Written by Patrick Lehnen

Work of Patrick Lehnen

47 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Bébel, Patrick Lehnen Vanishing Aces four aces vanish one by one 2
Unknown Bottom Card Lap while collecting the cards 2
Unknown Rub-A-Dub Vanish 3
Unknown Card Lap while putting two cards together 5
Tenkai Ishida, Patrick Lehnen Tenkai Vanish 6
Patrick Lehnen Tamar-X spectator cuts to his named card 8
Unknown Criss Cross Force with a stack 9
Edward Marlo, Michael Close, Andrew Wimhurst, Patrick Lehnen Jive Aces with whole deck under box kickerInspired by 11
Edward Marlo The Simple Shift 11
Michael Close Deck under Box 14
Patrick Lehnen Blue Hot Mama hole deck changes as a climax, blue-red double backer, see also Luke Dancy “Chicago Closer“ 17
Patrick Lehnen InkOgnito signature is taken off the card and replaced finally the card and the deck turn into blank cards and back to a normal deck again, blank card 19
Marc DeSouza Shapeshifter Change handling variation 23
Unknown Reverse Fan 24
Jim Abrahams, Patrick Lehnen Signatory Piece the magician's writing (phone number) travels on the back of other cards and ends up on signed selection 25
Edward Marlo Wrist Stroke Change 27
Dai Vernon Paintbrush Color Change 28
Patrick Lehnen Floating Business hook-up with ITR 31
Patrick Lehnen Treasure Box (The Magician's Fooler) two decks, three outs 34
Patrick Lehnen Spock-Palm vulcan salute with back palmed card 44
Patrick Lehnen Hot Shot Quad one card shoots out of the deck with Daryl's Hot Shot Cut, instead of one card, you fan four cards 45
Patrick Lehnen Frog Tongue card is shot back into the deckRelated to 46
Patrick Lehnen Thank You! 47