Gibson participated until No. 72
Written by Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson
Work of Various
200 pages (Hardcover), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
259 entries
Cover photograph
Creators Title Comments & References Issue Year Page AA Categories
James G. Thompson Jr. Duo-Finale three spectators think of something, write it down and seal their thought in an envelope, performer divines all three
51 Dec. 1943 208
Al O'Hagan Allow Me matchbook opens and a match stands up on it's own
51 Dec. 1943 210
Phil Weisbecker 3 Jacks & A Pat two hands, spectator always gets thee jacks, royal flush finale
Related toAlso published here 51 Dec. 1943 210
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dunninger and Stuart Robson
51 Dec. 1943 211
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ireland's Yearbooks, an effect Annemann used to do, Lou Tannen, the death of Ben Ehrens, Tommy Dowd, a scam with bills and John Scarne
52 Jan. 1944 212
Louis Tannen Yankee Vase rope and vase, without cork
52 Jan. 1944 213
, Walter B. Gibson "Free" French Drop like spider grip vanish, as a fake french drop, as a switch, pretending to be a master sleever
52 Jan. 1944 213
Jay Marshall On and Off gag, showing two openings in the key ring
Also published here 52 Jan. 1944 214
Bruce Elliott Back To Back coin appears between two matchbooks
52 Jan. 1944 215
Paul Curry Out of this Phone Book book, opened freely, line is forced, Franklin V. Taylor's peek deck principle with a book
Related toVariationsAlso published here 53 Feb. 1944 216
L. Vosburgh Lyons Nine forcing nine
Also published here 53 Feb. 1944 217
Tom Fitzgerald A Cute Betcha match balancing on edge of a match, everything is covered under a glass, removing match without touching anything
53 Feb. 1944 217
Shaman Bifocals eight people look at a card individually, they all see the same card, glasses presentation
Related to 53 Feb. 1944 218
Milbourne Christopher, Bob Hummer Under Cover ideas with a matchbook, as an ambush for a list, for a shiner, to pick up daub, picking up a coin
Also published here 53 Feb. 1944 218
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Frances Ireland, female magicians, Orson Welles, Tommy Dowd
53 Feb. 1944 219
Tommy Dowd Pick Pocket Idea pretending to steal
53 Feb. 1944 219
Bruce Elliott The Back Room idea for Curry's "Out of this Phone Book", eliminating the cards and presentation for card frame both by Audley Walsh
Related to 54 Feb. 1944 220
Jay Marshall Letter to Bruce Elliott on Marshall's plan of putting out an own magazine and on the Phoenix
54 Feb. 1944 220
Charles Arbuthnot Letter to Bruce Elliott experience while performing "Back to Back"
Related to 54 Feb. 1944 220
Al Baker Climax shrinking card as climax for last card in Cards To Pocket
Also published here 54 Feb. 1944 221
Jay Marshall Foo pochette in sleeve for sleeving a coin
54 Feb. 1944 221
Al Baker One Night idea for dagger chest illusion
54 Feb. 1944 221
Receptacle for Dye Tube
54 Feb. 1944 221
Al Baker Al Baker's Best Card Trick two cards, duplicate bank
54 Feb. 1944 222
Al Baker Dear Harold in the "Letter to Harold" tradition from "The Sphinx"
54 Feb. 1944 223
Harry Blackstone, Walter B. Gibson Super Magic two in the hand, one in the pocket with paper balls and variations
55 Mar. 1944 224
L. Vosburgh Lyons Dizzy Discs speed summation and subtraction with number discs
55 Mar. 1944 226
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Stack It spectator stacks the hand while apparently losing the cards in the deck, as Rusduck
Related to 55 Mar. 1944 226
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Stuart Robson, Charley Larson, Dai Vernon, Tommy Dowd, Ducrot
55 Mar. 1944 227
Bill Nord Card Trick from Sphinx deck put on the wall held by flash paper, when ignited all cards fall down except selection
55 Mar. 1944 227
Bill Nord Card from Deck to Envelope
55 Mar. 1944 227
James G. Thompson Jr. The Phoenix Routine - Accent on Extemporaneous Variety no cards program with tricks from Phoenix
