Written by Ricky Smith
Work of Ricky Smith
48 pages (Paperback), published by Dan and Dave Industries, Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Ricky Smith
Language: English
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Ricky Smith Introduction
Ricky Smith Birthday Cake Vanish performer comes to table with small dessert which vanishes
Ricky Smith Egg Bag Routine baby gag presentation
Ricky Smith Card at any Vowel "card to top" presentation
Also published here 12
Ricky Smith Cherry Control Credits credit information, "The Circular Control"
Related toAlso published here 13
Ricky Smith Dealing DPS way to get into "Diagonal Palm Shift
Inspired byAlso published here 15
Ricky Smith Learning Palming
Also published here 17
Ricky Smith On Palm-to-Palm Transfers general comments
Ricky Smith Learning Second Dealing practice tips
Also published here 21
Ricky Smith On the Punch Deal
Ricky Smith In Defense of Overhand Shuffling
Ricky Smith Kepplinger Prediction three selections travel to performer's sleeve
Also published here 29
S. W. Erdnase, Ricky Smith Multiple Card DPS Handling
Inspired byAlso published here 31
Ricky Smith The Art of Using the Coat as a Servante when sitting, also without table
Ricky Smith Two Phase Ambitious Card Routine
Inspired by 37
Ricky Smith Pulp Friction for Right Handed Folks chest height
Inspired by 38
Ricky Smith The Bear Trick card travels to case but torn up, pieces restored
Also published here 40
Ricky Smith Shuffle DPS way to get into "Diagonal Palm Shift"
Inspired byAlso published here 42
Ricky Smith It's the Eye thoughts on Malini's mantra
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