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163 pages (Hardcover), published by Magic Limited
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Ross Bertram Knotty-Knotty two coins knotted in handkerchief, spectator choses one which is extracted and then travels into second knotted handkerchief, expansion of texture 2
Ross Bertram Devaluation half dollar changes into dime during coin roll flourish 6
Ross Bertram Yank-a-Hank coin vanishes from spread-out handkerchief, then reappears in knotted handkerchief 7
Ross Bertram The Diamond Penny ungaffed "Dime and Penny Trick" 9
Ross Bertram The Dime and Penny Trick credit information on gaffed set 10
Ross Bertram Copper and Silver Transposition only two coins, first transposition, then travel, then vanish 10
Ross Bertram Fist Transfer transferring coins from hand to hand during gesture 11
Ross Bertram Gold and Silver dime and penny transpose in performer's handsAlso published here 12
Ross Bertram The Money Changer multiple changes 13
Ross Bertram The Porous Paw 16
Ross Bertram A Trio of Vanishes three vanishes, last with sleeve 17
Ross Bertram Rubdown half dollar rubbed on table vanishes and appears under other hand, then changes into dime with change under other hand 19
Ross Bertram Eleven Cents dime and penny, dime vanishes and reappears cleanly 20
Ross Bertram Behind Thumb Position back of thumb moistened if necessary 20
Ross Bertram Through the Hand 21
Ross Bertram Double-Cross coins change place, then one travels to the other 23
Ross Bertram Ten to One dime becomes silver dollar 24
Ross Bertram Twenty-One Cents two nickels, dime and cent into hand, all vanish except nickel, ungaffed 25
Ross Bertram Four Coins Go pull 26
Ross Bertram Coin Pull 26
Ross Bertram Coins Through the Table four in each hand 27
Ross Bertram Multiple Click Pass 27
Ross Bertram The Metamorphic Coin in closed hand 29
Ross Bertram A Penny-Tration extra coin 30
Ross Bertram The Penetrating Coin - Method #2 31
Ross Bertram The Penny Pincher vanish and clean reproduction 32
Ross Bertram Pinch Back Palm 33
Ross Bertram Fifty-Two Cents coin changes cleanly in closed hand 34
Ross Bertram Bertram Turn-Over Switch 35
Ross Bertram Coin Assembly see credit information on page 40 37
Ross Bertram The "Slap" Vanish Inspired by 41
Ross Bertram A Coin in a Tumbler coin through bottom of glass, in the handsRelated to 42
Ross Bertram Passing the Half Bucks backfire on last coin 43
Ross Bertram Counting Clip Steal as coins are counted into other hand 43
Ross Bertram Click Pass very bottom of page 43
Ross Bertram Multiple Changeover noiseless transfer of multiple coins from hand to hand 45
Ross Bertram The Vanishing Props Or Twelve Silver Dollars vernon anecdote 46
Ross Bertram The Squeeze-Away Coin one-handed vanish and recoveryRelated to 46
Ross Bertram Fifty-Fifty one of two half dollars changes into quarter, challenge conditions 48
Ross Bertram Hush Money two half dollars change into dollar bill 51
Ross Bertram Cash in Hand four half dollars are produced one by one 54
T. Nelson Downs Oblique Palm edge classic palm 54
Ross Bertram Coin Stack Transfer from Oblique Palm to Back Thumb Palm 54
Ross Bertram Bertram's Best three coins in each hand, three pass one by one in other hand 56
Ross Bertram Swing Transfer thrown secretly from hand to hand 57
Ross Bertram (reviewer) The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase 59
Dai Vernon Vernon Card Change using Tenkai Palm, dated 1953 59
Ross Bertram A Nice Card Trick Vernon anecdote 61
Ross Bertram The Pivot Change using Tenkai Palm 61
Ross Bertram The Pay-Off (Card in Wallet), ungaffedRelated to 63
Ross Bertram Classic to Tenkai Palm Transfer 64
Ross Bertram In The Drink 65
Ross Bertram Bertram's One-Hand Card Change using Tenkai Palm 66
Ross Bertram An Effective Top Change top card shown one-handed and removed with other hand 67
Dr. Jacob Daley "Doc" Daley's Card in the Wallet into plastic insert 68
Ross Bertram The Blackstone "Birdcage" Card Vanish 70
Ross Bertram Harry Blackstone 71
Ross Bertram The Cards to Pocket ten cards 72
Frederick Braue Cards to Pocket Palm 73
Ross Bertram Thumb Palm Trouser Pocket Load 73
Ross Bertram False Count 74
Jean Hugard Hugard Top Palm 75
Unknown Flourish Count 75
