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26 pages (Hardcover), published by Al Mann Exclusives

Language: English

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Al Mann Foreword on flip-over wallets
Al Mann The Wallets Himber's, Al Koran's Wallet, The Bombshell Wallet 1
Al Mann Technique handling a flip-over wallet, the turn-over move 1
Al Mann, Sam Schwartz The Secret Thrust loading, cards, billets or envelopes into a wallet, morse thoughts on flip-over wallets 3
Al Mann A History history of flip-over wallets 5
Al Mann Page One with an Al Koran Wallet 9
Al Mann The Coins from the Pocket spectator puts money in an envelope and seals it, then the performer hands him an envelope with the same amount of coins and of the same denomination, Bombshell Wallet 11
Al Mann Life from Space named bugs appear in envelopes, Bombshell Wallet 13
Al Mann The Name in the Vault prediction in wallet, Bombshell Wallet 14
Al Mann One Message one of five envelopes is selected and it's the only one containing a message, the number of the envelope is also predicted, Himber Wallet 15
Al Mann Unknown Forces selection matches prediction card in sealed envelope in Wallet 16
Al Mann Homer signed card travels twice into wallet hold by spectator 17
Al Mann The Noesis of Nyx card in envelope in wallet, with Al Koran Wallet 19
Al Mann One Hundred Clams signed bill is burned and appears restored in an envelope, Al Koran Wallet 21
Al Mann Instant Mindreading Al Koran Wallet as a peek wallet 22
Al Mann The Mounds of Ashtoreth two decks, spectator selects five cards and signs two, performer duplicates everything with the other deck, Al Koran Wallet 23
Al Mann, T. Page Wright, William Larsen The Royal Album torn and restored card, corner as a reference, Al Koran WalletRelated to
  • Sphinx Vol.27 #9, 1928