56 Mar. 1944 228
The Brain Guys, Charles T. Jordan Brain Guys & Jordan (Double Prediction) two cards remembered from twenty, in the hands antifaro, prediction of places
56 Mar. 1944 229
Bob Hanko Flash light cigarette transforms into a silk with a flash
56 Mar. 1944 230
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Joseph Dunninger, Richard Himber, Dell O'Dell, John Scarne, John Mulholland
56 Mar. 1944 231
Al Lasher In Your Hat coins displayed in the space between the hat band and the crown of the hat, one coin after the other is put under a handkerchief and vanishes
Variations 57 Mar. 1944 232
Elray Bughouse effects with metal bugs, those you can press a piece of steel to make a sound, in a box makes sound to answer questions
57 Mar. 1944 233
Otis Manning Seven Cent Sorcery while trying to snatch a coin from spectator's hand, it transforms into an other coin
57 Mar. 1944 233
James G. Thompson Jr. Life Liberty Or - trick performing for friends over phone
Related toAlso published here 57 Mar. 1944 234
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Joseph Dunninger, Paul Rosini, Bob Novak
57 Mar. 1944 235
Frederick Mosteller Encore! spelling to the thought of card, gaffed deck, count-spell
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here 58 Apr. 1944 236
Tom Fitzgerald Daffy Dime! coin transforms wrapped in paper (Buddha papers), transforms again (Adam's penny and dime trick) then travels into silver boxes inside of wool
58 Apr. 1944 236
Max Sterling The Magic of Japan program of Max Sterling
58 Apr. 1944 237
Art Lyle Gone! cigarette vanishes under handkerchief
58 Apr. 1944 238
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Al Baker, Carl Rosini, Paul Rosini, Max Sterling, Jay Marshall and some gambling ruses
58 Apr. 1944 239
L. Vosburgh Lyons Puzzle figure, what's the size of the surface, solution on page 246
58 Apr. 1944 239
Walter B. Gibson, Bruce Elliott Gold Seal Mystery coins, objects and colors are chosen and predicted, in an envelope and the coin in a box and inside wool
59 Apr. 1944 240
Tom Fitzgerald A Cute Betcha penknife sticked in top of door arch falls directly in a bottle
59 Apr. 1944 241
Gerald Kosky Touch-Me-Not finding hidden object, fake, code
59 Apr. 1944 242
Jay Marshall The Difference spoon bend on table
Related to 59 Apr. 1944 242
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Mr. and Mrs. Nicola, Bert Kalmar, Jay Marshall, Bob Novak, Mike Supa, John Mullholand
59 Apr. 1944 243
James G. Thompson Jr. One Way to One-Way using slop shuffle for orientating a borrowed deck which has a one-way feature
60 May 1944 244
James G. Thompson Jr. Fantasy in Red and Black slop shuffle red black separation, card location, lead in for a red black riffle shuffle set-up
60 May 1944 245
James G. Thompson Jr. Yoo Hoo, Dear! several cards are remembered by putting a knife somewhere in the deck
60 May 1944 245
Red-Black Riffle Shuffle
60 May 1944 245
Red-Black Overhand Shuffle
60 May 1944 245
Theodore Annemann Any Deck One-Way making a one way deck, dirt
60 May 1944 246
Theodore Annemann One-Way Mark Located how to spot a one way deck (or any marked deck)
60 May 1944 246
Phil Thomas Neat Slop Shuffle different handling for the slop shuffle triumph
Related to 60 May 1944 246
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Garfield, Kolma, Tommy Dowd, Carl Wiesinger
60 May 1944 247
Louis Tannen Tri-Umph prediction of a number, written on paper in envelope
61 May 1944 248
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Build Up six hands, two rounds, as Rusduck
Related toVariations 61 May 1944 249
Orson Welles Fruit Cup coin in egg in lemon in orange in grapefruit using a clothespin
Inspired byAlso published here 61 May 1944 250
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Tommy Dowd, Audley Wals, rings as shiner, ethics, Paul Rosini, Max Holden, Stuart Robson
61 May 1944 251
