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27 pages (Stapled), published by Corinda's Magic Studio

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Tony Corinda Introduction to Mentalism with Cards general remarks and theory 307
Hans E. Trixer Photo-Memory shuffled deck, spectator names a position and performer tells the card 308
Tony Corinda Corinda's Incredible Slate Test alphabet cards are shuffled and put on a board under two elastic bands, word is predictedRelated to 309
J. G. Reed The Million Dollar Test esp, code with two watches 312
Jack Avis The Birthday Card Trick card is found a position of a wished month 312
Jack Avis Suit Force with down-under-deal 313
J. G. Reed E.S.P Test design cards, several spectator select one and put the cards in envelopes, performer locates the owners 313
Sidney Lawrence The Trio Routine with three effects:
- Two Minds - a Single Thought (two spectator's think of the same card)
- Before Your Very Eyes (finding selection)
- Gamma Location (challenge card location)
Variations 314
Patrick Page Beyond the Veil cut-to card is spelled out in second deck and produces same cardVariations 316
Terry Guyatt Card Exchange Guyatt Card Exchange 317
Michael Mence Blind Coincidence two spectators find mates behind their baks 318
Terry Guyatt Mental Card Trick four cards are found, each gets six card and thinks of one, then cards are put together, shuffled and packets shown, when someone sees his card, the performer knows which one 318
Terry Guyatt Two of a Kind 319
Tony Corinda Bird of a Feather a lot of cut card pieces, four are selected and form one card, with variationsVariations 320
Unknown The Red Card Prediction ten cards, selected one is different to the otherRelated toAlso published here 326
Corvello Teleprognos card is remembered and put in an envelope, other cards are put in envelopes and performer finds selection, then he makes a prediction on a slate which is the card in a chosen envelope 327
Paul Marcus Across the Void two cards are divined by medium over the phone, two deck switches 327
Unknown Back to Back card is put on the back of the performer and he divines it 329
Dr. Spencer Thornton Coincimental performer and spectator select cards from a deck with alphabet cards, they both have the same letters and form the same word 330
Tony Corinda Reference to Card Tricks and Technique in Other Steps Related to
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