Edited by Bruce Elliott, until issue 72, 1944, together with Walter B. Gibson.
Written by Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson
Work of Various
207 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
1,555 entries
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John Hamilton Cant angly
191 Dec. 1949 765
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Robert Harbin, John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins, Lee Noble, hamsters and the atom bomb
191 Dec. 1949 766
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Push Through Failure face up cards shuffled in face down cards, open push-through, selection is reversed in other half, three versions, see p. 773 for corrections
Variations 192 Dec. 1949 766
George Blake Imp-Ossible bill travels from under handkerchief into a bill tube
Related to 192 Dec. 1949 767
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Gardner, Bert Allerton, Bob Hummer
192 Dec. 1949 769
J.C. Whyley Elusive Lady with three cards, see p. 781 for credit information by Sid Lorraine
Related toVariationsAlso published here 193 Dec. 1949 770
George Blake Imp-Aled Brema bill tube with holes, threaded on a needle, bill travels inside
Related to 193 Dec. 1949 771
John Hamilton POP card jumps from top of the pack up in the air
193 Dec. 1949 771
C. B. Yohe Number Divination
193 Dec. 1949 772
Gerald Kosky Letter from Gerald Kosky to Bruce Elliott ideas on Pocketed
Related to 193 Dec. 1949 772
Bill Woodfield Seconds one-handed second deal
193 Dec. 1949 772
Edward Marlo Card Thru Table lapping a short card method
193 Dec. 1949 772
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Jack Chanin, Bill Simon, Milbourne Christopher, Bob Hummer, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Robert Harbin
Related to 193 Dec. 1949 773
Verne Chesbro Half a Butt is Better Than One
193 Dec. 1949 773
Jack Chanin From the Private Files of Chanin paper napkin bursts into flame and restores again, three variations
194 Jan. 1950 774
Jack Chanin Paddled with paddle, rubberband and coins
194 Jan. 1950 775
Jack Chanin Jap Jape cigarette and two drawer boxes, bill to cigarette finale
194 Jan. 1950 776
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jack Chanin, Dai Vernon, Clayton Rawson, George Karger, Wally Dean
194 Jan. 1950 777
Tony Slydini Knots
Also published here 195 Jan. 1950 778
Jack McMillen, Charles Nyquist Pimpernel
195 Jan. 1950 779
Frank Shields Card Switch
195 Jan. 1950 779
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Tony Slydini, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Jay Marshall, Sid Loraine letter on Elusive Lady, Milbourne Christopher
Related to 195 Jan. 1950 781
Ed Mishell Mishell's Move hidden bill packet is transferred from one hand to the other behind second bill
Related toVariationsAlso published here 196 Feb. 1950 782
Clayton Rawson In One Second Flat saliva, two cards are found
Also published here 196 Feb. 1950 783
Murray Sumner Torn Bill Trick
196 Feb. 1950 784
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frank Garcia, Puzzle by Charlie Arbuthnot, Dunninger, Carlo Menotti, Fred Keating, Martin Gardner, Bill Simon, Jean Hugard, Robert Harbin, Art Lyle, Frank Joglar
196 Feb. 1950 785
George Schindler Lights Out lit cigarette goes out
Also published here 196 Feb. 1950 785
Franklin V. Taylor Double Stop two cards, see p. 793 for additional ideas by Al Forsythe
VariationsAlso published here 197 Feb. 1950 786
Fred Fletcher Mystery card put between red threes, ends up between black threes, in the pack
197 Feb. 1950 787
George Blake Your Deal
197 Feb. 1950 788
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Jean Hugard, C.L. Boarde, Jay Marshall
197 Feb. 1950 789
Harris Solomon Solomon's Minds in envelope, psychology of the divination
198 Mar. 1950 790
Ed Mishell Mishell's Mite get ready for Tom Osborne's "Passing the Buck", with bills
Related to 198 Mar. 1950 791
Audley Walsh After Sach after a move in Edwin Sachs' "Sleight of Hand"
198 Mar. 1950 792
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Jimmy Herpick, Jackie Flosso, Jay Marshall, Jean Hugard
198 Mar. 1950 793
Dai Vernon 12 Outs court card is found
Related to 199 Mar. 1950 794
Cy Endfield Tacked Extra Corner-Piece. Variation with specially printed card
Related to 199 Mar. 1950 795
Martin Gardner, Bill Simon It's A Natural with matches, seven outs
VariationsAlso published here 199 Mar. 1950 796
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Hubert Lambert, Frank Taylor pendulum experiment
199 Mar. 1950 797
Nepomuk Nepomuk's Necromancy two coins penetrate cigar box
Related toAlso published here 200 Aprs 1950 798
Nepomuk Nickleplated bending spoon convincer
Related toAlso published here 200 Aprs 1950 799
Nepomuk Banger wire coat hanger vanish, wrapped in paper, see also p. 849
200 Aprs 1950 800
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Russell Swann, Cy Endfield, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Martin Gardner, Dai Vernon, Lee Noble, Richard Himber
200 Aprs 1950 801
Royal Vale Heath Tap Tap Tap selection and five other cards are put in envelopes, performer taps the envelopes and spectator mentally spells his card, when he stops the performer his hand is on the correct envelope, using deck with different backs (rainbow)
201 Apr. 1950 802
Cy Endfield Sub Aqua image of card appears on little "photographic paper"
201 Apr. 1950 803
John Hamilton Loaded prediction of a word in a book
201 Apr. 1950 804
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Fred Keating, Wally Dean, Ballantine, Cy Endfield, Martin Gardner, George Schindler
201 Apr. 1950 805
Wally Dean Deanball drop ball vanish
202 May 1950 806
Bert Fenn Jokerneurosis rainbow deck of jokers, four cards transform into aces, then the faces into a normal deck
202 May 1950 807
Hugh Carroll, Charles Hopkins Out!
