Written by Al Mann

Work of Joseph Dunninger

13 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives

Language: English

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Al Mann Dunninger's Act at Keith's Theatre, Indianapolis, January 9th, 1927 and how Al Mann got the information 1
Al Mann Stage Setting of Dunninger's show 2
Al Mann Entrance how Dunninger entered the stage and how he was dressed 2
Al Mann Lecture Dunninger's entrance speech and disclaimer 2
Joseph Dunninger The Act entire setting for the routine including the steals, opening and organizing the billets, the speech 2
Joseph Dunninger The 'Read' answering the questions and the dramaturgy of the routine 5
Joseph Dunninger The Tri Cycle Experiment spectator thinks of a three digit number, other spectator identifies it, Dunninger Ploy and stage whispering/cueing 6
Joseph Dunninger The Miracle Slate Test (The Baffling 16 Digit Effect) closing effect, four four digit numbers are added and sum divined, flapVariations 9
Al Mann Dunninger's Technique on Dunninger's persona 12
Al Mann Notes other sources and solutions for The Miracle Slate Test 13