L. Vosburgh Lyons Pieces of Fate folding and cutting a piece of paper into a circle, a swastika, the words hell and peace are formed, themed to the WW2
62 June 1944 252
Sylvan Barnet Wuxtra! chosen headline appears on newspaper
62 June 1944 254
Ronald B. Edwards Free Force forcing fourteen or fifteen with playing cards, see reference for correction
Related to 62 June 1944 254
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Sachs, Philip Mullentyre, Max Holden, Robert Parrish, Sylvan Garnet
62 June 1944 255
Card and Thread wrong card is pierced with a needle and threaded, when thread is pulled, right card hangs on on it, from "The Secret Out"
62 June 1944 255
Frank Kelly Double Double prediction of two cards on double blank card, card is inserted in the deck next to the predicted one's
Related to 63 June 1944 256
Frank Kelly Card Switch card is on palm, deck placed on it and card switched
63 June 1944 257
Walter B. Gibson The Poor Man's Anti-Gravico hydrostatic bottle
63 June 1944 257
Walter B. Gibson Switched while doing fan manipulations, in two parts
63 June 1944 258
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on collections, Audley Alsh, Russ Swann, Houdin, Walter Gibson, exposure, Robert A. Nelson
63 June 1944 259
Ben Fineson A Routine with Liquids combination of the Lota Bowl, water funnel and Anti Gravico
63 June 1944 259
Herb Runge Rising Sun Set card with flag, flag changes from a sun to the american flag, WW2 theme
64 July 1944 260
Mike Tannen Off the Bottom one handed bottom palm
64 July 1944 261
Ronald B. Edwards Phone(y) Telepathy selection is apparently revealed by stranger
64 July 1944 262
Lu Brent Bill to Magazine - Letter to Bruce Elliott bill travels between two pages of chosen book or magazine
64 July 1944 262
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Audley Walsh, Maurice Raymond, a number/word puzzle by Blackstone, Sid Lorraine
64 July 1944 263
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Encyclopedia of Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson 64 July 1944 263
Audley Walsh Fancy Free making a double fan, with an interesting procedure, different designs
Also published here 65 July 1944 264
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Lloyd Jones, Doug Geoffrey, R. M. Biow, Doc Miller, Houdini, R. Kohler
65 July 1944 267
L. Vosburgh Lyons Paper Puzzle turning a square of paper into an equilateral triangle
65 July 1944 267
Walter B. Gibson, L. Vosburgh Lyons Release From Reason silk and rope
66 Aug. 1944 268
Dr. Kolma Double Dyed two dye tubes
66 Aug. 1944 270
Stewart James, Russell "Rusduck" Duck Variation on Rusduck's Stack It
Inspired by 66 Aug. 1944 270
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Dunninger, Richard Himber, Zanzig, Newton Hall, Milton Kort, Stewart James
66 Aug. 1944 271
Jerry Sorensen Speller Idea full stack
66 Aug. 1944 271
James G. Thompson Jr. Double or Nothing coin held with clothespin is put in a handkerchief and vanishes
Variations 67 Aug. 1944 272
Tom Fitzgerald Bromo Seltzer to the Resuce impromptu thumb tip for vanishing liquid and making salt travel
67 Aug. 1944 273
Otis Manning Crystal Clear Q&A, after information is obtained, way that assistant brings them to performer, bottle, in combination with his billet box, see reference
Related toAlso published here 67 Aug. 1944 274
Bruce Elliott The Back Room response to John Snyder jr. letter, on Walter Gibson, the Annemann parade in the Linking Ring, James G. Thompson Jr., Richard Himber, Dariel Fitzkee and Harry Blackstone
67 Aug. 1944 275
John Snyder Letter to Phoenix sarcastic letter about card splitting
67 Aug. 1944 275
Cyril Marriott Your Thought three billets, reading billets in hat, secretly opening and closing , method, umbrella move
Related to 68 Sep. 1944 276
Herb Runge Blob as Herb Rungie, two cigarettes with different brands, one put in the pocket one in the box, performer always knows which one is where
68 Sep. 1944 277
Whose? same as Expansion of Texture - Expanded!