202 May 1950 808
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Carl Rosini, Bill Simon, Audley Walsh, Victor Jorey
202 May 1950 809
Victor Jory Jory's Verdict! presentation for center tear
203 May 1950 810
Alexandro Dagger in the Mind blindfolded card stab, two cards, two decks
203 May 1950 811
John Hamilton Hamilton's Idea sliding knot, that can also be picked off the rope
Also published here 203 May 1950 812
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Scarne, John Hamilton idea for the newspaper tear, Martin Gardner, George Karger, Max Andrews
203 May 1950 813
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Kuda Bux, Richard Himber, Rosenbloom, Victor Jory, Cardini, Fred Keating, Blackstone, Al Flosso, Johnny Paul
204 June 1950 814
Roy Benson Vanish! billard ball vanish sequence
204 June 1950 815
Charles Hudson Switch Back way to find the bridged card
204 June 1950 815
Art Lyle Art-Istic
204 June 1950 816
John A. M. Howie Ambitious Transpo
Variations 204 June 1950 816
George Schindler Note to Hand billet switch with matchbox
Inspired by 204 June 1950 817
Vern Schoneck Sic Transit selected cards visibly appear in beer glass
205 June 1950 818
Harvey P. Graham Gloria Mundi deck is placed in a glass, cards fall out except selection
205 June 1950 818
Greer Marechal Jr. Coloss-Index ideas for an index, with bigger billets than usual
205 June 1950 819
Robert Lund Lucifers! several spectators get different books of matches to hold, they turn out to be all the same
205 June 1950 820
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dr. Stanley Jaks, Audley Walsh, Lee Noble, Bobby Baxter, a card to pocket and a rainbow deck gag by Gerald Kosky
205 June 1950 821
Edward Marlo Marlo's Janus some red and ten cards are mixed, spectator deals them on face-up cards on table, all color match, double facers, see also p. 837
Variations 206 June 1950 822
Bill Woodfield Simplo saliva method
206 June 1950 823
George Schindler Dial phoned person names selection, number is formed by writing letters on a business card
Inspired by 206 June 1950 823
Ronald B. Edwards Spongball Levitation in a glass
206 June 1950 824
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Simon, Ted Messenger, Cleopatra, Sorcar, Frank Garcia, John Scarne, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Greer Marechal, Jimmy Herpick, Frank Joglar, Larry Weeks, Cy Endfield
206 June 1950 825
L. Vosburgh Lyons Lyons Den paper puzzle, solution on p. 833
207 July 1950 825
A. Deleport Pocket It reprint from Grant's "The Trixter" from 1933, spectator puts deck in his pocket and picks out his selection
207 July 1950 826
U. F. Grant Grant's Card Trick three cards change places, two under hand of the spectator one in performer's pocket, duplicate
207 July 1950 827
Oke Strom A Worthwhile Tip tip for rubber billard ball holders
207 July 1950 827
U. F. Grant Visible: Invisible Thread invisible thread gag, thread appears
207 July 1950 827
U. F. Grant The Impossible Knot knot routine with a handkerchief
207 July 1950 828
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
207 July 1950 829
U. F. Grant A New Coin Fold
207 July 1950 829
Frank Garcia Garcia's Gaff balancing a coin on the edge of another
208 July 1950 830
Bill Talent Mirage see also p. 841
208 July 1950 831
Bruce Elliott Math performer names selection of position, sort of early anti-faro
208 July 1950 832
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Keith Clark, Richard Himber
208 July 1950 833
Royal Vale Heath Retrospecs card is held behind performer, who divines it, mathematical, see also p. 841, glasses sight gag, Fibonacci sequence
209 Aug. 1950 834
Bruce Elliott Full! empty matchbook turns into a full one
209 Aug. 1950 836
Harvey P. Graham Peas two in the hand one in the pocket routine, with peas, Mendel's laws of genetic presentation
209 Aug. 1950 836
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Fred Keating, Dai Vernon
209 Aug. 1950 837
Bob Somerfeld Outmaneuvered one of five cards is predicted
209 Aug. 1950 837
Bill Woodfield Automatic Writing automatic writing turns out to be the selected card, way to write in mirror writing, see also p. 842
VariationsAlso published here 210 Aug. 1950 838
Larette A Close-Up Indian Rope Trick
Also published here 210 Aug. 1950 839
L. Vosburgh Lyons, James A. Fowler Howdy Knowit! with 27 cards, three piles, performer knows selection and position
210 Aug. 1950 840
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Vernon, Martin Gardner, Mike Bornstein
210 Aug. 1950 841
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Charles Nyquist, Hofzinser, Compars Hermann, George Jason, Max Holden
211 Sep. 1950 842
Bill Nord Hairy Flare moving match box, with burning match
211 Sep. 1950 842
Franklin V. Taylor Reader's Digest idea for Annemann's magazine test
211 Sep. 1950 842
John Hamilton Variant thimble penetrates handkerchief
Also published here 211 Sep. 1950 843
Cy Keller Pip Pix card appears on photo paper
211 Sep. 1950 844
Milton Kort Kort Kard fingerprint card trick, see also p. 855 for cryptic credit information
Related to 211 Sep. 1950 845
Oscar Weigle Poison Trick chosen / poisoned glass is found, see also p. 849
Related toVariations 211 Sep. 1950 845
Elizabeth Warlock Linklater with a piece of wood, similar working to Dean's Box
Inspired byAlso published here 212 Sep. 1950 846
Bill Nord Bill Nord's Purse handkerchief appears in invisible purse / purse frame
