Deal", two special full deck stacks for Stud Poker, Draw Poker, Black Jack, Bridge, Rhummy
142 1941 799
Frank Travers Correcting a Mistake Aces change to Kings
142 1941 800
Frank Travers, Bruce Elliott, Theodore Annemann On the Treasure Trail coin travels from sand pile to paper
142 1941 801
Stuart P. Cramer Kids and Koins three coins travel into covered tumbler, marked coin into candy bar
143 1941 803
Bruce Elliott Middle Maze two card location, center key card
Inspired by 143 1941 804
Charles Arbuthnot, Ralph Schugar Grimaces three double facers
143 1941 805
Clarence Hubbard "My Case" word from ten selected, appears on previously empty slate, flap with corner cut
Also published here 144 1941 807
Bruce Elliott Elliott's Error wrong card is spelled out and finds selection
144 1941 809
Theodore Annemann Highly Improbable torn card put in handkerchief, joker in card case, torn card reappears stapled together with joker except one piece
145 1941 811
Herb Runge Duo Locato Finale
145 1941 812
Otis Manning Another Dictionary Effect paper placed in breast pocket, slit in coat
Also published here 145 1941 813
Bruce Elliott Magical Headache
146 1941 815
Art Lyle One Drop More bar bet
146 1941 816
Otto Waldmann Evaporato "Coin that gets Around", marked coin vanishes from sealed glass, reappears into spectator's breast pocket
Variations 146 1941 817
Otto Waldmann Coin Vanish from Glass
146 1941 817
Unknown Simplex Pocket Index Files
146 1941 818
Theodore Annemann A Torn Letter paper with letter of alphabet is torn and restored between slates, pocket index
Also published here 147 1941 819
John Mulholland (reviewer) Show at Brown's Camp by Bertram Adams 147 1941 820
Clayton Rawson Ghost Writer card reversed behind back, name appears on slate
Also published here 147 1941 821
Charles Nyquist Daub Substitute
147 1941 822
Kent Arthur The Professor's Card Trick mathematical
Also published here 148 1941 823
Theodore Annemann Tin Can Trickster
148 1941 824
L. Vosburgh Lyons The New Half and Half three dice and list of letter combinations, a coincidence/prediction happens
Inspired byAlso published here 148 1941 824
Theodore Annemann Card Voice three spectators pocket cards, a snoopy card tells them to performer, based on Jordan's "The Sagacious Joker"
148 1941 825
Sid Fleischman Card to Fake Teeth
148 1941 826
Warren E. Simms Bank Night Simplified
149 1941 827
Theodore Annemann (reviewer) Boom-Boom Show by Herman L. Weber 149 1941 828
Hen Fetsch Surpasso! two marked cards, envelopes
149 1941 829
Bruce Elliott, Theodore Annemann Not for the Meek bill to roll of life savers, gaffed knife
150 1941 879
Jack Vosburgh Monk's Mystery 14-15 stack that forces number
VariationsAlso published here 150 1941 880
Gerald Lynton Kaufman Poker Challenge bet/game in which performer and spectator openly draw cards, solution on page 885
150 1941 881
Charles Roe Thought Ablaze ashes on arm for card revelation
Also published here 150 1941 881
Theodore Annemann Headline Hunter magician's choice strategy
Also published here 151 1941 883
Arthur Monroe Hypocritical Memory deck switch in mirror glass
151 1941 884
Theodore Annemann Trance Card Al Koran type deck for spelling routine
151 1941 885
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