Edited by Bruce Elliott, until issue 72, 1944, together with Walter B. Gibson.
Written by Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson
Work of Various
207 pages (Hardcover), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
1,555 entries
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Tommy Vanderschmidt No Rivet coins through hand, covered by match box drawer, cap and pence variation
291 Oct. 1953 1163
Don Tanner Mental Opener brainwave deck with number cards, thought number is reversed
291 Oct. 1953 1164
Gerald Kosky Lapelled coin produced under spectator's lapel, then it vanishes and is fairly produced from the same spot again
Also published here 291 Oct. 1953 1164
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Norman Jensen, George Karger, Bob Nelson
291 Oct. 1953 1165
Bar Bet verbal trap
291 Oct. 1953 1165
Art Lyle Cute Cut
291 Oct. 1953 1165
Bruce Elliott The Die is Cast invisible die is thrown and outcome predicted with a matchbox, see p. 1185 for additional ideas by Frank Huck
Related toVariations 292 Oct. 1953 1166
Walter Essman Drop It! paper tube with staple in the center, coin penetrates staple
292 Oct. 1953 1167
Gerald Kosky Tricky Mentalist without Cards twenty signed cards are returned later to correct persons, Gibson's Super Memory with business cards, see p. 1177 for corrections
Inspired byAlso published here 292 Oct. 1953 1168
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Bill Simon, Max Katz, Jay Palmer
292 Oct. 1953 1169
Art Lyle Swing Cut - Slip Cut
292 Oct. 1953 1169
Bill Simon Water & Oil 4&4
293 Nov. 1953 1170
Don Tanner Let's Bury the Dead living dead test mixed with haunted pack
Also published here 293 Nov. 1953 1171
William Zavis Footnotes on Rouge et Noir different card switches
Inspired byRelated to 293 Nov. 1953 1172
Bruce Elliott The Back Room mon Peter Warlock, Max Katz, Norman Jensen, Martin Gardner
293 Nov. 1953 1173
Milton Kort The Travelers (Lazy Man's Style) no palm, duplicates
Related to 293 Nov. 1953 1173
Dr. Ben B. Braude Simplex Card Stab
Variations 293 Nov. 1953 1173
Audley Walsh The Perfect Deck Switch pseudo deck switching, presentation
294 Nov. 1953 1174
Walter Essman Tube Teaser coin travels in closed plastic tube which is filled with a liquid, under handkerchief
294 Nov. 1953 1175
Coin Vanish
294 Nov. 1953 1175
Dick Piser The Fifth Card selected ESP card is predicted on piece of paper
294 Nov. 1953 1176
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bruce Elliott, Friday Night Sodality, Richard Himber
294 Nov. 1953 1177
Walter Essman Stacked six phase routine
295 Dec. 1953 1178
Walter Essman Switch-Back one of two dice is controlled
295 Dec. 1953 1179
Walter Essman Single Control dice change color
295 Dec. 1953 1180
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Don Alan
295 Dec. 1953 1181
Hubert Lambert No Brainwave Brainwave gag version, ungaffed
295 Dec. 1953 1181
Edward Marlo X-Deck named card has an X on back
Related toVariationsAlso published here 296 Dec. 1953 1182
John A. M. Howie Howie's Reward two coins are produced from handkerchief, then they are wrapped in hank and held in place by a rubber band, coins transform in other coins
Also published here 296 Dec. 1953 1183
George Mackenzie Coin Switch with handkerchief
Related to 296 Dec. 1953 1183
Don Tanner The Invisible Card in the Cigarette thought-of card to cigarette
296 Dec. 1953 1184
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on ending The Phoenix, Jay Marshall, RIchard Himber, Gordon Beck
296 Dec. 1953 1185
Franklin V. Taylor Brema + Taylor brema nut, nut off rope, with handkerchief
Also published here 297 Jan. 1954 1186
Roger Montandon Die and Cup Jugglery
Inspired by 297 Jan. 1954 1187
Bruce Elliott, William Lindsay Gresham The Back Room written by Bill Gresham, on Annemann
297 Jan. 1954 1187
Maurice Howarth Bi-Le-Temps prediction of two cards on business card
297 Jan. 1954 1188
Le Temps Switch while turning card over on table
297 Jan. 1954 1188
John Hamilton The Deuce You Say!
298 Jan. 1954 1190
Harvey P. Graham, George Starke, Milbourne Christopher 1 & 50 cent to 50 cent, gaffed
298 Jan. 1954 1191
Russell "Rusduck" Duck 3 'n' 1 solitaire stacking
298 Jan. 1954 1192
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on George Karger, Jay Marshall
298 Jan. 1954 1193
Franklin V. Taylor Frank's Vanish card vanish under handkerchief, scotch tape
298 Jan. 1954 1193
Dr. Stanley Jaks Billets Deux billet in glass, covered by handkerchief is divined
Related toAlso published here 299 Feb. 1954 1194
Harvey P. Graham Foiled! gaffed blades
299 Feb. 1954 1195
William Zavis More Footnotes on: Rouge et Noir with two royal flushes
Inspired byRelated to 299 Feb. 1954 1196
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
299 Feb. 1954 1197
Audley Walsh All Gone finish for homing card
299 Feb. 1954 1197
Ronald B. Edwards Just A Half magician's joke, tearing up a folding half
299 Feb. 1954 1197
Kirk Stiles Whirlaround boomerang card, then card vanishes and appears again
299 Feb. 1954 1197
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frank Joglar, on the last issue of Phoenix
300 Feb. 1954 1199
Franklin V. Taylor Apport three crumbled paper balls, one is selected, objects on cards selected on appears in paper
300 Feb. 1954 1199
Stylesmith Lost in the Shuffle - Again blindfolded medium reveals selected cards and describes owners
Inspired by 300 Feb. 1954 1199
Bill Simon Twice Clipped two mate predictions, cards clipped together with paper clips
Variations 300 Feb. 1954 1199
Card Glimpse while bending the card, Flicker Glimpse precursor
Variations 300 Feb. 1954 1199
Vern Schoneck Crazy Mixed Up Cards! spectator's and performer's thought of card change places in the two halves of the deck and are found reversed
300 Feb. 1954 1200
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