Written by Edward Marlo

Work of Edward Marlo

64 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Bryan Malkowski.
Language: English

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Edward Marlo Foreword
Edward Marlo Fingertip Side Steals four methods 1
Edward Marlo Angled Incomplete Faro secret IF condition 1
Edward Marlo Change Over Palm Longitudinal Clip position to Tenkai or Longitudinal Palm 3
Edward Marlo Spectator Holds Deck peek force while spectator holds deck 4
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Reverse 5
Edward Marlo Tabled Passes hands contact table, two methods 5
Edward Marlo The Clip Pass side steal typeRelated to 8
Edward Marlo "Card at Any Number" 1 to 52Related to 9
Edward Marlo Revised Marnese Bottom Deal 10
Edward Marlo Filmed Chicago Switch as aces are put on table 11
Edward Marlo Bomb Door Aces with two alternatives 12
Edward Marlo Bomb Door Bottom Deal 13
Edward Marlo Nailed Applications - The Nail Pushoff 15
Edward Marlo Full Deck Oil and Water full deck separates and mixes again 17
Edward Marlo No False Colors 17
Edward Marlo Are You Psychic color of top card guessed by spectatorRelated to 18
Edward Marlo No Adjustment Spell with unknown card 19
Edward Marlo The Arbil Change 20
Edward Marlo The Double Change card changes into two selections 21
Edward Marlo Variation of Arbil Change 21
Edward Marlo A Quickie Transpo card in hand with card in deck 22
Edward Marlo Projected Transposition card in pocket & snap change 22
Edward Marlo Simulated Pocketing 23
Edward Marlo Snap Change 23
Edward Marlo Close-up Version one card in pocket 24
Edward Marlo Applications of the Snap Change one card splits in two or even four cards 26
Edward Marlo Assembly Finale see step 9 for suggestion 27
Edward Marlo For Any Ace Effect 27
Edward Marlo Don't Split the Keys piano card trick 28
Edward Marlo The Olram Count Related to 30
Edward Marlo Mirror Image spectator and performer have half the deck, performer deals exactly like spectator 31
Edward Marlo Easy Switch two packets 33
Edward Marlo Multiple Mexican Turnover see also page 51 33
Edward Marlo Follow Up Triumphs two phase triumph 34
Edward Marlo Spread Laydown Switch Related to
  • Collectors (Roy Walton, Abra Vol. 47, p. 99, 1969)
Edward Marlo Cull Control Card cull as control, without outjog 36
Edward Marlo Streamlined Mental Disclosure one out of fourRelated to 38
Edward Marlo Satirical Signed Card two methods, with commentary on "The Signed Card"Related to 40
Edward Marlo Frustration Count with two cards 43
Unknown Reverse Cull bottom card dragged under spread and inserted 44
Edward Marlo Marlo's Single Cut Force 44
Edward Marlo Any Deck Universal 45
Edward Marlo Transposed Ace Assembly Aces change places with three Fives, leaving 2-3-4-5, of the same suit, in place of the Aces of the same suitRelated to 48
Edward Marlo Screened Ditch Transfer 49
Edward Marlo Multiple Mexican Turnover four chosen cards turn out to be aces, see also page 33 51
Edward Marlo I Knew That any card is spelled to (Count-Spell Principle), two methods, with credit information (Mosteller)Also published here 52
Edward Marlo Math Applied sixteen cards and reverse faros, four effectsRelated to 55
Edward Marlo Marlo's Mindreader card thought-of and selected, one found by stop trick, other to pocket 58
Edward Marlo Open Hockley 60
Edward Marlo The Missing Mental Toppers cards transferred according to value of thought-of card, two methodsInspired by 60
Edward Marlo The Slow Silent Count counting the spectator's deal while back is turned 61
Edward Marlo Two Shuffle Cull two riffle shuffles to cull full house, two more to stack it, "It is understood that the above information is to be used for entertainment purposes only." 62