Related to 68 Sep. 1944 278
Bruce Elliott The Back Room Richard Himber, a strange bar bet by Mystic Craig, idea by Paul Morris for Thompson's Double or Nothing, Puzzle
Inspired by 68 Sep. 1944 279
Frederick Braue Bravo Encore Reprise count-spell
Inspired by 69 Sep. 1944 280
Nate Leipzig Kneesy! as Nate Leipsig, coin on knee vanish
Related to 69 Sep. 1944 282
Jerry Sorensen Poor Man's Bank Night with a package of gum, everybody can select one, in one wrapper is a gum in the other is cradboard
69 Sep. 1944 282
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
69 Sep. 1944 283
Alvarez Gonzales (reviewer) Shaman's Show by Shaman 69 Sep. 1944 283
Herb Runge Wholly Smokes! routine with cigarette and match, glass of wine appears and disappears under a handkerchief, bill to cigarette
70 Sep. 1944 284
Otis Manning XX pocket funnel for coin to ball of wool
70 Sep. 1944 285
Jean Irving Peek
70 Sep. 1944 286
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jim Sherman, Richard Himber, Al Koran, Charlie Miller, Dell O'Dell, Shaman
70 Sep. 1944 287
Floyd G. Thayer Matchless steel ball through filled match box, angles
71 Oct. 1944 288
Theodore DeLand Home Made Magic gaffed matchbox, slide turns 180°, matches fall out
71 Oct. 1944 289
Will Goldston Diminuendo matchbox shrinks twice
71 Oct. 1944 290
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on DeLand, J. G. Thompson, Bill Larsen, Orville Meyer, Jack Vosburgh, Scarne and Walsh
71 Oct. 1944 291
Carl Hunkins Hunkins' Hex ring, ribbon, wand and handkerchief are tied and held by spectator, handkerchief is removed
72 Nov. 1944 292
Tom Fitzgerald Stamped stamp appears on selection
72 Nov. 1944 293
R. M. Jamison Force Box
72 Nov. 1944 294
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Eddie Clever, Elray, R.M. Jamison, Tom Fitzgerald
72 Nov. 1944 295
Vivian St. John Letter to Bruce Elliot rope and vase variation
72 Nov. 1944 295
Franklin V. Taylor The Chinese Parrot two selected cards put in book, cards and content of the pages is divined
Also published here 73 Nov. 1944 296
Elray Hey...Rube! story of a con men, marking cards at a three card monte game with daub
73 Nov. 1944 297
Cyril Marriott Mark It way to mark a deck, plus one way
73 Nov. 1944 298
Herb Runge Iron Finger! stopping an electric fan with the thumb
73 Nov. 1944 298
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Darriel Fitzkee, Otis Manning, a gag by Herb Runge, Paul Morris and John Scarne
73 Nov. 1944 299
Ronald B. Edwards Travel Thought two cities are divined, with cards and a map, mutus nomen principle
74 Dec. 1944 300
R. M. Jamison Speedy card vanishes from deck and raises from coat breast pocket
74 Dec. 1944 301
Walter B. Gibson Tom Dick & How Many? three people each raising a different amount of fingers
Inspired by 74 Dec. 1944 302
Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson The Back Room
74 Dec. 1944 303
Richard Himber Letter to the Phoenix on being mentioned in every issue and some copyright issues
74 Dec. 1944 303
Franklin V. Taylor Taylor's Cups and Balls three cups, gaffed, thread and sponge, gimmicked possibility to make a ball appear under a cup
VariationsAlso published here 75 Jan. 1945 304
Audley Walsh Lead in Your... handkerchief is balanced on finger in impossible ways, gimmick
Inspired by
  • Sid Fleishman's "Million Dollar Gimmick" and Thayer's "Kobra"
75 Jan. 1945 306
L. Vosburgh Lyons Telepsyche location of the card
75 Jan. 1945 306
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Hen Fetsch, Richard Himber, Dunninger getting exposed, Milbourne Christopher
75 Jan. 1945 307
Bruce Elliott Card Box prop without a flap, for magicians
75 Jan. 1945 307
Bruce Elliott The Back Room "a suffering spectator speaks his mind", impromtu card stand with a newspaper, the five star frolics
76 Jan. 1945 308
Steve Eskow The Card Slates business card with prediction appears between two playing cards
76 Jan. 1945 309
J. W. Sarles Know-How decks in pockets, "Bill Sarles" but it's J. W. Sarles according to Fulves in "Six Impromptu Card Tricks" (1982, p. 38)
76 Jan. 1945 310