Related toAlso published here 212 Sep. 1950 848
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Harry Blackstone, Martin Gardner, Dr. Jaks, Audley Walsh, Bobby Baxter, gag by Bob Hummer
212 Sep. 1950 849
Alex Elmsley Elmsley's Puncture! hole moved on business card
Related to 213 Oct. 1950 850
Vern Schoneck Bluff & Challenge four aces change into jacks, aces found in pocket of performer, challenge presentation
213 Oct. 1950 851
The Great Maurice The Cards and the Handkerchief three selections fall out of the deck when covered with handkerchief
213 Oct. 1950 852
The Great Maurice Multiple Card Control adding palmed cards
213 Oct. 1950 852
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dr. Daley, Dudley Fossum, Ade Duval, Milbourne Christopher, Dr. Jaks, Roy Benson
213 Oct. 1950 853
Robert Lund Levencenter dime is put in matchbook and does not fall out
213 Oct. 1950 853
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Willard Smith, Jack LeDair, Max Katz, Sid Lorraine, Maurice Fogel, Audley Walsh, Frances Ireland, Al Baker
214 Oct. 1950 854
Ken Beale, Frank Garcia Wormy Gags! gags with a plastic worm
214 Oct. 1950 854
John R. Boyko Strike Three and Out Variation card found by counting down three times to apparently random values
Inspired by
  • "Strike Three and Out!" (Bob Longe, The Invisible Deck, 1948, p. 9)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
214 Oct. 1950 855
Eugene L. Bulson Scotch Purse coin from purse frame
214 Oct. 1950 856
John A. M. Howie Caught Knot knots appear on rope
Also published here 214 Oct. 1950 856
Charles R. Blyth, Jr. Chameleon Sponge Ball! red and blue sponge ball change places in spectator's and performer's hand, then ball in performer's hand vanishes and spectator has two green balls in his hand
214 Oct. 1950 857
Audley Walsh, Ken Allen, Gerald R. Blount, Leslie Spiewak, Mike Millet, Ken Beale Given Goblet chosen / poisoned glass is found, several methods
Related to 215 Nov. 1950 858
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Si Stebbins (newspaper article), Maurice Fogel, Frank Garcia, Bill Simon
215 Nov. 1950 861
Norman Jensen Half a Jit vanish of one half of a coin, context trick
215 Nov. 1950 861
Ronald B. Edwards Problems in Prophecy
216 Nov. 1950 862
U. F. Grant Grant's Secret
216 Nov. 1950 863
Gerald R. Blount Tombé
216 Nov. 1950 864
Bruce Elliott, Martin Gardner The Back Room anecdotes left out of Martin Gardner's "Argosy" article, on John Mulholland, Paul Fleming, Rudy Miller, Milbourne Christopher, Blackstone, Paul Stadelman, Carl Ballantine, Roy Benson, Dr. Jaks, Norman Jensen
Also published here 216 Nov. 1950 865
Dr. Jacob Daley, Dr. Stanley Jaks Daley's Device bill switch while putting it in envelope
Also published here 217 Dec. 1950 866
Gerald Kosky The Plot's the Thing two plots and routine for murder game
Also published here 217 Dec. 1950 867
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dr. Rhine
217 Dec. 1950 869
Herbert Milton Sympathetic Clubs two decks, reprint from The Jinx
Also published here 218 Dec. 1950 870
Dr. Jacob Daley Letter to Bruce Elliott on the sympathetic clubs
218 Dec. 1950 870
Jack Miller Discless coin under handkerchief is dropped in glass and vanishes, impromptu method
Related to 218 Dec. 1950 871
Dr. Jacob Daley Thoughts on Sympathetic Clubs
218 Dec. 1950 872
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dr. Rhine part 2
218 Dec. 1950 873
Cy Keller The Cat's Whiskers cat finds correct envelope
218 Dec. 1950 873
Harry Lorayne Quinella two cards revealed via air pressure turnover
Related toAlso published here 219 Dec. 1950 874
Slip Cut
219 Dec. 1950 874
Air Pressure Turnover
219 Dec. 1950 874
Don Tanner On a Business Card signed business card in coin envelope with a hole, message appears
219 Dec. 1950 875
Cyril Marriott An Amazing Demonstration five cards are selected, medium finds all and gives them to the people who originally selected them
219 Dec. 1950 876
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Senator Crandall, Gerald Kosky, Jacob Daley, Ken Beale
219 Dec. 1950 877
Dr. Jacob Daley Daley's Delight with extra cards, false switches and the delight switch
Related toVariationsAlso published here 220 Jan. 1951 878
James G. Thompson Jr. Jocko - The Great routine with hand puppet, puppet makes handkerchief vanishes and appear and disappear, performs a mini die box and eventually finds selected card
Also published here 220 Jan. 1951 879
Don Tanner Death's Angel billets are burnt, with a hat
220 Jan. 1951 880
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Andy Furlong, Bob Orben
220 Jan. 1951 881
Fred Peterson Puzzle of the Pages word isa selected with the aid of a business card, that has a hole punched through to read one word, card is moved on page and stopped
Variations 221 Jan. 1951 882
John A. M. Howie Changeable card changes four times, with sucker elements
221 Jan. 1951 883
Cy Endfield Jack in the Box triple prediction, selected color, number on penny and card on top of the deck
221 Jan. 1951 884
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Doc Weiss, Johnnie Murray, Djin, Dr. Jaks, crooked card
221 Jan. 1951 885
Big Skull pack placed in spectator's mouth, who is then tapped on the head. All cards, except selection fall out
Also published here 221 Jan. 1951 885
John Hamilton Rip It handkerchief tied on rope, is pulled free
Related toAlso published here 222 Feb. 1951 886
Bruce Elliott A. P.
