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36 pages (Stapled), published by Magic, Inc.

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Hoy Background and Bold Approach of Dr. Faust on the Bold Approach to mentalism 5
David Hoy Dr. Rhine, Improved three ESP cards are selected and put on a folded checker board, the spectator can decide the position and they match with the three prediction cards 9
David Hoy Dated For Destiny cards with dates, spectator selects one and written on it is their birthdayVariations 12
David Hoy Our Correspondent in...! folder with several headlines, mentalist divines selected one 15
David Hoy Plastic Folder Force spectator rips out a piece of paper from a folder, which holds a collection of newspaper headlines 15
David Hoy By Gosh! It Moved! ping pong ball moves spookily, glued bug 19
David Hoy A Nervy Switcher billet switch, bull dog clip on a dowel, one on each end but apparently only oneRelated toVariations 20
David Hoy The Bold Book Test impromptuVariations 21
David Hoy Page Force two books, miscallRelated to 22
David Hoy Pocket Book Miracle three books, gaffed 23
David Hoy The Tossed Out Deck Variations 25
David Hoy, Dr. Spencer Thornton Hurling the Headlines headline prediction, verballyVariations 29
David Hoy 4 Minute Spellbinder - A Blindfold Act blindfold with adhesive tape and coins 33