Written by Scotty York
Work of Scotty York
43 pages (Spiralbound), published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Scotty York Introduction on spending a week with Charlie Miller
Scotty York The Back Clip method to bring the coin into Goshman/Tenkai pinch
Scotty York A Triple Penetration of a Coin Through the Hand three times, two coins
Variations 3
John Ramsay Coin Through Hand
Scotty York Coin Toss coin is tossed from back clip and not from fingertips, switch
Howard Schwarzman False Pick Up Move
Scotty York Coin Sleeving similar to the one in Derek Dingle's routine
Related to 4
Scotty York A Transposition of Two Copper Coins With a Silver Coin based on a version of Conrad Haden, final climax transposition from spectator's breast pocket to hand
Variations 5
Ross Bertram Coin Steal in back clip
Scotty York Triple Change Spellbound brass to silver, copper and back to brass
Scotty York The Ring and the Penny Test gag, penny is dropped through ring, coin grows when spectator wants to try
Scotty York, Roger Klause, Conrad H. Haden Another Excedrin Headache for Roger based on Conrad Haden's "The Silver and Two Copper Transposition", with aspirin box that fills with pills
Scotty York Han Ping Chien Again two phases, with three silver and three copper coins, see also Gerald Kosky's "Penetrating Coin" in "The Gen" (vol. 10 no. 11)
Scotty York, Ed Brown The "Blue Phantom," Close-Up copper and silver coins, with cone and die
Scotty York Coins To Glass four coins
Scotty York, Frank Thompson A Nonokito - Okito Routine selected coin travels into box, coin penetrates box, card case and falls into a glass
Scotty York, David Roth Coin Steal when coins are put into box
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