Also published here 222 Feb. 1951 887
Fred Peterson Pins forcing word on newspaper, pushing a pin through
Related to 222 Feb. 1951 888
Bruce Elliott Two Fold Folderol billets in envelope, subtlety
Inspired by 222 Feb. 1951 888
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dorny, Leon Maguire, Jimmy Drilling, Dai Vernon, Norman Jensen, Johnnie Murray, Cy Keller, Pat Terry, Bill Larsen, Frank Jogglar, Feank Garcia
222 Feb. 1951 889
Dr. Stanley Jaks Jaks' Subtlest Secret word is encircled on clipboard, duplicate page under carbon paper
Related toVariationsAlso published here 223 Feb. 1951 890
Purvis W. Miller Both Ways two cards transpose twice and eventually travel to performer's pocket
223 Feb. 1951 891
Taman Bacio imprint of a kiss travels from cheek of a spectator to an other man's cheek
223 Feb. 1951 891
Fred Fletcher Eye Cue code for cards
223 Feb. 1951 892
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ken Brooke, Johnny Paul, Jim Thompson
223 Feb. 1951 893
Johnny Paul Devano Card Rise Ideas
223 Feb. 1951 893
John Murray Murray's Muse matchbook gag
223 Feb. 1951 893
Bill Simon Biddled with just ten cards, without selection
Related toAlso published here 224 Mar. 1951 894
Elmer Biddle Biddle Steal
224 Mar. 1951 894
Orville Wayne Meyer Clubbed
224 Mar. 1951 895
George Blake Interchange
Inspired by 224 Mar. 1951 896
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on George Schindler, Dr. Jaks, Jak Ledair
224 Mar. 1951 897
Dr. Ben B. Braude Balloon Buster card in on of selected balloon, for magicians, three stooges (!)
224 Mar. 1951 897
Bruce Elliott No Five five dollar bill put on one dollar bill, five dollar bill vanishes
225 Mar. 1951 898
Bob Somerfeld Whose Hue prediction of two words
Inspired byRelated to 225 Mar. 1951 900
George Goldberg Matchum
225 Mar. 1951 900
John Murray Dancing Dollar communicating with medium, thread
225 Mar. 1951 900
George Schindler Six Sided Spirit named geometrical figure appears on paper
225 Mar. 1951 900
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dr. Elliott, Vernon, Jay Marshall, Jack Gwynne, Ross Bertram, Clayton Rawson
225 Mar. 1951 901
Dr. Jacob Daley Lipop card is pushed in center and comes out by itself transformed, it helps to have a belly
Related toVariations 226 Apr. 1951 902
Bill Simon Sitting Bull seated, coin on leg is vanished and reproduced
Related toAlso published here 226 Apr. 1951 903
Nile Rothenbach Wet Cent small balls in tube filled with water are extracted without spilling the water, also with coins
226 Apr. 1951 904
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on George Kaplan, Milbourne Christopher, Martin Gardner, Mike Millet, Bill Simon, Dr. Jaks, Francis Carlyle, Faucett Ross, Dai Vernon, John Boyko, Sid Lorraine, Leo Rullman, Keith Clark, Fu Manchu
226 Apr. 1951 905
John R. Boyko Registered Mail city names on stamp matches person
226 Apr. 1951 905
Jack Miller Miller's Mighty Mite flourish with ball, rubber cement
227 Apr. 1951 906
John Hamilton The Australian Deal two cards are found twice by means of the down under deal
Variations 227 Apr. 1951 907
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Gardner, Richard Himber, Clayton Rawson, Dr. Elliott, Wallace Dibble, Audley Walsh, Bill Simon
227 Apr. 1951 909
Dai Vernon, L. Widdop, Arthur Finley Thanks to Finley, Vernon, Widdop
Inspired by 228 May 1951 910
John A. M. Howie Cavorting Coins four coins are turned over several times, do as i do with coins, three phases
228 May 1951 912
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Dr. Taylor, Widdop, Magicol
228 May 1951 913
Jay Lillis No T.V. magician turns off television by concentration
228 May 1951 913
Milbourne Christopher Popsicle ice cream taken from pocket, small explosion
229 May 1951 914
Dr. Theodore Sack Dr. Sack's Cent impromptu version for penny in wooden tube penetrates matchstick
229 May 1951 915
Bert Fenn Stud card mucking for reversed card in stud poker
229 May 1951 916
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on James G. Thompson Jr., Dai Vernon, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Al Baker, Harry Blackstone, Gali Gali, Washington Irving Bishop
229 May 1951 917
