Written by Paul Cummins

Work of Paul Cummins

36 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher

Language: English

(20 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Paul Cummins Commercial Universal two spectators 1
Paul Cummins Another Sequestered Collectors Inspired by 3
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer 3
Steve Rogers, Paul Cummins True Triumph mixing hapzardly on the table 6
Paul Cummins Smoother Stevens cutting to four aces in one run 8
Martin A. Nash Honest Aces Shuffle leaving four Aces jogged on the table for cutting effect 8
Paul Cummins Overtwist Minor two versions 11
Paul Cummins Play it to Scale mates are tossed above and below selection 14
Paul Cummins Almost Open Prediction 16
Paul Cummins Intuitive Poker spectator chooses Royal Flush from spread deck 18
Jerry Kogan Side Jog Glimpse 18
Paul Cummins Personal Slop... using slop shuffle 20
Paul Cummins Deliberate Oil & Water 4&4 22
Paul Cummins Top Billing bills instead of cards 25
Paul Cummins The Revolve Load 26
Paul Cummins Double Cross Changed 28
Paul Cummins Penetrating Thoughts box penetrates hand 30
Paul Cummins Multiple Choice 32
Paul Cummins Pitchin' Penetration with dollar kicker, backclip, clean 34
Paul Cummins Reverse Matrix international, two cards 35