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Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Dunninger's Brain-Thrust analysis of Dunninger's Headline prediction according to some news articles, slip of paper 1
Joseph Dunninger, Unknown The 'Slip' Switch apparently also used by Charles Foster 100 years earlier 4
Al Mann The Cornucopia Caper send prediction with different papers, different things are predicted which happen in the show as well as the headline of the newspaper, paper dumbed in a bread basket 5
Unknown Geller's Gaff with assistant predicting actual events while performing 6
Al Mann Knock on any Door headline predictions with demographic probability, adding details later on 7
Jerry Fulton A Laugh comedy headline predictions 8
Jack Dean The IronClad Prediction headline prediction sealed in envelope inside plates of steel 9
Charles H. Foster An Odyssey quotes on the experience of predictions 15
Al Mann Fabulous Concepts on the principle of "Dy-No-Mite Prediction" by Donn Davison and how Dr. Stanley Jaks used itRelated to 16
Al Mann In Conclusion 17