Jack Spalding Tiltable tips on building a table
229 May 1951 917
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Emil Jarrow, Richard Himber, Milbourne Christopher, Larry Grey
230 June 1951 918
Norman Jensen Wet Ice Cream gag, water from cone of ice cream, fake
230 June 1951 918
Lee Noble (reviewer) Classified Comedy by Robert Orben 230 June 1951 918
Roy Benson Bizarre Bag bag is filled with six eggs as a climax
VariationsAlso published here 230 June 1951 919
Francis Carlyle Palm to Palm with cigarette, purse palm
230 June 1951 920
Al Baker Bar Trick Fooler finesse, coloring substance hanging from a thread
Also published here 230 June 1951 921
Dai Vernon Softy! angles
231 June 1951 922
Bruce Elliott Brrrrtttt! phase for ambitious card
Also published here 231 June 1951 924
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the S.A.M - I.B.M. convention, Sid Lorraine, Dai Vernon, Dr. Jaks, Frank Garcia, Bill Simon, Ross Bertram, Johnny Platt, Chic Schoke, Leslie Barrie, Gene Bernstein, Tom Hanlon, Russell Swann, Audley Walsh, Del Ray, Jay Marshall
231 June 1951 925
Eugene Bernstein Shaker's Switch idea for old gag, pressing coin on forehead of spectator
231 June 1951 925
Sid Lorraine Off the Record card prediction on a record
232 June 1951 926
John A. M. Howie Silver Switch with edge palm, version with a handkerchief
232 June 1951 927
Tom Ransom Racing Aces! four Aces marked with an X on the back, covered each with three cards, Aces vanish and appear in pocket, vanishing ink
232 June 1951 928
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Roy Benson, Richard Himber, Ande Furlong, Annemann's diary, Peter Warlock, Orson Welles
232 June 1951 929
Will Baffel The Girl with the Eggs puzzle with matches
Also published here 232 June 1951 929
Sam Leo Horowitz X-It! paper torn in eight pieces, performer draws an X on four of them, the marks disappear and appear on the other pieces
Inspired byAlso published here 233 July 1951 930
Tom Ransom New(er) View impromptu version of the Curry effect
Inspired by 233 July 1951 931
Cy Keller Brahman Bell stop trick, spectator rings a bell when he wants, with Burling Hull's PopEyed Popper Deck
233 July 1951 932
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Pearson Mapes, Lou Tannen, Jack Spaulding, George Karger
Also published here 233 July 1951 933
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Magicol, Larry Becker, Gerald Kosky, Orson Welles, Leslie Barrie, Tommy Martin, Bill Nord
234 July 1951 934
George Schindler One in a Million one card is marked with an X, spectator selects exactly that card
234 July 1951 934
Russell "Rusduck" Duck The Gambler with gambling theme, spectator has to deal from the bottom
234 July 1951 934
Cy Keller You Do As Cy Do both cards at same position
Variations 234 July 1951 935
Don Tanner Ashes to Ashes name written on a billet and burnt, ashes put on a second billet and eventually name appears
234 July 1951 936
Bill Nord Ex-straw-dinary paper from a straw twists like a snake when water is dropped on it, then when touched with a cigarette it vanishes
234 July 1951 937
Leslie Spiewak Lucifer's Sleight as "Les Spewack", coin is produced in a flash, matchbox
234 July 1951 937
Martin Gardner Spectacular name of card appears on lenses of glasses when breathing on them
234 July 1951 937
Don Tanner Reunion cut and restored cigarette
Also published here 235 Aug. 1951 938
John Hamilton Nested handling for nest of boxes
235 Aug. 1951 939
Tommy Vanderschmidt Cupro! copper and silver coins each wrapped in a silk and put in a glass each, then they change places
235 Aug. 1951 940
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Cy Endfield, Jay Marshall, Roy Benson, Dr. Braude, Max Katz, Martin Gardner, Audley Walsh, Hen Fetsch, Cardini, Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon, T. Nelson Downs
235 Aug. 1951 941
Hen Fetsch Simulacrum spectator pushes needle through doll, performer knows where, voodoo
Related to 236 Aug. 1951 942
Hen Fetsch Only the Magician Nose! with envelopes and blindfolded, perfume marking
236 Aug. 1951 943
Hen Fetsch Perfume Presto! chosen / poisoned glass is found
Related to 236 Aug. 1951 943
Hen Fetsch Betcha!