Steve Eskow I.O.U. spectator's bill transpose with piece of paper in envelope
76 Jan. 1945 311
R. N. Lee Dictionary Diabolism word from dictionary is written on a card and divined
77 Feb. 1945 312
Mel Stover Days of Force calendar number force
Related toVariations 77 Feb. 1945 313
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Ribbon Spread card is hidden, spectator and performer remove a card each from the face up deck, when all cards are removed the missing card is named, as Rusduck
VariationsAlso published here 77 Feb. 1945 314
Bruce Elliott The Back Room "a suffering spectator speaks his mind" part two, Max Holden
77 Feb. 1945 315
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Practical Mental Effects by Theodore Annemann 77 Feb. 1945 315
Frank Ducrot Card Through Card two cards, gimmick
77 Feb. 1945 315
Phoenix Jr. (reviewer) Magician's Guild Show, January 21st, 1945 Cardini, Flosso, Jarrow, Hal Haverland, Warren Simms, Litzka, Douglas Geoffrey, Hardeen and Julian Proskauer 77 Feb. 1945 315
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Frances Ireland, Russ Swann, Max Holden, John Snyder, Jean Hugard's testimonial show
78 Feb. 1945 316
Edward Marlo Sense of Touch crimp
78 Feb. 1945 317
Edward Marlo The Wishing Card Trick cards placed on table turns out to be any card named
Also published here 78 Feb. 1945 317
Edward Marlo One Hand Control Aces are lost with charlier cuts and found using one hand only, two crimps
VariationsAlso published here 78 Feb. 1945 318
Edward Marlo The Marlo Miracle saliva
78 Feb. 1945 319
Ronald B. Edwards Numerology with prepared stage money
79 Mar. 1945 320
The Great Fataque In the Fold coin vanishes in trouser fold, also as a penetration into pocket
Related to 79 Mar. 1945 321
Joseph L. Barnett Strung! string is cut and restored, with finger ring
Related toAlso published here 79 Mar. 1945 322
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Maurice Zolotow, Dai Vernon, Bert Allerton, Annemann's use of the nail writer, Tom Osborne, Jay Marshall
79 Mar. 1945 323
Tom Fitzgerald The Rabbit's Head marked coin into handkerchief, handkerchief folded as a rabbit
Related to 80 Mar. 1945 324
Walter B. Gibson Sextuple Stranger Than Hallucination three people look at the bottom card and remove it, all think of the same card
Inspired by 80 Mar. 1945 325
Bruce Elliott, Tom Sellers, Stanley Collins Combo one of three cards vanishes from an envelope and appears in a series of envelopes
80 Mar. 1945 326
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on John Snyder, Dr. Beebe and Tommy Dowd
80 Mar. 1945 327
Milbourne Christopher A Match Tip a burning match is split in two
80 Mar. 1945 327
Louis Tannen A Mindreading Joke cards are marked with big bold letters on the back
80 Mar. 1945 327
L. Vosburgh Lyons, Ronald B. Edwards, Clayton Rawson, Bruce Elliott, Walter B. Gibson Boxed piece of a magazine is put on a string and the ends of the string thread through two holes in a box, a word is selected and when checked on the piece on the string all words are crossed out except the selected one
Related to 81 Apr. 1945 328
Ronald B. Edwards, Clayton Rawson Page Force pages are torn out of a a magazine
81 Apr. 1945 329
C. L. Boarde Prophetics mini slate, two flaps
81 Apr. 1945 330
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Connie Haden, Jay Marshall, Shaman, Dr. Beebe and John Snyder, S.B. Blodgett
81 Apr. 1945 331
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Scarne on Dice by John Scarne (written by Clayton Rawson) 81 Apr. 1945 331
Jean Hugard Solomon's Seal six cards stack, presentation with a drawn star, cards are laid on the corners of the star and spectator thinks stop
82 Apr. 1945 332
Jean Hugard The Ace Assembly two covers
82 Apr. 1945 334
Jean Hugard Tickets for Two two decks, two selections change places
82 Apr. 1945 335
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Robert Parrish, Bob Nelson, Dariel Fitzkee, Tom Osborne
82 Apr. 1945 335
Bruce Elliott Silver Walls piece of paper is put between two coins, any number appears on the paper
