Written by Arthur W. C. Brumfield, Jack Merlin
Work of Jack Merlin
25 pages (Stapled), published by The Welworth Company
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Jack Merlin A Routine of Sleights at the Card Table
  • cards in spectator's pocket, card fished out very fast
  • second and bottom dealing expose
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S. W. Erdnase Erdnase System of Stock Shuffling four cards, four players
Jack Merlin Stacking Formula as Patter
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Jack Merlin Three Card Monte routine, with bent corner ploy
Jack Merlin The Riffle Stack four cards
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Jack Merlin Fake Cuts on the Table undoing a cut, expose
Jack Merlin Herrmann Pass as a Slip for the Cut
Jack Merlin Fake Runn Up three Aces for four hands, fourth already set
VariationsAlso published here 7
Jack Merlin Audacity Run Up stacking a straight, one shuffle, prepared
Jack Merlin Using the "Spread" as a Trick gambling sleight to transfer a card between two players' hands
Jack Merlin The Hop off the Bottom switching hand in a game, Jinx Switch
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Jack Merlin Topping the Pack expose, helping spectator get a winning hand
Jack Merlin A Bottom Run Up milk build
Jack Merlin False Shuffle Using Outjog and Haymow Shuffle haymow shuffle
Jack Merlin False Shuffle outjog, top stock
Jack Merlin To Name the Hole Cards in the Stud Game knowing the first dealt cards
Jack Merlin Peep in Conjunction with a Second or Bottom as an Aid glimpsing cards on top and bottom while looking at hole card, dealing seconds or bottom accordingly
Jack Merlin Bottom Deal as used in a Game management, with palming and when to deal bottoms
Jack Merlin The Story of the Cold Deck gamblers deck switch, management in a real game and in an expose
Also published here 13
Jack Merlin To Deal Four Aces From Any Man's Pack riffle stack of four Aces for four hands
Jack Merlin The Shooting of Pete McGuff story, seven hands dealt, own cards from bottom, they are a straight flush, cards changed for top five cards which are still a straight flush, from new pack order
Also published here 16
Jack Merlin Master Poker Dealing royal flush from named suit, four hands
Jack Merlin Exhibition Poker Feat five full houses, then straight from selected cut pile
Variations 19
Jack Merlin Deck Switch in the pocket, while getting a handkerchief
Variations 19
Jack Merlin Pinochle routine for winning in Pinochle
Jack Merlin A Simple Run Up For Pinochle with haymow shuffle
Jack Merlin Bridge-West advantage play
Jack Merlin Challenge Bridge Demonstration named suit is dealt, bridge demonstration
Jack Merlin Glossary some gambling terms
Arthur W. C. Brumfield Editorial Note same es in part one
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