  • reading the date of a coin through a paper
  • predicting the right card, gag (two versions)
  • showing five kings in a deck
Also published here 236 Aug. 1951 944
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ivan Sanderson, Audley Walsh, Magicol, Dr. Jaks, Norman Jensen, Martin Gardner, Jay Marshall, Al Cohn, Lee Noble
236 Aug. 1951 945
Bill Nord Magical Rorschach ink blot vanishes, Rorschach test presentation
236 Aug. 1951 945
Ross Bertram 10 to 1 dime is stretched until its a silver dollar
237 Sep. 1951 946
Bert Fenn I Win! several phases, see p. 953 for corrections
237 Sep. 1951 947
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Norman Jensen, Milbourne Christopher, H. P. Graham, Clayton Rawson, Audley Walsh, Wilbur Kattner, Dariel Fitzkee, Bill Larsen
237 Sep. 1951 949
George Schindler Sealed Penetration deck is sealed and put in spectator's pocket, performer fishes card out very fast
Related to 237 Sep. 1951 949
Herb Runge C'Mon and Shine! idea and tips on the shiner
238 Sep. 1951 950
Herb Runge Effect #1 peeking a card
238 Sep. 1951 950
Herb Runge Effect #2 seeing with fingertips, name of cards
238 Sep. 1951 951
Bruce Elliott Tipsy Turvy
Related to 238 Sep. 1951 951
Herb Runge Effect #3
238 Sep. 1951 952
Herb Runge Effect #4 peeking a card
238 Sep. 1951 952
Hen Fetsch Date Man Duplication day on calendar sheet is encircled, divination
Related toVariations 238 Sep. 1951 952
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Gardner, Matt Schulien, Don Alan and his set, Clark Crandall
238 Sep. 1951 953
Bruce Elliott On A Tear monte, tearing up corner, false index
Related to 239 Oct. 1951 954
M. B. Schulman Up plunger principle, placement
239 Oct. 1951 955
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Solitaire stacking for an advantage in playing Solitaire
239 Oct. 1951 956
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Chavez School, Jay Marshall, Sidney Lenz, Johny Albenice, Fred Keating
239 Oct. 1951 957
Lee Noble (reviewer) Comedy Technique by Robert Orben 239 Oct. 1951 957
Carlo Rossetti Carlo Rossetti's Rise thimble through handkerchief
Related toAlso published here 240 Oct. 1951 958
Twist coin vanishes from handkerchief, held by spectator
240 Oct. 1951 959
Ronald B. Edwards A 2.00$ Trick coin assembly with magazines, last coin found in magazine
Variations 240 Oct. 1951 959
Bill Pugley Bill Pugley's Sight! peek method with index cards, stack with a hole
240 Oct. 1951 960
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on hypnotism, Ormond McGill, Sphinx
240 Oct. 1951 961
James G. Thompson Jr. On the Elliot's Card Change
Related to 240 Oct. 1951 961
Martin Gardner, Bill Simon Similar Twins cards are shuffled face down into face up, spectator removes two face up cards and performer two face down card, same value
Variations 241 Nov. 1951 962
Bert Allerton Allerton's Biddled Card handling for the biddle trick
241 Nov. 1951 963
Bert Allerton New Papel Blanco blank card is signed, face of a card appears on its back, then blank card vanishes
241 Nov. 1951 963
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on letters in a magazine about proofing psychic power, Ed Stoddard, credits in "Scarne's Magic Tricks", Dr. Jaks
241 Nov. 1951 965
H. K. Becker Your Flush gambling demonstration, royal flush finish
242 Nov. 1951 966
A New Glide à la Kelly Bottom Placement
242 Nov. 1951 966
Stylesmith Predictor tripple prediction, three envelopes on big black board, different colored crayons
Inspired by 242 Nov. 1951 967
Jack Avis The Jokers ten cards on table, selected one is predicted the others are jokers
242 Nov. 1951 968
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Al Baker's dead, Leslie Barrie, Willard Smith, Bill Simon, Herman Hansen
242 Nov. 1951 969
H. K. Becker Super Fillip back of card changes
Inspired by 242 Nov. 1951 969
Dick Piser Piser's Flaming Boutonniere handkerchief changes into boutonniere in a flash
Related to 242 Nov. 1951 969
Gerald Kosky Color-I-Tus on perceiving reality, colored dots on a cards change, coin seems to be made from rubber
Inspired by
  • Nixon's Chinese Coin Mistery
Also published here
243 Nov. 1951 970
John Hamilton The King two black kings, chosen king changes into selection
243 Nov. 1951 971
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Francis Carlyle, Dr. Jaks, Martin Gardner, Bob Orben, Frank Garcia, Lee Noble, Bill Simon
243 Nov. 1951 973
Dai Vernon, Dr. Stanley Jaks, Bill Simon, Martin Gardner, Norman Jensen, Bruce Elliott The Ruler force with ruler with name of cards, ruler is balanced on two fingers and fingers brought together until fingers meet, see also p. 981 for ideas by John Hamilton
Variations 244 Dec. 1951 974
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Tele Teaser
Variations 244 Dec. 1951 975
John A. M. Howie To and Fro
244 Dec. 1951 975
Vern Schoneck A Few
  • adding cards to a deck, with a pencil
  • rising card (with rubber band)
244 Dec. 1951 976
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Martin Gardner, Gershon Legman, John Thursday, Harry Opel, Jack Chanin
244 Dec. 1951 977
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Don Castello, Gen Grant, Audley Walsh, Martin Gardner, Frank Joglar, Fred Keating, Jay Marshall, Al Baker, Norman Jensen, Lou Tannen
245 Dec. 1951 978
Dr. Stanley Jaks You Cross As I Cross spectator and performer make a cross on a page in a book with the same title, it's the same page
Also published here 245 Dec. 1951 979
Frank Huck, John Hamilton Letters
