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11 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives

Language: English

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Al Mann The Wocus Legacy billet that opens out by itself 1
Al Mann Making the Wocus Legacy Billets 2
Al Mann Handling the Billet put in a box 3
Al Mann The Torn Wocus switching it for a dummy 3
Al Mann The Scryer's Podium crystal ball gazing, answering question with the Wocus Lecgacy Billet 4
Al Mann The Master's Move in the hands 5
Al Mann The Wocus Prophet as a prediction pellet that opens up after the load, prediction in a small bottle 6
Al Mann The Spirit Ink Bottle question billet is put folded in ink bottle, with Wocus Billet
Gary Lee Williams, Al Mann Wocus II gimmick is added later 7
Al Mann The Wocus Center-Tear combination CT and Wocus II 8
Al Mann The Ballot Box Miracle billet box with trap door 8
Al Mann Vampire Thoughts with two people 9
Al Mann The Mneme's Numen spectator writes question down, erases it and notes another, both are divined/answered 10
Al Mann The Glided Gates poem 11