Ross Bertram New Vertical Palm, modified Related to 76
Ross Bertram False Transfer with Card using Tenkai Palm 77
Ross Bertram The Wind-Up 78
Ross Bertram At the Card Table - Background
- T.V Gambling Interviews
Allen Kennedy, Dai Vernon The Allen Kennedy Center Deal 80
Ross Bertram Never Too Young center deal anecdote 82
Ross Bertram Bertram's Square-Up Invisible Pass 82
Ross Bertram Bottom Steal and Recovery tabled, during riffle shuffleAlso published here 84
Ross Bertram Bertram's Hold-Out Palm tabled
- To Have the Deck Cut by a Spectator
- Alternate Method
Related to 86
Ross Bertram A Cut to Retain Bottom Stock #1 in-the-hands 87
Ross Bertram A Cut to Retain Bottom Stock #2 in-the-hands 88
Ross Bertram True Dedication Charlie Miller anecdote 89
Ross Bertram The Waterford Crystal Tumblers Charlie Miller anecdote 89
Ross Bertram The Salt Trick salt pour 90
Ross Bertram Broken and Restored Cigarette 92
Ross Bertram The Impromptu Broken and Restored Cigarette 94
Ross Bertram The Broken and Restored Cigarette (Psychological Method) 96
Ross Bertram The Broken and Restored Cigarette (Once More) 98
Ross Bertram Again, The Broken and Restored Cigarette 99
Ross Bertram Fun with Goshman anecdote 102
Ross Bertram Bertram's Bill in a Cigarette 102
Ross Bertram Bertram's Bill Tear 105
Ross Bertram The Egyptian Ball - Bertram Style two balls transpose with goblet and silk, no extra ball 106
Ross Bertram The Egg Bag "The routine to be described is not only ingeniously different but entertaining as well." 109
Ross Bertram With a Ring borrowed ring into box given out at beginning 113
Ross Bertram The Ring in the Box 114
Ross Bertram My Favorite Drink empty tumbler fills with beverage, table edge glass switchRelated to 115
Ross Bertram My Rope Tie Routine hands of performer tied behind his back 116
Ross Bertram Look, It's a Real Rabbit! folded sheet of newspaper is cut, when unfolded rabbit design is seen, live rabbit produced 118
Ross Bertram The New Oriental Act Sam Margules anecdote 120
Ross Bertram From the Palm Proper 122
Ross Bertram Sleeving from the Clenched Fist 123
Ross Bertram The Toss-Back from the Fingertips 123
Ross Bertram From Left Palm to Right Sleeve 124
Ross Bertram As a Transformation sleeving 124
Ross Bertram Off-the-Table Method 124
Ross Bertram The Drop 125
Ross Bertram The Pumpkin Seed Vanish 125
Ross Bertram The Reverse Pumpkin Seed into other sleeve 126
Ross Bertram The Finger-Snap 126
Ross Bertram Toss from Left Fingers to Right Sleeve 127
Ross Bertram From the Closed Hand 127
Ross Bertram Some Helpful Hints on sleeving 127
Francis Carlyle The Blindfold Act 129
Ross Bertram Carlyle and Ross 131
Ross Bertram Carlyle and Carlyle 131
Francis Carlyle The Cups and Balls baby chicks as final loads 132
Ross Bertram Helpful Hints - Where to Obtain Chicks
- What to Feed Chicks
- How to Care for Chicks
- How to Palm a Chick
- How to Load a Spectator
- To Prevent the Chick from Kicking
- Hypnotizing a Chick
- How to Rehearse
Ross Bertram The Chicken Story 137
Ross Bertram Paul Fox 138
Paul Fox Easy-Lite Cigarettes for producing lit cigarettes 139
Paul Fox Smokeless Cigarettes lighted, smokeless cigarettes 139
Paul Fox Reading the Cards performer knows cards despite being blindfolded 139
Paul Fox The Thumb Tie 140
Paul Fox, Danny Dew The Paul Fox Rising Cards (Danny Dew Version) 142
Ross Bertram Three Card Control Sequence 143
Ross Bertram The Candy Bowl Dai Vernon, Larry Gray & Faucett Ross anecdote 144
Paul Fox Cashing a Cheque paper transforms into bill in flash 144
T. Nelson Downs T. Nelson Downs' "Masterpiece" 147
Ross Bertram The Downs Gimmick anecdote 149
Danny Dew Oil and Water 4&4, extra card 150
Howard Huntington Sympathetic Silks blendo finale 152
Danny Dew Emil Jarrow 153
Emil Jarrow Nickel and Dime or Penny Routine 154
Max Sterling, Harry Schilling The Evolution of an Egg egg on fan 155
Ross Bertram The Rhythm Count on rhythm in sleight-of-hand magic 159
Ross Bertram Toss-Vanish of a Thimble 159
Ross Bertram Another Thimble Vanish The "Four Count" 160
Ross Bertram Origin of the Salt Trick salt pour 160
Ross Bertram The "Brain-Wave" Deck double ended card case for extraction both ways 161
Ross Bertram Erdnase Illustrator 161
Ross Bertram Good News! Vernon anecdote 162