Related to 83 May 1945 336
Shaman Shaman's Lucifers two matchboxes, in one the matches are burnt, then they change places with the unburnt matches in the other matchbox
Related to
  • Stuart Robson's "Tips on Flashpaper"
83 May 1945 336
Bob Hanko Indestructo handkerchief is tied over mouth of a glass and both put into a paper bag, then a knife is pushed through bag and handkerchief, handkerchief is unharmed and a silk is found in the glass
Also published here 83 May 1945 337
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Henderson and Jean Hugard
83 May 1945 339
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Original Magic by Richard Heinemann 83 May 1945 339
Bruce Elliott (reviewer) Off the Cuff by Edward Marlo 83 May 1945 339
Verne Chesbro Three Weirds three cards are predicted, three mathematical forces
Also published here 84 May 1945 340
Tom Fitzgerald The Hindu Prayer Vase Up to Date tip for vase and rope
84 May 1945 341
C. L. Boarde Prepositions word and position is predicted in a newspaper, spectator can chose publishing date
84 May 1945 342
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on R.C. Buff ideas with the Lyons-Elliott Box, Frank Taylor, ideas by Hen Fetsch, Ed Marlo, Bert Allerton and Richard Mc Closkey
Related to 84 May 1945 343
M. T. Coogan A Drop in the Bottle with a bottle, a cigarette and a paper loop
Also published here 84 May 1945 343
James G. Thompson Jr. The Phoenix Routine #2 - Accent on Mediumistic Ease program with tricks from Phoenix
85 June 1945 344
Herb Runge Time Will Tell cards laid around a watch, hour and card is selected, card vanishes and appears in pocket
Variations 85 June 1945 346
R. M. Jamison Milko milk vanishes, building a milk pitcher out of a bottle
85 June 1945 346
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Jay Marshall, Clayton Rawson, hypnotism, Harry Blackstone, "Die Magie" and fascism
85 June 1945 347
Paul Curry A Period of Darkness selection in the deck and a signed slate turnover in the dark, while spectator secures them on the table
VariationsAlso published here 86 June 1945 348
Ronald B. Edwards Multifly coin tray with glued bills for close up
Variations 86 June 1945 349
Joseph Keen Slip Knot knot slides on rope and is removed
Also published here 86 June 1945 350
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bob Nelson, Dariel Fitzkee, Hen Fetsch, Douglas Francis, George Karger
86 June 1945 351
Mystic Craig Acrobatic Cane with a reel, dancing cane
86 June 1945 351
Kolmar, Clayton Rawson Detail Does It do as i do with three coins
Also published here 86 June 1945 351
Warner Perry Ball to Silk
87 July 1945 352
Tom Fitzgerald Calling Card torn and restores business card, card is from spectator
87 July 1945 353
Lu Brent Inflation dollar bill assembly, fives and ones
87 July 1945 353
John Hamilton Super Slop Shuffle two phases, separating into odd and even, all odd in one direction and evens in the other after real face-up/face-down shuffle, then triumph effect, see Back Room #90 for Ed Marlo ideas
Related to 87 July 1945 354
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on George Starke, George Karger, Emil Jarrow, Bert Allerton, the "Swami" Magazine, puzzles by Fred Mosteller, Audley Walsh, Bob Novak and Charles Bertram
87 July 1945 355
Louis Tannen Wine Go principle for vanishing liquid, pouring out two different liquids from a bottle
88 July 1945 356
Louis Tannen Spirit Writer name of card appears written on spectator's palm, rubber stamp, see Back Room #96 for additional idea
88 July 1945 357
Louis Tannen No Fake vanishing wand, breakaway wand
88 July 1945 358
Louis Tannen Lou's Waste Paper Container paper basket as a deposition for props, in the end it's empty
88 July 1945 358
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Tarbell Course, Frank Taylor
88 July 1945 359
R. M. Jamison The Jumping Jacks leader card is on top of the deck
88 July 1945 359
L. Vosburgh Lyons Match'em! spectator pushes middle of the center out with a knife / pencil, two times it's the mate of a previously tabled mate
