Written by Arthur W. C. Brumfield, Jack Merlin
Work of Jack Merlin
24 pages (Stapled), published by The Welworth Company
No illustrations
Language: English
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Arthur W. C. Brumfield Editorial Note same as in part one and two
Jack Merlin Improved Card From Pocket pack in spectator's pocket, he removes cards then the deck, only his card remains in the pocket
Related toVariationsAlso published here 3
Jack Merlin Force showing the card a little longer
Jack Merlin Combining the Passing of Cards with the Pocket Trick one packet in spectator's pocket
Jack Merlin A Four Ace Assemble Aces rise on top of the deck, featuring a fine jog at the front that's controlled with the left first finger
Also published here 4
Jack Merlin Production of Chosen Card by Riffling Pack from One Hand to the Other selection is at place where spectator stops, springing cards from one hand to the other
Also published here 5
Jack Merlin The Tip Up Find spectator cuts to selection
Also published here 6
Jack Merlin Causing A Spectator to Do a Change spectator tries to change card by slapping on it, selection is found on the bottom, joke
Also published here 6
Jack Merlin Rubbing Off the Spot and Showing Where it Goes picking off the pip
VariationsAlso published here 7
Jack Merlin Telling the Amount of Cards Cut by a Spectator performer knows amount of cards cut to, then asks for another number and cuts that number himself
Jack Merlin The Pack that Cuts Itself cut packs itself at selection, hair
Jack Merlin Snap Changes
Also published here 10
Jack Merlin Three Card Force and Floor Change card is forced several times, then put under foot of spectator who thinks all cards are the same, then card under foot changes and deck is normal
Jack Merlin Floor Change throw change
Jack Merlin My Favorite Four Ace Trick three double faced Aces, McDonalds Aces
Jack Merlin An Impromptu Laugh bridge card with same back design is forced as a joke
Jack Merlin Here There and Everywhere ambitious card, then stop trick, twice the card is at the stopped position
Jack Merlin Side Palm while tapping the card in the center, transferring on top
Jack Merlin Super Mental Card Effect thought of card is found on number performer says in cut half, alternative ending, card stab
Jack Merlin Telepathy Card Trick in pocket, hiding extra cards in pocket
Jack Merlin The Spread cards spread on the table, card is selected, returned and eventually found
Variations 20
Jack Merlin Crimp for a Table Spread crimping the selection while pushing the cards towards the spectator to be shuffled
Jack Merlin Inked Card as Key Card in tabled spread
Jack Merlin The Pulse of the Public on doing magic in a vaudeville / varieté environment
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