245 Dec. 1951 980
Franklin V. Taylor Wet Dime! water drops fall from between two coins
245 Dec. 1951 980
Bill Nord Snakes Alive animals are written down and one billet selected, fake snake appears, snake pill
Also published here 245 Dec. 1951 981
Dr. William E. Belanger Belanger's Atom Smasher paper with an atom drawn on it, is torn and restored, drawing changes in the process
245 Dec. 1951 981
Paul Curry You're a Liar presentational idea
Related toAlso published here 246 Jan. 1952 982
Norman Jensen The Sticky Steal vanish of a bill in envelope / stealing something from an envelope
246 Jan. 1952 983
Dr. Stanley Jaks The Key key balanced on finger turns over
Related toVariationsAlso published here 246 Jan. 1952 984
Release! ring off rope
Related to 246 Jan. 1952 984
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Milbourne Christopher, Lee Noble, Don Alan, Carl Rosini, George Starke, Stars of Magic, Orson Welles, Cy Endfield, Charlie Miller, Jimmy Grippo, Cardini
246 Jan. 1952 985
Ernest Heldman Letter on Tricks from the Phoenix
Related to 246 Jan. 1952 985
Milbourne Christopher One Man's Opinion opening gag, paper makes some noise
Also published here 247 Jan. 1952 986
Dr. William Weyeneth Tisch-Trick coin is pushed through a small slit in a card, from "Hokuspokus" magazine, see p. 997 for idea by Gerald Kosky
Variations 247 Jan. 1952 987
Jack Chanin Folded sound is made shortly before paper is torn
247 Jan. 1952 988
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Al Wheatley, Mickey MacDougall, Tommy Hanlon, Jay Marshall
247 Jan. 1952 989
Harry Lorayne Saltless deck divides at chosen card when thrown, crimp, see p. 997 for credit details
Also published here 247 Jan. 1952 989
Bruce Elliott, Dai Vernon B.D.V. with hole deck in hand, spectator can decide on every card, without looking at it
Also published here 248 Feb. 1952 990
Dai Vernon Strip-Out Addition
248 Feb. 1952 990
Jack Harper Jack Harper's Letter to Hubert Lambert two person telepathy routine
248 Feb. 1952 991
Fred Fletcher The Circle or Pass the Cards ten people are standing in a circle, all are holding a playing card and while performer looks away, spectators can pass their cards along, divination of how many passes
248 Feb. 1952 992
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, The Friday Night Sodality, Bob Orben, Frank Joglar
248 Feb. 1952 993
Dr. Jacob Daley Motile! sympathetic coins, on handkerchief
Related toAlso published here 249 Feb. 1952 994
Sliding Steal
249 Feb. 1952 994
Oscar Weigle A Trick that Grows on You
249 Feb. 1952 996
George Schindler Torn Quartet stealing for centers, one bigger paper
249 Feb. 1952 996
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dai Vernon, Ed Stoddard, Sid Lorraine, Ralph Read, Knights of Magic, Dai Vernon, Dr. Braude, Gerald Kosky, Gershon Legman
249 Feb. 1952 997
Martin Gardner, Charles "Chic" Schoke Easy Aces Aces in the deck stay in the same order after spectator riffle shuffled the deck three times
Related to 249 Feb. 1952 997
Bruce Elliott Dr. Elliott about Dr. James W. Elliott
250 Mar. 1952 998
Dr. James William Elliott Doctor Elliott's Aquitment hand washing
250 Mar. 1952 999
Bruce Elliott Elliott's Last Lethargy false second deal
250 Mar. 1952 1001
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Emlyn Williams, Cbarles Dickens, Bobo, Senator Crandall, Jimmy Drilling, Tommy Vanderschmidt, Wally Dean, Jay Marshall, Cardini, Dr. Jaks, Rezvani
251 Mar. 1952 1002
Gershon Legman Lotus and Bow-Tie bill folded to bow-tie and Lotus
Also published here 251 Mar. 1952 1003
Peter Warlock Pavane for a Pagan three balls of paper, red black and white, color of chosen card is named and the colored ball opened. Part is missing and forms the card on the white ball
251 Mar. 1952 1005
Hal M. Greenberg Hal's Halucination numbers written on billets, performer tries to find selection and removes two cards, one for suit other for value, card is found at number on selected billet
252 Apr. 1952 1006
Criss Cross Force
252 Apr. 1952 1007
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Will De Sieve, Jay Marshall, Leslie Barrie, Friday Night Sodality, Frank Joglar, Martin Gardner, Bill Larsen, Lou Tannen
252 Apr. 1952 1009
Paul Curry Fourth Dimensional Turning idea for S.S. Adams money printing machine, performer and spectator write names on both sides of a paper, when put in machine paper turns inside out and back
Also published here 252 Apr. 1952 1009
Martin Gardner Where Does the Easter Bunny Go? puzzle
252 Apr. 1952 1009
Dai Vernon The Unambitious Card card travels down from top one card at a time, for magicians
253 Apr. 1952 1010
Ronald B. Edwards Upsy Downsy
253 Apr. 1952 1011
Leg Reverse as double lift substitute
253 Apr. 1952 1011
Dr. Ben B. Braude It's the Humidity pips fall of from aces, leaving blank cards
253 Apr. 1952 1012
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ralph Read, Dr. Kayton, John Scarne, Cy Endfield, Lewis Ganson, Frank Garcia, Friday Night Sodality, Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller
253 Apr. 1952 1013
John Murray Murray's Muse
  • putting a bill tube into an ice cube
  • on glasses for the shrinking quarter to dime trick
  • on haunting a house
253 Apr. 1952 1013
Bill Simon Harnessed ring penetrates handkerchief
254 May 1952 1014
Hamid Sayani Wire-Less recorded prediction, radio
254 May 1952 1015
Martin Gardner Cubism sugar cubes travel from one hand to the other and back
254 May 1952 1016
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Larsen, pseudonyms an criticism