89 Aug. 1945 360
L. Vosburgh Lyons Stab Force pushing center of the deck out with knife / pencil
89 Aug. 1945 360
C. L. Boarde Hot News!
89 Aug. 1945 361
Tom Fitzgerald Rings On Your Fingers linking three small plastic rings, like finger rings
89 Aug. 1945 362
Bruce Elliott The Back Room ideas by Dr. Belanger and Hen Fetsch
89 Aug. 1945 363
Tommy Dowd Liars! three poker chips with a different stamps on it are selected, one of three spectators has to lie the other two tell the truth, performer knows who has which chip
Inspired by
  • an idea of Jack Vosburgh's "More than a Trick"
90 Aug. 1945 364
Tommy Dowd, Milbourne Christopher Model Asrah! wand levitates under handkerchief and vanishes, breakaway wand
90 Aug. 1945 365
Tommy Dowd John Doe ... Magician speller, miscalling selected card, for magicians
VariationsAlso published here 90 Aug. 1945 366
Tommy Dowd Half A Buck rolling a cigarette with one hand and putting a bill inside
90 Aug. 1945 366
Frederick Mosteller Fred Mosteller's Solution to No. 87 logic word puzzle, weight problem with a fake coin
90 Aug. 1945 366
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Ed Marlo, George Karger, Hen Fetsch
90 Aug. 1945 367
Dr. William E. Belanger Clippo Routine
90 Aug. 1945 367
Edward Marlo One-Way Sorting with Slop Shuffle
Related to 90 Aug. 1945 367
James G. Thompson Jr. The Phoenix Routine #3 program with tricks from Phoenix
91 Sep. 1945 368
Ronald B. Edwards Surprise! bill (stage money) to silver coin
91 Sep. 1945 369
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Gin! as Rusduck, strategy and subterfuge to win at Gin Rummy
91 Sep. 1945 370
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Richard Himber, Al Baker, Bill Gresham, Bill Henderson
91 Sep. 1945 371
Bruce Elliott Make the Pulse Go Faster
91 Sep. 1945 371
Bruce Elliott 3c Worth of Magic two different stamps on two cards, one card on the table one on the face of the deck, two rubber bands to hold everything in place, stamps change places
Variations 92 Sep. 1945 372
Bert Easley Coiner! ideas for a miser's dream structure
92 Sep. 1945 374
Milbourne Christopher An Oldie with a New Twist coin travels into empty matchbox
92 Sep. 1945 374
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dell O'Dell, Ken Crossen, Paul Curry
92 Sep. 1945 375
George Armstrong Avatara borrowed deck, card is selected one is thought of, selected is burnt, and the other card vanishes from borrowed deck, both appear in a nest of envelopes in the performer's wallet held by spectator
93 Oct. 1945 376
Jerry Sorensen No Swami in envelope, slit
Variations 93 Oct. 1945 377
John Hamilton Hamilton's Hoax! four cards are thrown into a book on different places, performer names page number and cards, svengali book
93 Oct. 1945 378
Clyde Cairy Coin Vanish
93 Oct. 1945 378
Bruce Elliott The Back Room About the Life, Hard Times and Unseemly Death of Shaman, Shaman was invented by Annemann and Bruce Elliott
93 Oct. 1945 379
Don Medley This Is It! reading mind over phone, see Back Room #96 for correction
Related toVariations 94 Oct. 1945 380
Ronald B. Edwards El Ropo Cutto
94 Oct. 1945 382
Russell "Rusduck" Duck From the Middle as Rusduck, side palm, card is returned and cards pushed together
Related to 94 Oct. 1945 382
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Dariel Fitzkee, Annemann
94 Oct. 1945 383
Bert Easley Heads or...
