Written by Paul Cummins

Work of Paul Cummins

130 pages (Spiralbound), published by FASDIU Enterprises

Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Paul Cummins A La Annemann card is inserted by spectator, changes into selection, multiple changesRelated toVariations 1
Paul Cummins Stumped! three peeked at cards are immediately named 7
Jerry Kogan Side Jog Glimpse 8
Paul Cummins Bottom Bubble Glimpse bottom card of face up deck 10
Paul Cummins A La Tullock with two selection, worker 14
Paul Cummins, Steve Reynolds A Total Triumph new presentational twist 20
Tenkai Ishida Optical Revolve 20
Paul Cummins Beating the Heat half pass version, two decks 28
Paul Cummins AACAAAN 1 Amost Any Card At Almost Any (small!) Number, selection 38
Paul Cummins Lift Get-Ready out of ECT 41
Paul Cummins Movin' On Up three cards 44
Paul Cummins Tabled Hinge flipping a double on a tabled deck 47
Ken Krenzel Slide Under Switch 50
Paul Cummins Box Topper three selections travel on, under and in box 54
Paul Cummins Just in Case multiple under/in box, full deck under box climax 60
Paul Cummins No Joke two Jokers under spectator's hand for four Queens 70
Frank Thompson Triple Cut not too flashy 72
Paul Cummins, Chad Long No Mercy longer routine, swindle cut the aces 77
Chris Kenner Four As Four Switch 78
Dai Vernon Vernon Transfer from center 80
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 80
Edward Marlo Pivot-Jog Turnover book break 81
Paul Cummins, Peter Duffie Red Herring Location Inspired by 87
Edward Marlo All Around Square Up Glimpse 88
Paul Cummins AACAAAN 2 selection, any number, double deal 92
Paul Cummins Under Spread Handling "moveless" touch 92
Paul Cummins Choice elimination process, thought-of touch 97
Paul Cummins Triumph '93 in the hands 102
Paul Cummins O'Henry Ace Assembly with throw offs for magicians 107
Edward Marlo Combination Cull and Exchange 107
Paul Cummins Overtwist Transposed combo with Hofzinser Problem ending 117
Paul Cummins Trick Shell coins are produced out of another coin, one-handed 125