254 May 1952 1017
Walter Essman Matchic match book with two matches, match is broken and restored, then burnt and new again, the second match is found burnt in the match book eventually
255 May 1952 1018
Fred Fletcher Mentalexicon word is divined, with alphabet cards and a range of sixteen words
Related toVariations 255 May 1952 1019
Herb Runge Go! closing trick, spectator choses word "go" from a book and performer does just that
255 May 1952 1020
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Spades Hearts Clubs Diamonds variation on the Si Stebbins / Galasso Stack
255 May 1952 1020
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bob Orben, publishing books
255 May 1952 1021
Frank Garcia Garcia's Bow Geste using bow-tie to steal fake cigarettes for manipulation routines
256 May 1952 1022
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Rotator prop to write down the order of a shuffled deck and use it as a memorized deck
Related to 256 May 1952 1023
Norman Jensen Date presentation idea for paper torn and restored, with sheet from a calendar
256 May 1952 1024
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Lewis Ganson, Rusduck, Orson Welles, Frances Ireland, hypnotism
256 May 1952 1025
Jack Miller Invisible Water glass of water appears behind wine list, see also p. 1097 for ideas by Jack Miller
257 June 1952 1026
Bill Simon Dope! card to wallet, off-beat, no-palm
Variations 257 June 1952 1028
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hen Fetsch, Keith Clark, Stars of Magic, Dr. Jaks, Frank Garcia, Norman Jensen, Fred Keating, George Karger
257 June 1952 1029
Gustave Bollag Further Out of this World with rainbow deck
Also published here 257 June 1952 1029
Kirk Stiles Hard Way two dice are thrown, one has seven spots the other is blank, as Kirk Styles
257 June 1952 1029
Norman Jensen Cigarette on Flashpaper
Also published here 257 June 1952 1029
Frank Garcia Garcia's Clip It monte, card marked with paper clip
Also published here 258 June 1952 1030
George Blake Smoking Sailor sailor on picture smokes real cigarette
258 June 1952 1032
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Long Tack Sam, Robert Orben, Paul Le Paul, Jackie Flosso
258 June 1952 1033
Jackie Flosso The Easiest Monte card vanishes and appears face up in deck
258 June 1952 1033
Ricki Dunn The Juicy Card selection found in a can which was found in a grapefruit
258 June 1952 1033
John A. M. Howie P.R.P coins rolled on pool table obey the directions given by the performer
259 July 1952 1034
John Hamilton Force force of a color, several pieces of colored paper in different envelopes
259 July 1952 1035
Walter Essman Squashed coin appears and vanishes from two rubber suction cups
259 July 1952 1036
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Frank Garcia, Dilmer, Frank Taylor
259 July 1952 1037
William Larsen Peek Stab with napkin
260 July 1952 1038
Gerald Kosky Under-Hand Coin spectator puts some coins on the table and starts turning them over one by one then one coin is hidden and performer turns back, he reveals which side is up on the hidden coin
Inspired byRelated toVariations 260 July 1952 1039
Bruce Elliott Elliott on Ellis ring off handkerchief
Also published here 260 July 1952 1040
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 1
260 July 1952 1041
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Hexappeal pseudo psychometry with names of famous people
261 Aug. 1952 1042
Cy Keller, Hen Fetsch Hole the Coin coin transforms in process
Inspired by 261 Aug. 1952 1043
Cy Keller, Hen Fetsch Cheap Faro! ideas for Rusduck's Rotator
Inspired by 261 Aug. 1952 1043
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Mind Your Future! two decks, selection is divined and predicted
261 Aug. 1952 1044
Hen Fetsch, Cy Keller Double sequence, card is half red and half black
261 Aug. 1952 1044
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 2
261 Aug. 1952 1045
Lu Brent Out of Print cigarette steals from newspaper after torn and restored newspaper
262 Aug. 1952 1046
Edward Clinkscale, Franklin V. Taylor Extra Sensory Prestidigitation three phase ESP routine, matching with ESP signs drawn on pieces of paper, mind reading of one as climax
262 Aug. 1952 1047
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 3
262 Aug. 1952 1049
Al Baker, Dai Vernon Al 'n Dai Again stranger card, sandwiched, see p. 1061 for more details
Related to 263 Sep. 1952 1050
Sandwich Switch
263 Sep. 1952 1051
Frank Garcia Garcia's Interlude sucker sequence, side slip fake
263 Sep. 1952 1051
James Torry Buttonholed string is tied on button hole of a jacket, ring penetrates string
263 Sep. 1952 1052
Bruce Elliott The Back Room discussion of Bruce Elliott and Fred Keating on the Friday Night Sodality, part 4
263 Sep. 1952 1053
Franklin V. Taylor Try-Fly with 15 cards each, separated in reds and blacks, three double facer
264 Sep. 1952 1054
Milton Tropp A Coin Tipp simplified version of Under-Hand Coin
Inspired by 264 Sep. 1952 1055
Clyde Cairy Cutting Reverse so-called Braue Reverse
Related to 264 Sep. 1952 1055
Walter Essman Light(er) lighter gag, with fake lighter
264 Sep. 1952 1056
Dick Piser Flash on the Glass piece of paper napkin bursts in flames and vanishes
264 Sep. 1952 1056
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Mulholland, Bob Lund, Eddie Joseph, Jay Marshall, Gen Grant, puzzle by Max Katz
264 Sep. 1952 1057
Hugh Carroll Solitaired! solitaire stacking
264 Sep. 1952 1057