95 Nov. 1945 384
Popper! from fold in sleeve
Related to 95 Nov. 1945 386
Albenice Light Up! pantomime rolling of a cigarette, appearance
Related to 95 Nov. 1945 386
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on how to win half the games at simultaneous chess, Tangram
Related to 95 Nov. 1945 387
(reviewer) John Calvert Show 1943 by John Calvert 95 Nov. 1945 387
Jack Miller Dis-Cards spectator puts amount of cards on the table and removes some again, the rest is named by the performer
Related toVariationsAlso published here 96 Nov. 1945 388
Jack Miller Count Ten! on from ten cards is divined, also possible over the phone
96 Nov. 1945 389
Jack Miller Pick Up coin drops, after being picked up it vanishes
Related to 96 Nov. 1945 389
Jack Miller Twist It!
96 Nov. 1945 390
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Bill Neff, George Karger, Jingo Jones, Kolma, Tom Fitzgerald
96 Nov. 1945 391
John Hamilton Date? Name? triple prediction
97 Dec. 1945 392
C. L. Boarde In His Hands spectator riffles cards himself and thinks of one, card is located
97 Dec. 1945 393
Tom Fitzgerald Advertising Stunt two lines printed on a card, one with letters one with numbers, number divined
Related to
  • see also "The 'Q' Trick" in Hoffmann's " Modern Magic" p.560
97 Dec. 1945 394
Bruce Elliott The Back Room
97 Dec. 1945 395
Clayton Rawson Letter to Bruce Elliott on Popper and Light Up
Related to 97 Dec. 1945 395
Elray On Clippo routine idea
97 Dec. 1945 395
Phil Huckabee Money Money Money six coins are produced and vanish again, on spectator's lapel
98 Jan. 1946 396
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Heaps as Rusduck, spectator finds his own card, a lot of dealing, Tantalizer
Variations 98 Jan. 1946 397
R. N. Lee Lit-Switch switch of cigarette with a lighter
98 Jan. 1946 398
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on "Le Magicien" Milbourne Christopher, Larry Arcuri, Mardo, Stewart James, Orson Welles, Loring Campbell
98 Jan. 1946 399
Bruce Elliott Odds On spectator guesses picture in buddha papers, color of handkerchief in a bag, which card is reversed in the deck, and which number is written on a paper, in a locket
99 Jan. 1946 400
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Felix Greenfield, Bill Henderson, R.C. Duff, Senor Mardo, Richard Himber's list of his personal favorite magicians
99 Jan. 1946 403
Clayton Rawson Double-Lift Deceptions double-lift description
Related toAlso published here 100 Feb. 1946 404
Clayton Rawson 1: Right in Front of Your Nose!
Also published here 100 Feb. 1946 405
Clayton Rawson 2: Magic Taught in One Easy Lesson card transforms into selection, apparently spectator does the transformation
Also published here 100 Feb. 1946 405
Clayton Rawson 3: Stream-Lined Hypnotism duplicate
Also published here 100 Feb. 1946 405
Bottoms to Top to shuffle two cards on top, thumb break
100 Feb. 1946 406
Theodore Annemann Riffle Force with break
100 Feb. 1946 406
Clayton Rawson 4: The Absent-Minded Spectator one person "forgets" card (he was shown a blank card), other can not find it, duplicate and blank
Also published here 100 Feb. 1946 406
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Phoenix, C. L. Boarde, the brain guys
100 Feb. 1946 407
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